Saturday, July 04, 2009

Isn't it JUST SUPER!

..."we must constantly remind ourselves and each other of U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas's vision: "Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us."

Its not the Bush Administration that continues to spy on us. Its not the Cheney Administration and John Yoo, now explaining why there will be no retreat from the insults to Habeas Corpus. Preventive detention isn't rolling off the lips of John Ashcroft or Alberto Gonzalez anymore.

"Since fatuously declaring his to be a "change" administration, President Barack Obama has quickly donned the blood-spattered mantle of state secrecy and executive privilege worn by the Bush regime." The Intelligence Daily

The retrograders at Justice, and the nEOBu$hians in the Obama administration didn't even read the memo about preventive detention being UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Its so much better having our rights trampled by a democratic regime. So much different.

Barack Obama will be in charge of the biggest domestic and international spying operation in history. Its prime engine is the National Security Agency (NSA)-located and guarded at Fort Meade, Maryland, about 10 miles northeast of Washington, D.C. A brief glimpse of its ever-expanding capacity was provided on October 26 by The Baltimore Sun's national security correspondent, David Wood: "The NSA's colossal Cray supercomputer, code-named the 'Black Widow,' scans millions of domestic and international phone calls and e-mails every hour.... TruthOut

So much better, so reassuring to know that the Constitutional Professor at 1600 has no more respect for your Bill of Rights than that Texan who enjoyed CHOPPING BRUSH SO MUCH!

Luckily, we have Congress to protect us!

solidarity & peace

Rick Spisak
We have it in our power to begin the world over again,” Thomas Paine

BY NAME WITHHELD for Privacy Sake (should any shreds exist)

In fairness, we DID know this about him, that he would do this. This is an excellent piece. Thank you SO MUCH for sending it on ... I believe he is as much or more of a nazi than bush. It was kinda evident with that rollout of the obama fellows. Each one of them that I had communication with was an unmitigated ASSHOLE. I am seriously now contemplating leaving this country. To go where? To look at different faces. That would be good enough. I'm really really REALLY disillusioned. This healthcare bullshit is just another coverup.. instead of DEATH CAMPS they're just taking people out with false diagnoses and toxic meds. Diabetes and cancer are INDUSTRIES along with countless new fake diseases EVERY DAY and now this sonofabitch and his senate and congress want to sign us up for MANDATORY SANCTIONABLE IF WE REFUSE HEALTH CARE>
In a word or two: FUCK THEM.
And, thank you for listening.
Take care.
I'm probably going to forward your email around.
Happy 4th.

By RW Spisak

I will confess, I never quite liked KoolAid.

While, my initial judgment on (b.o.) was that anybody who rose so meteorically
was certainly some Very Important Patriotic Machine's cat's paw

My more pragmatic assessment was that anything even the "famous potted plant" of the IRAN CONTRA HEARINGS so long ago, was preferable to the McCain-Palin ticket, I will admit to harboring some glimmer of "hope" that a CONSTITUTIONAL LAW PROFESSOR, was going to be somewhat more "sensitive" to subtle nuances of the BILL OF RIGHTS, little inconsequential things like you know, say, HABEAS CORPUS, or UNREASONABLE SEARCH and SEIZURE, or you know... FREEDOM OF SPEECH. [it's the little things, you know]

It's the little things, so nearly completely abandoned by the shills in CONGRESS, I DID, I admit it, HARBOR SOME TINY CRUMBS OF HOPE! (as brother jackson [the reverend, not the now sainted child molester] is fond of intoning - KEEP... HOPE... ALIVE...)

But as I explained yesterday to an ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA (proselytizer) who accused me of being a [gasp] A KNOWN SINGLE PAYER ADVOCATE -

I explained, one of the virtues of being a progressive. Is that, while it can be exciting running with the vanguard of history
, We do have the special pleasure, granted those who are perennially ahead of the POP-ular Wisdom.

We knew Nixxon was shredding the Constitution and manipulating elections, America did eventually become aware. We guessed that Reagan's illegal war, on the poor in Central America was a bad idea, and that Saint Raygun's policies of providing Missile Equipment to the same IRANIANS who held American hostages was a bad Idea, America came around, and while everyone was proclaiming our recent COWBOY president, a real down home HERO American, who was everyday, pertectin 'murca with torture and secret prisons... America eventually sussed that out too. We progressives got the joke, just alittle ahead of the MOB!

So I can only hope that they will eventually become aware that NO ONE WILL STAND UP TO TYRANNY - until they demand, that the BILL of Rights again becomes a bulwark of our Liberty.

Depending on the paid agents of CORPO-LOBBY-LAND presently filling seats in Congress, the sons and daughters of LOBBYISTS are not safeguarding our Constitution from the agents, of Tyranny.

They represent them, and their license to steal your sons and daughters.

These are indeed, the times that try our souls.
May providence and our own mutual self interest be with us.

solidarity & peace
We have it in our power to begin the world over again,” Thomas Paine

BY NAME WITHHELD for Privacy Sake (should any shreds exist) is disheartening.

BY NAME WITHHELD for Privacy Sake (should any shreds exist)

Dear Rick
Thank you for writing this and last night's peice -- my discontent has been smoldering and my patience being tried as I try to make sense out of what is really happening. Asking myself, 'Am I too impatient?', ' Am I not seeing the big picture?' I am so disappointed (Pollyanna is my middle name) and I want so badly for this not to be so. I could throw up!