Friday, December 17, 2010

Sticking it, to the base!

From f'ing retards, to politically unsophisticated, to unrealistic pollyanna-ish... to "what are they smoking" and  "they need to be drug tested". You're right in line with the President "I never offered anything more that lispservice to the liberals" Obama.

Your absolutely right, he should be referred to as Mr. President SELLOUT, or Mr President "Wall $treet", or Mr President.. "oops that's off the Table too" Obama.

I'd bet you were among the first one defending the NON-EXISTENT HONOR of Mr. President [twern't torture if I could find an attorney who'd agree] Bush. I bet you were even among those who found time to chastise Katrina victims, who might have cursed the former President  "hell its a chocolate city anyway" Bush. [Without using his correct and munificent  title]

If you think its a completely acceptable compromise that he covers bankster$ on both $ide$ of the mortgage RIPOFF$ and only provides a completely fake paste-board program for those who're stuck upside down on their mortgage and out of work - That's your perogative.

And if you think keeping whistle blower Bradley Manning drugged and incommunicado in solitary is a good policy to protect whistle-blowers and promote government openness, That's just peachy. You are entitled to your perspective.

And if you think arresting Peace Organizers on the eve of a republican convention and detaining credentialed journalists and then later undertaking Grand Jury investigations of these peace-niks you're entitled to your opinion.

If you think that upping the ante' from a President under whose CRAFTY SECRET ORDERS any American could  be kidnapped and held indefinitely in secret detention, beyond the law and beyond the Red Cross or Crescent to an improved (Under Mr. President "what's Habeas Corpus "BUSH) to The New and Improved guidelines that say... This President "We don't need no International Law - I already got my Nobel" can order any American not just held indefinitely, but KILLED permanently. If you like that direction - Well Mr. President Obama's Justice Department has more of that to offer.

So all I ask, is if you are going to LOVE THIS slide into lawless Feudalism, PLEASE if you are going to say We are losing touch with REALITY. PLEASE Call us Mr. and Ms Citizen Progressives at least. Because the reality we are out of touch with is the one that Mr. Orwell, wrote about so colorfully.

The one, where PEACE IS WAR, UNSAFE FOOD in the GULF is SAFE! Where Wall $treet'$ bonuses are paved with Taxpayer Gold, but... there is no money for jobs, or schools, or infrastructure investment.

Nothing worse ...than an impolite or rude torture victim. Please pass the rendition please. Julian, is waiting for his ride to an undisclosed location. SMILE you're on SECRET CAMERA!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where have all the FLOWERS... gone from bashing ... each & everyone

Ivan and fellow progressive bashers
you said..."So where was all of this opposition during the Bush administration?"

There WAS OPPOSITION to the Bush tax cuts by progressives,  
first time every-time - Maybe you weren't paying attention. 

They want to make government so small, they can drown it in a shoe box.

Standing firm against Obama we're not! We're standing as we always  stand for principles and with our friends. You may be unfamiliar with these concepts

We have been opposed to Unnecessary WARS, and we still are. You may think of it as opposition to OBAMA, it's opposition to Obama Policies. Senator Sanders, whom you dismiss has long been committed to progressive principles.  Maybe progressive activists only appear in your rear view mirror, as you run over them, and sling some insults back over your shoulders.

I find it more than strange that the only passionate denunciations coming out of this administration, are for PROGRESSIVES and not for hypocritical republicans who scream about deficits yet insist on HUGE TAX BREAKS for the YACHT CROWD. or who feign patriotic support for the military and 9/11 first responders, yet cannot find funds for military benefits or medical care for first responders.

Where do we find Obama administration anger? Obama's anger is saved for progressives???. All his spokes-models agree - It all about denouncing his one-time progressive supporters? We're drug addled, crazy, mutant, politically unsophisticated? NOT PRAGMATIC like the Clintonistas? NOT REALPOLITIK like Kissenger?

Progressives deserve only insults, we deserve the back of the hand. Its republicans that get the gentle care, when FAR-RIGHT Video hitmen,  denounce your allies, you fire-them. When some one calls an advocate and supporter of your a RED, toss em off the ship. When one of the ag departments longtime staffers is victimized by a right-wing hit piece, Don't even let them explain, ASSUME THEY'RE OUT TO GET CHA!

So when 2012 comes along, don't ask where have all the flowers gone - cause the administrations mouthpieces have been denouncing us so long - we did finally learn what kind of DEMOCRATS, Barack and his team are. It makes Wild Billy Clinton look like a socialist.

I'll be supporting a progressive in 2012, so if Barack is done helping Wall $treet, and the In$urance Companies and Covering up for BeePee, Cashing Big Pharma Checks and Investing in the WAR INC crowd, just let us know. 
Oh, and about that transparency in Government, and supporting whistle-blowers let me know, when that kicks in? We'll be interested. So will Julian Assauge and young Mr. Manning.  We'll be looking back at them, but it's the Bu$h War-Crimes crowd, we don't have time to prosecute.

former Obama supporter  

Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Pals of Polluters" protest long delayed EPA Water Rules

Rick Scott and "Pollution Pal" Adam Putnam (incoming AG Commissioner) not content to wait until they actually take office, to begin dismantling Florida's Environment, send a letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, challenging the EPA Clean Water regulations (already postponed over  ten years)

They  claim radical environmentalists from the (BUSH era) EPA teamed up with former Gov. Jebby Bush created rues so onerous that they might hinder the ongoing high speed destruction of Florida's waters.

