Wednesday, December 12, 2007

He doesn't want science, he doesn't want the facts

Obviously not content with your own moral choices, you wish to impose your values on society, as a whole. Since humanity has selected both science and religion as guideposts, there has been a steady exchange among groups who favor one approach or the other. Dialog fails when one side determines it will decide for all. When one side guided solely by their religious values, attempts to silence other voices, they would narrow the human horizon.

When they attempt to prevent presentation of simple biological facts, they do not improve the human condition. Those of us, who value science's contribution to human culture believe that it is crucial that society benefit from the knowledge that has been so painfully attained. When we see even access to knowledge denied to those who might benefit, we see this as a loss to society at large. This is a turning away from knowledge and bodes ill for a civilization so dependent on basic scientific literacy.

As human knowledge increased and the theories of "the humors" or "bleeding" as a healing technique are discarded through the self correcting process known as the scientific method, it has been hoped that the sciences would be understood as an unfailing guidepost to the betterment of the human condition. That’s why it is difficult for those who oppose scientific knowledge of simple human biology, because they ignore the reality of the growth of scientific knowledge.

Ignorance is not a safeguard to sexual health. Knowledge of sexual health and safety doesn't preclude the family and the church passing on important cultural values, and community standards. It is supplemental to the values passed along through the family and enriched by religious training.

Regarding the use of euphemisms. The language used to convey the information is not ultimately the issue. The reality that many refuse to face, is that throughout history families have actively chosen to limit the number of children. What has changed is the range of effective options, and the availability of the actual facts of human reproduction.

Legal access to birth control technology and family planning techniques allow these choices to be made in a legal, scientific and safe manner. Anyone who would prefer that their own children find their choices limited to "illegal" birth control, and back alley "abortions" does their own children no service.