The St. Petersburg Times says "Polluted water endangers public health, threatens the golden geese of property values and tourism and destroys the very environment that attracts residents here. ... The new rules are hardly an example of an activist federal government overstepping its authority. The EPA told the states in 1998 to limit nutrient pollution in surface waters by 2004 or it would do the job for them."

 The Sun Sentinel says "Florida has only itself to blame for the federal intervention, in the form of clean water rules that take effect in 15 months. After all, the rules came about after environmental groups filed a lawsuit demanding that the Environmental Protection Agency enforce the federal Clean Water Act."

Here is the Letter inbound Not-Yet-Elected "Pals-of-Polluters" sent EPA 

November 12, 2010

The Honorable Lisa P. Jackson
United State Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Ave, NE
Washington, DC 20460

Dear Administrator Jackson:

As the newly elected officials representing Florida, we are writing today regarding the proposed EPA numeric nutrient rules for our state. We are concerned that the EPA’s unprecedented nutrient criteria rulemaking will impose substantial regulatory and economic consequences on Floridians. The rule for rivers, streams and lakes is scheduled to be finalized on November 14, 2010, and we request a delay so that we have time to fully analyze the rule and its affect on Florida.

We are very concerned about the cost of this onerous regulation to Floridians. Businesses across Florida are struggling and our unemployment rate is nearly 12%. We each ran on the platform of fiscal responsibility and heard from numerous constituents about concerns of an overbearing federal government that’s placing burdensome regulations on Florida’s families and employers. According to a study done by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the EPA mandates set to be finalized this November 14th will impose capital costs of over $4 billion on municipal wastewater treatment utilities and over $17 billion on municipal storm water utilities. The cost of these new mandates could impede our state’s economic recovery and increase the price of utilities, food and other necessities for Floridians.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) has expressed significant concerns regarding the scientific validity of the numeric nutrient criteria the EPA is set to impose on Florida, even questioning whether the standards are attainable or will achieve environmental benefits. In April 2010, the EPA’s own Science Advisory Board joined the chorus of FDEP, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, the Florida Legislature and others in expressing serious concerns that the EPA’s methods for developing nutrient standards are scientifically flawed. [editor - my emphasis]

Therefore, we strongly urge you to delay implementation of the final rule for lakes and flowing waters. Florida is the first state to be subjected to such federal rules, and we must ensure that the science is sound and the benefits are worthy of the costs.


Rick Scott

Pam Bondi
Attorney General-Elect

Adam Putnam
Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services- Elect

Richard B. "Rich" Nugent
Congressman-Elect District 5

David Rivera
Congressman-Elect District 25

Dennis A. Ross
Congressman-Elect District 12

Steve Southerland
Congressman-Elect District 2

Daniel Webster
Congressman-Elect District 8

Activists must keep in mind, since Florida refused in the 1990's to enforce EPA standard environmentalists sued to get EPA to enforce standards that were not protecting Floridians.

Now, more than ten years later the EPA announced Federal standards would finally be enforced here in the land of the Environmental Scofflaws. The moderates say well since we live by our beaches lakes and shores shouldn't we protect our investment in tourism.
(Unless Jebby has another NEFARIOUS PLAN)

"It is now time to get started," EPA Regional Administrator Gwen Keyes-Fleming said this morning.
Nutrient pollution is caused by nitrogen and phosphorus in discharges from sewage treatment plants, septic tanks and agricultural runoff laden with fertilizer and animal waste.
The nutrients trigger algae blooms that turn lakes and rivers into algae-choked messes that can poison water supplies and set off a ecosystem chain reaction that leads to devastating fish kills.
The EPA standards set specific numeric limits on the amount of phosphorus and nitrogen, replacing the state of Florida's more general standard that says only that nutrients must not "cause an imbalance in natural populations of aquatic flora and fauna."
The standards announced today apply to lakes, rivers and streams. Standards that would apply to South Florida canals and downstream estuaries aren't due until August 2012.
Environmental Activists can only say - IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME EPA!

Contact Lisa Jackson at the EPA - and tell them Protect Us from Pre-Purchased Pollution Friendly Politicians - []

solidarity & peace


Friday, November 12, 2010

"We must deal with The World as it is"... Axelrod

We must deal with the world as it is, 
yet remake it, as it Must Be - Nelson Mandela

We must deal with the world as it is, 
and then raise it up - Dr. King

We must deal with the world as it is, 
and bring people to freedom - Sojourner Truth

We must deal with the world as it is, 
and finally end centuries of slavery - Frederick Douglass

We must deal with the world as it is, 
and remake the Union - A. Lincoln

We must deal with the world as it is, 
and change centuries of oppression - Susan B Anthony

We must deal with the world as it is, 
defeat the greatest power on the planet 
and make a place for a New Nation - Continental Congress

We must deal with the world as it is,
and in ten short years, put a man on the moon - JFK

We must deal with the world as it is, 
and finally tell the people the truth - Daniel Ellsberg

Elect Elizabeth Warren President in 2012
She sees a corrupt world of interlocked banks, credit, insurance
and Wall Street and said We must deal with this corrupt world 
which CAN ONLY EXIST by using fine print and the law, 
to hold the working class hostage.

Elect Elizabeth Warren 2012 - LEADERSHIP - THERE IS A DIFFERENCE

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Where else are you going to go?

As long as we have no answer when Max Baucus, Rahm Emmanuel, Bill Clinton, Robert Gibbs and their ilk, say "where else are you going to go?" And we have no answer, they can smugly ignore us, pick our pockets and stab us in the back.

Its long, long passed time when progressives need to
find that answer and create an alternative. We need to stop worrying like the tea party never did, that we are not the majority. We are the future, we have been the party of the future for hundreds of years.

We ended factory abuses, put an end to child labor. Ended slavery, except under rocks of agri-business. Helped women get the franchise and have been in the forefront of any important improvement since John sat down in Runymede and was forced with a stroke of his pen to drive a stake through the heart of the
Divine Right of Kings.

Now we must organize regionally and then hold a national convention. We must draft the planks of our platform priorities and give the working class the real alternative they need desperately. They can expect nothing more than lip service from the sellout Corporate Democrats. Also we can no longer allow our agenda to be framed only by the likes of FOX NEWS and Breitbart. America needs a true and honest platform that working men and women  can compare directly to more of the same Wall Street Bailouts and more WAR PROFITEERING benefiting only munitions manufacturers, petroleum polluters
and mercenaries, while pouring the lives of young American men and women down the rat hole of their profits and multi-million dollar bonuses.

I must introduce two people are working right now to lay the ground work for this National Progressive Movement, one is Ms. Mikki Royce is working on the county and regional level helping progressive activists and organizations to work together through a system of regional round tables.

This facilitates cooperative effort and fosters cooperative efforts so necessary in these fractured, fragile communities. This month Mikki is  working on regional organizing on the east coast and is teaming up with other like minded organizers to duplicate her southern strategy with activists across the mid and far west. [You can contact Mikki Royce to support her efforts ]

Another "global-minded" progressive organizer is Rob Alston, a software engineer and systems analyst who has a similar vision to cultivate a national network of progressive media activists. He has begun to implement with cooperative activists from the heartland, Missouri, Texas and Tenesee to the Northwest (Washington and Oregon) and activists in the deep south (Florida and Louisiana). Rob's focus is on a dual model of assisting regional activists to create alternative media centers by cultivating technical media skills among progressive activists. [The activist community needs an alternative to Corporate Media]

Helping regional activists to develop these media skills, helping them to use Internet Streaming Media as well as alternative television and radio models. Rob sees an energized and cooperative network of regional activists that can provide a vital media alternative to corporate mouthpiece media. Rob also plans on combining with the media component a "JAYCEES-like" leadership building and community service component giving young adults and seniors ways of growing a more humane civic model. [Rob can be contacted at ]

Activists like these and other similarly minded activists need to prepare, NOW not in some dim distant future for a national progressive convention, where planks of a political agenda can be hammered out and candidates surfaced to offer Americans in 2012, an alternative to the theocrats and corporate drones of the republican party and the soulless sellouts who have captured  the purse strings and the agenda of the corporatist shills of the democratic party.

We don't have time to lament 2010, the year the corporatists took open power, we have a future to build. Which side are you on?

solidarity & peace

Rick Spisak

Monday, November 01, 2010

The Choice between two ANTI-CHOICE Candidates and a Sinker

RE: Florida's District 16 

Ostensibly an "instant" democrat appears just in time to run for office.

Jim Horn (D*) is anti-choice. 

Rep. Tom Rooney (R) is anti-choice.
[* Horn proposes an all republican agenda]

We Florida Dems - have to do better next time. 

My god this is 2010?
Any bets Horn wants prayer in school, and limitations on BIRTH CONTROL?

In addition to Term Limits and an end to Obama-care which he calls unconstitutional. 

bad choices part II

RE SINKS REQUEST for an Email Endorsement...

Jim (Sink's Campaign Manager)

I'll be frank with you. I tried to tape a short interview with Ms. Sink, I was told she didn't need the help of progressive bloggers.  And for gods' sake put that video camera away. I hoped to share her talk with local dems who couldn't attend. [NO THEY DIDN'T WANT THAT.]

There will come a time in the state of Florida when the Democratic party listens to voices broader than the narrow moderate/conservative voices that have mesmerized it for so long.

And has offered us bland even silly but always moderate always prepared to be as colorful as cardboard, or the states' native concrete.

Progressive have the ear of many Floridians, Floridians who care about our waters, our land, the rate of development. The poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico, the quality of our schools, and our jobs.

Jim, I'm not giving my votes nor my voice and pen to Scott, he's already stolen enough.  Until the democratic party of Florida begins to listen to voices beyond the bland of Meek and Sink. I'll be supporting more progressive candidates like Michael Arth. Whom the party deemed unworthy of even a single debate.

That Jim is not very democratic.

Richard W. Spisak Jr.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Code Pink and the Tea Party are not equivalent

to Jon Stewart

I can understand that Progressive Activists are regarded as OUT OF STEP, with the "WHATEVER", and "Its' All Good Crowd." Peace Activists have adopted street theatre tactics, simply to get the IMPACT in a World where HOURS OF PRO-WAR PROPAGANDA is Business as Usual.

Jon, we're Sick & Tired of MUSCLEBOUND WARMONGERS. We're fed up with Media Gatekeepers who's idea of the spectrum of American Opinion, runs from the Corporate Democrats, representing Main Street to the Eric Prince Secret Storm Troopers who bring weapons to hear the President speak.

Peace Activists and Tree Huggers are accustomed to being sneered at by the sophisticates who think that activism is "showing too much enthusiasm".

Jon, you get your laughs and you take your check, and you leave to others concern about the poisoning of the Gulf, and the dying dolphins. And the quaint fisher folk, soon to die out all along the Gulf Coast.

Jon, I laughed along when you lampooned the Know-Nothings of the RightFlank, but Guantanamo, BP, Wall Street, Assassinating Americans and spying on Americans is more than a punchline.

HAHAHAH - Jon - Code Pink, Gulf Impact, and Green Peace aren't the Moral Equivalent of the TEA PARTY- Sanity is not destroying the seas, the air and funny brown people in another land.  Sarah Palin and Medea Benjamin are not two sides of one coin!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh, and about my vote.... Begging won't work about some policy implementation!

Its not about bowing and scraping to the office, or blind obedient support, if we are to ever get PEACE, HUMAN RIGHTS, Fair Credit Rights, Honest Environmental Policy, Forward Looking Energy Policy and Gender Pay Equity we must hold THIS or ANY ADMINISTRATION, RESPONSIBLE for advocating, and implementing our policies. LIPSERVICE IS OF NO VALUE!

I gave up blind obedience about 12 centuries ago, so don't ask and I won't tell. If the progressives are ever again (since FDR) to get progressive policies implemented, we must keep up the pressure. Call it inexcusable. CALL ME RETARDED, CALL ME BACKWARD CALL ME A HALLUCINATING FOOL. CALL ME NAIVE call me a professional leftist!

I care not a whit, what the Obama-aparatchiks call me, because as far as I'm concerned, support for this betraying administration is "OFF-THE-TABLE" until I see, a PEACE POLICY not just a WAR-GROWTH POLICY. Until I see a policies implemented that reflect progressive values and the kind of attention that Breitbart's latest press-parlay received.

We must stop bombing Afghanistan, stop bombing Iraq, Pakistan, close Guantanamo, End Torture, stop interfering with governments in South America. We need more than lip-service on Environmental and Energy Policy. End the coverup of the long term poisoning of the GULF.

Dance with them that brung ya, Obamanauts! 

Oops that's why you protected BP and the Wall $treet Bank$ter$.
What was I thinking.  - 

Call me names, but implement progressive policies, or forget about my VOTE!

solidarity & peace

Rick Spisak

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Editorial Response for More Millenialist Musings

"A freedom man understands our national existence of free men is contingent on faith in the word of God, and reformation is needed to bring us back to that word."

My thoughtful response:

I thank "providence" that the END Timers are "still" with us, like locusts they return,  crawling up from their home in the dirt to buzz a bit and then disappear only to return after a little sleep.

In my short 1/2 century I have heard at least 4 different dates of the end of the world. No-RUSH I'll wait.

Yet the historically illiterate are with us, yet. They will deny that the DE-REGULATORS we've "enjoyed" since Ronnie's wife's astrologer ran things, had an impact on the BIG-FUN ECONOMY we're enjoying now.

De-regulated AGRI-BIZ provides us with pre-poisoned food. International Pharma provides us with prescriptions that provide all sorts of extra benefits like chemical solvents and miscellaneous particles.

When we fired the union TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS and decided we could dispense with other health and safety inspectors and rules... We all began to reap the benefits of REPUBLICAN GOVERNANCE.

TAX CUTS for the Rich, Bonuses for Corporation, tax credits if you send good paying jobs overseas and the only place they like job growth is in the WAR PROFITEERING SECTORS.

Obama's made his share of mistakes, no argument but nothing like what 8 years of Nancy's Astrologer and four years of Poppy Bush and if you insist, we won't mention "W" they guy who attacked Iraq in response to a Saudi nationals attack.

Even if the Iraqi's passed on the opportunity to pay blood money to their attackers. Even if it wasn't over in a week, even if he [the unamed "W"]  decided not to include the $3 Trillion in WAR MONEY in his budget, and if that isn't more of the typical REPUBLICAN FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY - I'll drink the bad water and crappy food KBR overcharges us for.

Say what you will, Obama did make an honest man of the EVER-WAR BUDGET, now if he'd get around to making an honest man of Wall Street- Tell him I'm back.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Another INSULT for the BASE - Thank you sir, may I have another

"In-Excusable" I think that's my personal favorite. It really is a huge improvement over " F'ing Retards", and "whining" progressives. I'll just offer a couple colloquial rejoinders.

If anyone should know "inexcusable" it's you Mr. President. I will give you credit, you have delivered on one promise. ...
more war. More war in Afpak*. More war in Yemen. More War in Africa. More general mayhem.

Maybe Mr. Woodward will eventually be engaged to inform the "glass half empty types" where else he's sent the boys and girls from XE. You know the kids who work for that hero, Eric "I'm moving to where they appreciate a good torturer", Prince.

But since the Commander in Chief has pointed out that our fickle lack of support is so, inexcusable. Inexcusable is a funny word, Mr. President,
it cuts two ways.

Inexcusable like demanding the Kingly Power to summarily execute any Americans based on evidence known only to you, and unaddressable in the courts of law?

Inexcusable like, fresh demands to wiretap and monitor, any remaining crumbs of privacy on the Internet, the communication system build from "the people's taxpayer funded" research & development.

Inexcusable, like passing out lies like lollipops for the numerous outrages committed on the Gulf and it's inhabitants and neighbors.... but as you say, Mr President.... Our failure to support your policies is in a word - inexcusable. Well you should know.

* AFPAK a common name used to describe the battle theatre, extending across Afghanistan, through the western mountains of Pakistan. [There is no functioning border between these countries anyway.]

solidarity & peace
A Sky & Reef Hugger

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pres. Obama is the best available democratic president,

Gentlemen and Women, I ask this of those of you who have commented or noticed these appalling breaches of Constitutional Governance.

[Specifically, Director Hayden noted that plaintiffs' claims were based on allegations that Jeppesen assisted the CIA in conducting clandestine intelligence activities abroad, which the CIA could neither confirm nor deny. Director Hayden explained that confirmation of these allegations "would reveal the intelligence sources and methods by which the CIA conducts clandestine intelligence activities," while denial "would tend to confirm similar allegations in other cases in which the CIA could not deny such allegations." ...
In order to answer the complaint, Jeppesen would be required either to admit or to deny the existence of a secret relationship with the CIA - information that, as Director Hayden's declaration makes clear, is a state secret.]

"Since as the gentleman observed all too correctly" Pres. Obama is the best available democratic president, and he is evidently content to grease the wheels of the security state, both by his clear failure to conduct the necessary judicial investigations into the probable criminal behavior of his predecessors and his enthusiastic endorsement of the continuation of the abuses of the SSP process. We cannot turn to a spineless and compromised Legislative body, nor can we turn to an independent Judiciary that has been transmuted into as partisan a body as free of neutrality as a Palin family member. 

I ask you, since the only suggestion from the contributors so far is "KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN". Friends it may be Padilla and Alwiri (sp) this week - what will your answer be to your grandchildren when they ask - where were you when Corporate Royalism and the Unitary (*Imperial*) Executive was revealed? Count on the press - NO, Judiciary - NO, Congress, when Leahey, Durbin, Finegold and even Kucinich are silent. Friends, that leaves it up to those of us, who are not fair-weather Consitutionalists.

Arguing among ourselves is an inadequate response. Lech Walensa didn't say, well too bad we must face down the POLISH TYRANTS and the SOVIET TYRANTS... they stood and said ...solidarity

Rick Spisak

Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Musky Mosque Mutterings

Mr. King

Americans who love and support this country hopefully are familiar with the founding documents that are the DNA the "promise" if you will, of this great country.

 The Constitution was augmented with the addition of Amendments that clarified and amplified the thinking of the founders and those who have successfully amended the original document.

The very first Amendment to the Constitution guarantees more than the freedom of speech. It speaks of the protection of the freedom of religion. It makes the promise that the Constitution will not ever allow restrictions to be placed of the freedom to worship and the free exercise there of?

Evidently in some circles, the ill-informed are unfamiliar with the Constitution and the first ten amendments.

Comparisons have been made to building structures on burial grounds, and many have commented that these analogies do not really compare with refurbishing a former coat factory?

Sensitivities to memorials, like Pearl Harbor or Native American massacre sites, miss the central issue of respect for the sacrifices made by Americans to defend the Constitution.

Is it really your opinion, that only the majority religions should be protected? Or maybe only the religion that are popular?

I'm sure that you agree that when the Constitution promises "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"

It offered no caveats, it is simple and direct especially the statement "...or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

It sounds to me, that to stand up for America, especially those who hope to honor all those who have worked to make this a better country - we should honor the Constitution.

And therefore claims about "appropriate" neighborhood sites, and appropriate types of worship are actually an affront to American values.

There will be no doubt memorial structures and spaces within the rebuilt Twin Towers site? Surely this sacred space will be welcoming to people of all faiths, there should be no religious restrictions on who might spend a prayerful moment there on the site of the catastrophe that occurred on Sept. 11th.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

RE the ANTI-MOSQUE L2E in Stuart News

Obviously the people who fail to respect the Constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion, which has made our great freedom of religion the standard the world dreams to emulate.
These people must be also unaware that the Imam of this Muslim Mosque and Community Center was a major Bush supporter and testified when Mr. Pearle the journalist was slain, by fanatics who are no more representative of the Muslim religion than the Swaggarts, and Tammy Faye Baker and husband are of Christianity.

When demagogues like serial ADULTERER Gingrich compare the ability to freely practice Christianity in Saudi Arabia. He fails (intentionally) to reconcile, the Saudi Kingdom, makes no promise of treating all religions equal. Newtie - that's what makes us better. Not just that we promise it. But in the crunch when we actually honor our higher standards.

We are better than this, we do not hate people because of their religion. That kind of thing is exactly the hypocrisy that some charge us with.

So conservatives, do you support the CONSTITUTION, or not. Or do you support it when it honors your prejudice, and turn your patriotic back when it pinches your fair-weather patriotism.

solidarity & peace


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Right Back Atcha Gibby - Amateur political insulter, that you are!

RE Professional Leftist/Amateur Leftist and ... others!

As a full-time Volunteer Progressive, which no apology to Ms Dowd, [PROGRESSIVE] does mean mean something. 

Many of us called ourselves Progressives because, we refused to be defined as simple
anti-war or strictly greens or merely human rights activists or economic fairness activists.

* We support Human Rights [something the conservatives seem not to think is a family value]

* We oppose needless mercantile War for Profit, [which seems to have captured the Christian values bunch.]
* We support adequate, even generous funding; not just for the returned damage soldiers, but also for schools and hospitals.

It's as if Gibby pretended that we hadn't thought for a minute two about the Presidents difficulties.

We [progressives] fully understand the necessity of compromise, [PROGRESSIVE UNDERSTAND THE PLURALITY OF VIEWS]

We [progressives] understand the fact of republican obstructionism.

However we just never drank the (infallibility koolaid)

We do understand this Administrations enthusiastic continuation of USA Patriot Act.

We do understand the continued expansion of spying and the continued limitation of civil liberties.
We do understand an administration that pursues whistle blowers but fails to investigate War Crimes that are revealed.
We understand that the mortgage crisis was not solved when only bankers were PROTECTED. We the people  the mortgage holders have been thrown to the foreclosure wolves.

We have noticed that when we offer our (PROGRESSIVE) opinions it is no more welcome, when we weigh in on the OBAMA AGENDA, than when we weighed in on the BUSH agenda.

What we PROGRESSIVES, amateur, and professionals alike, did hope for, was an attentive and interested ear, from an administration prepared to hear what their supporters had to say. We didn't expect attacks, we didn't expect school yard vulgarisms and insulting insinuations, that we are so politically unsophisticated that we would accept n
nothing short of "Canadian Healthcare" and Dennis Kucinich as president... as if that would be bad.

But I as a practicing thinking progressive have to question "our" administration when they use inflammatory language  like "we wouldn't be happy until the pentagon is closed". Trying to suggest that differing with the administration is akin to wishing to disarm our country? ...

That's the sort of attack  I expect from a Limbaugh or a Beck not from the Administration that I worked hard to elect. So while this administration has it's hearing tuned so closely to the RIGHTWING NOISE MACHINE that they FIRED AN AGRICULTURE Administration Employee without even giving her a chance to REPLY???? How can I be surprised?

So since I'm a progressive that disagrees with the Obama agenda that makes me in Gibbs eye.... an enemy of the STATE

I disagree with Bankers give-aways, Secret Trials, Spying on the Internet - I'm not.... an enemy of this Administration  Yet??? although ...We shall see???

Gibby - disagreeing with the administration is not the same as wishing the Pentagon was closed although regarding  Kucinich for President... you may be on to something there!
solidarity & peace


Sunday, August 08, 2010

What should I ask the Gubanatorial Candidates - said the Editor

Mr. Reisman, Editor and Panelist
[back story -  the local conservative newspaper ask several regular editorial contributors to give him some question as he prepared to question the candidates for Governor of Florida ]

Here are a few suggestions, please consider them carefully as they raise significant questions for candidates and Floridians as well.

1. What specific policies would you enact immediately to insure that Florida's marine habitat will not be poisoned further from BP's cavalier and ecologically devastating approach to drilling in the Gulf.

2. Will you insist that Florida fund long term research by State wildlife toxicologists to scientifically establish the persistent impact of the tragic BP Oil release and the unprecedented release of millions of gallons of COREXIT.

3. Beyond, the typical tax relief manta so typical of boilerplate republican economic theory how will your election improve the number of jobs available to Floridians?

4. Since long years of republican governors and republican legislatures have shown that lowering taxes has not protected Floridians from reduced services and wide-spread unemployment, will you try some new tactic or are you offering more of the same as a "solution" to a critical situation.

5. Do you support a CCC [Depression era Civilian Conservation Corps] type employment program for Floridians.

6. Is firing teachers, and closing libraries, pools and parks, a real solution to Florida's economic woes?

7. Will you preside over a Florida with fewer teachers, libraries, police men and women as well as fewer fire fighters, and will that solve Florida's budget woes.

8. Name your reasons for not investing immediately in renewable energy?

Friday, August 06, 2010

Questions to EPA on Gulf and Dispersants, from Expert at EPA

HUGH KAUFMAN - A noted expert at the Environmental Protection Agency, Kaufman today produced a list of questions for EPA Assistant Administrator for Research and Development Paul Anastas, whose testimony before the Senate Environment and Public Works Subcommittee is currently on C-SPAN:

1) Do you believe EPA had enough technical and scientific information, in April, to make a correct decision as to whether or not to use dispersants in this situation?

2) Did EPA authorize the use of dispersants by BP when the oil spill began in April of this year? If EPA did not, who did?  Please give the name of the person who authorized this action. If you don't know who did, who does know?

3) In your press conference on Monday, you said that EPA has not found dispersants in the water except at the well head where the oil was escaping. NOAA [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration] has documented plumes of dispersed oil throughout thousands of square miles of the Gulf of Mexico. Has EPA -- or anybody -- tested these plumes of dispersed oil for the ingredients in the dispersants? If so, who and what are the results?

4) At your press conference Monday, you said NOAA and FDA [Food and Drug Administration] found that the food chain in the Gulf was not affected by the oil and/or the dispersants. Have NOAA and the FDA done testing of food chain marine life for the presence of the ingredients of dispersants?

5) Has the air been tested for dispersant ingredients in the areas where workers, including personnel from the Coast Guard, are conducting cleanup of the oil and dispersant mixture on the surface of the water? If so, who tested it, what instruments were used? What were the results?

6) At your press conference Monday, you stated that the temperatures of the water used in doing your toxicity tests on living shrimp were not the same temperatures as those to which the oil/dispersant mixtures are being exposed in the Gulf. Why did you not do this testing at the actual temperatures that the oil/dispersant mixture is in, in the Gulf of Mexico?

7) Congressman Edward Markey provided documentation over the weekend that two to three times the amount of the dispersant Corexit was spread over the floating oil than was reported to have been spread by EPA and the Government. Do you agree or disagree with Congressman Markey's documented allegation? If you agree, what actions will you take to correct the record?

8) At your press conference Monday, you stated that biodegradation of the oil spilled in the Gulf was 50 percent faster when dispersants were used. This assertion is in direct conflict with evidence of a report describing the Amoco Cadiz oil spill in France in 1978, in which dispersed oil is still not biodegraded. What scientific basis do you have for your conflicting assertion?

9) Did EPA do any ambient air pollution testing for the ingredients of the dispersant Corexit in the communities adjacent to the Gulf? If the answer is yes, which ingredients were tested for and what were the results?

10) Did EPA use wet chemistry in analyzing the ambient air pollution in the communities adjacent to the Gulf?

11) Did EPA use gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers in analyzing the ambient air pollution in the communities adjacent to the Gulf?

12) Does anyone at EPA, to your knowledge, disagree with the use of dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster? Who? Do you know why?

Background: Kaufman "led the investigation for the EPA's Ombudsman that uncovered Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health Administration cover-up[s] of the environmental effects of the 9/11 World Trade Center attack at the behest of the Bush White House."

For more information, contact at the Institute for Public Accuracy:
Sam Husseini, (202) 347-0020

solidarity & peace

Rick Spisak

Friday, July 30, 2010

RE WikiLeaks - We can't let them have it both ways

They can't say, no news here, move along, move along, and simultaneously: they're going to bring the whole wrath of the security state down on that brave soldier who dared to do his duty and show the video of the Emperor, the Mass Murderer, the Hegemonic Schemer, the Wall State Enabler, bloody new clothes.

We should not obey illegal orders, at the Nuremberg trials "WE" said, obeying orders is not a defense.

Murdering civilians, is not war, shooting up children, is not war. Torture, electrodes, hanging people by their thumbs and elbows, water boarding this is not war. This is the stuff of war crimes. This is what the bad guys do, this is not what the leaders of the FREE WORLD the DEFENDERS of the FUTURE do!

War by propaganda, purchasing time to spread lies in Afghanistan and America. That is not warfare. Threatening and killing journalists is not war. America needs to know about the combat conditions, the war crimes, exactly what kind of missions our soldiers are being ordered to undertake. The new top general, Marine General Mattis - "
So it's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them."

America doesn't know and doesn't care. The leaks are important. These leaks are the tip of the WAR-CRIME Iceberg. Building tomorrow's jihadi's today.

These wars must stop. They are not helping Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan the world, the peace, the future - We are protecting nothing, we are making nothing safe. We are building a more dangerous world.
                 "It's fun to shoot some people..." Lt. General James Mattis

                                                   solidarity & peace

                                                        RW Spisak

Friday, July 23, 2010

Give em Credt

   You don't give our fellow Americans, the party of REAGAN (Ketchup is a Vegetable) enough credit for their vision for America. TAX CUTS, for the richest among us, and greater tax burdens for those of us who (still) work to earn a living.

Tax Cuts for the RICH, Shipping Jobs Overseas, those (Patriotic Policies) and Deregulation have brought us the excellent state of America that we enjoy today. It seems to me, that if the REPUBLICAN policies of De-Regulation and Tax Cuts for the Rich were so good for us, we must be ready for more of that.

Wait, we are currently enjoying the benefit of DEREGULATION in the Gulf of Mexico. COOL - And getting the Government off the back of the Oil Companies that's great. Let's have more of that. I bet Louisiana wants more deregulation, don't you think?

Since the Wall Street Regulators backed off any oversight of the shenanigans of the people who created "products so complicated" that allowed them to spin massive bonuses from the Equity you used to have in your home - All I can say is SET THE MARKET FREE!

Maybe we should apologize to all those banker who stole from us, and then we bailed them out - please accept our apologies and another bundle of cash. And in your spare time JACK UP our credit card rates, PLEASE!

Since the massive Bush era TAX CUTS for the rich, allowed them to invest in new factories and jobs... oops overseas - oh, that one didn't work out any better.

So when the repos and the tea folks tell you they want government so small it can be drowned in a tub. That's the government that protects you from poisoned medicine, wild-eyed bankers, and funds the teachers and libraries, and the CDC and the FDA and the roads and bridges that we use.

And before you let someone bad mouth big government, remember - we the people are the government. Unless you don't vote. Then you can sit this one out!

Original Letters in Stuart News

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Answering the Democratic Party Survey - by Rick Spisak

Since the Health Care reform was sold out many progressive placed support for Obama off the table.

Since the Obama administration turned its back on mortgage holder
and bailed out the bankers, many more progressives lost hope in the Obama administration.

When the Obama administration prosecuted whistle-blowers
and not the Bush Administration war criminals many more progressive lost much more faith in the Obama administration.

When the Obama administration continued the abuses of the Patriot Act a few of the last remaining progressives dropped their Obama administration support.

When the Obama Administration extended the abortion ban
to the health care insurance public policy all but the last holdouts gave up.

Where was the defender of Health Care for all?
Not at home in the White House?
Where was the protector of working people and mortgage holders. Was he out?
Where was the protector of Justice? too busy on the golf course with Goldman Sachs.
Where was the constitutional law professor who opposed the excesses of the Patriot Act, Abu Gharib and the Black sites?  Was he taking the waters at some gucci spa?
Where was the human rights activists when they rolled the christian rights antichoice agenda into the federal regs? Was he at prayer?

Unless the republicans run Palin or some other Neanderthals from the Ir-religious Right there will be no support for an administration that talked LEFT and GOVERNED RIGHT.

Q. What do the Democrats stand for?
Anything the lobbyists want!

Q. Why are you a democrat?
It's getting harder and harder to say

Once the democrats stood for working people
Once they heard other voices than the lobbyists.

If the president supported some progressive values we would be with him
but as long as he panders to the right - all he'll have is the lobbyists.

solidarity & peace

Rick Spisak

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

They broke it - You bought it!

LET'S SEE - first they destroy the GULF WITH THEIR GUSHER - Now, our US  BP Coast Guard has become their ENFORCERS - hell, they already have the BLACKWATER!

from Science Blogs - Journalists who come too close to oil spill clean-up efforts without permission could find themselves facing a $40,000 fine and even one to five years in prison under a new rule instituted by the Coast Guard late last week.

It's a move that outraged observers have decried as an attack on First Amendment rights. 

And CNN's Anderson Cooper describes the new rules as making it "very easy to hide incompetence or failure."

Our? Coast Guard order states that "vessels must not come within 20 meters [65 feet] of booming operations, boom, or oil spill response operations under penalty of law."

But since "oil spill response operations" apparently covers much of the clean-up effort on the beaches, CNN's Anderson Cooper describes the rule as banning reporters from "anywhere we need to be."

that the Coast Guard, now working as a branch of BEE PEE private security, and that the price of the death of the GULF OF MEXICO, And the death of all the sealife includes, YOUR First AMMENDMENT, and your right to know, what the POLLUTERS ARE UP TO, because their private security guards we might call them BLACKWATER... is now composed of what we used to call the US  BP Coast Guard

Cause they aren't guarding you, former swimmer and former fishermen and women. They're out there to protect OUR CORPORATE OVERLORD$!

Monday, June 28, 2010


A group assembled on the scorching sand of Stuart Beach Saturday representing a wide cross section of Martin County. The surf-riders group a responsible ecologically savvy group of surf enthusiasts invited their fellow Martin Countians to rendezvous in a show of support of the Ocean and it's sea life.

They were joined by fisherman and women, moms and dads, teenagers, and toddlers, babes in arms and babes in bikinis to show they would not stand idly by while despoilers casually destroyed their lives.

They came together professors and dropouts bikers and activists on this particular HOT STEAMY SATURDAY because of their concern for a seeming unstoppable ecological disaster that is performing it's slow motion march on everything precious about Florida.

No one moves to Florida for the schools, no one moved to Florida because of the high wage jobs.  No one moved to Florida because of the Universities. No one moves to Florida because of the state of the art mass transit system that allows people to live a small carbon footprint life.

They move to Florida despite these omissions. They come here despite the remarkable lack of southern civility which combined with the insipid insularity of a small Jersey hamlet and seasoned well with the greasy ignorance of backwoods Alabama, all of which together make Florida so special.

No they generally move to Florida so they could be near the beauty of the sea and the beach and the sky. Whether they actually go to the beach, and enjoyed the modest amenities that the state offers. It has been enough for most Floridians to know that they were near the beach, even if they only visited when the relatives came south.

BUT BIG OIL, Haliburton, TRANSOCEANIC and Bee Pee, conspired with "di$count-priced" legislator$ and Bargain-Ba$ement NON-REGULATOR$ TO STEAL IT ALL AWAY. Not just from the good people of the bayou, or the people huddled early in the mist in their shrimp boats, but also from the retiree in Marco Island. And equally from the Philly transplant and the hard-bitten cracker sitting silent in the marina in the keys

They plotted and schemed to take it away - to take it all away from every body, whether they actually went to the beach or eked out a living on the sand ridge along the concrete lined coast.

Today... the day of HANDS ACROSS THE SAND - The Three Hundred gathered here in the 100 degree heat to say - WE CARE, despite the heat, despite the ignorance, despite the cavalier nature of most Floridians. Three hundred came that day to say - BIG OIL stay off our shore - Big Oil, we're watching. We do love our beach. She has not been abandoned to be the play thing of cheaply purchased legislators and coke whore regulators and policy pragmatists - who decided long ago that business as usual was just fine, sign here.

BUT ON THAT DAY in politically inert Martin County, on Stuart Beach 300 came together to say NO to BIG OIL, and YES to Hot Sand, and YES to the breath-taking beauty of the sea. YES to our home, our mother the bosom and nurturer of all life.

YES they said. YES to life and no to drillers with all the penny-poor answers to the Million Dollar Questions.

for more information CLICK HERE

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