Monday, March 17, 2008

What Hypocrisy & Elliot Spitzer hath wrought.

But they are all honorable men...
by RW Spisak

Let's start with what's he's not guilty of....
He's not guilty of subverting the Constitution.
He's not guilty
of heinous rapine and murder.
He's not guilty
of bombing innocent civilians in an illegal war.
He didn't expose the nations secret agents,
to public danger
and then depend on underlings to cover his tracks.

He didn't demand the Vice President sit beside him, t
o help him answer questions so he wouldn't get confused under gentle questioning.
He didn't order human beings tortured,
using the best tricks of the Inquisition.

He didn't thumb his nose at Congress or refuse to have his aides testify.
He didn't separate dangerous villains from God's Gift of Life.
He was not an abortionist or even gasp a Darwinist.
[If one can use such words in polite society.]

It seems he's been found guilty of hypocrisy in the fickle and tawdry court of public opinion. Other than being in desperate need of affection, or maybe in the land of torture
and indefinite imprisonment, timid souls might shake but to suggest, yet heedless of what COURT TV MIGHT SAY -
The poor boy must've been in serious need of a blow job?

And thus, not having the sustenance that brother George must draw from his favorite philosopher Jesus. He withdrew, unprepared to boldly face such a hyenal outcry - how unlike the most honorable Congressman Vitters, who did his prosti-tootling in a diapers, or Sen. Craig of the wide-wide-wide stance. A true man of the west no doubt.

So Elliot, who had trimmed the sails of the pirates of Wall Street - walked the plank, rather than face the outrage of the mob - he just bowed out.

He did not possess the brazen heartless quality that allows brother W to ignore his hideous crimes, and not stir though he shudders in the deep pitched midnight of his blood soaked soul. Shivering at 3am alone at 1600 albeit stiffenend in his resolve by the bloodless reptile the Cheney Creature.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

REDO? We don't need to RE-Chew our delegates

Let's speak plainly -

We should tell the National DNC their problem is with the republicans in control
of the Florida (nightmare) Legislature, and secondarily with the Ms. Management of the Florida Democratic Party.

We Floridian democrats had our primary.

We didn't have a choice about the primary date set in the deal, between the republicans in the legislature, and the "leadership" of the state democratic party. Let me say it again. We voted. We don't have the time or the resources to re-chew our democracy. We have our delegates. We had our vote.

Penalizing the rank & file Florida Democrats simply to punish Florida Democratic Party leadership, or worse simply to carry water for National Corporate-Democrats is to poison the water for the actual votes. , Gee maybe that's the plan?

Play with somebody else's votes, tamper with some else's delegates. And, do it on somebody else's dime. Ask those in the Florida party democratic leadership - who have such a good working relationship with Florida Republicans, maybe they can reimburse us, for our waste of time. We voted.

RW Spisak
progressive democrat

Sunday, March 09, 2008

More of the same Tragic Republican Tax Orthodoxy in Tallie

New Legislative session, same tired rehearsed solutions.
RW Spisak

It's hard to explain the madness afflicting Floridan Republican Leadership since the state has the highest foreclosure rates, plummeting wages,
lowest in the nation educational results, and highest drop out rates...

What's the solution? Easy ! Florida Republicans have a simple cookie cutter solution... tax cuts. Its easy since they only have one strategy, so they roll it out without even being asked? And in case you forget why, last year when you were being promised a painfree property tax rebate and were assured it would have no impact. OOPS it did.

Now all the while Florida Republicans were delivering for their lobbyist employers by cutting corporate taxes and approving new juicy tax give-aways, they decided to throw a bone to Florida home owners, (a rapidly shrinking demographic to be sure .) So, they offered mortgage holders a teeny weenie property tax cut along with the standard issue republican assurances. There would be no pain, and no tangible impact. Everything would be just fine, watch this hand.

Because using standard issue republic shell game #2007 - they steer the burden and the pain down to the Counties and Municipalities to either collect the taxes locally or make the REAL HARD CUTS.

OOPS, did they just shift the costs or really just who becomes the "taxing" bogeyman. Well now the "painless" cuts actually appear. Insufficient, oh, so they still need to cut budgets at the state level? Now appearing New "pain-free " cuts to higher education with new and improved Tuition Hikes and Fresh Cuts to the already underfunded state university system. "Still Crumbling " I heard them say.

Maybe later they will explain it like this "Since we're already 50th in the US in high school graduates, we have nothing to fear our position at the bottom, will remain unchallenged."

Our fearless Florida Democrats although still (temporarily) numbered try to bring some fiscal sensibility to Florida State Budgets by suggesting Considering not just more of the traditional republican response of Cuts to Services, but by suggesting that the Florida Legislature might want to revisit state policies that give Giant Corporations a pass on paying their fair share of Florida Taxes.

It stands to reason, with joblessness and foreclosures climbing depending on a sales tax based budget, some generous Corporate Welfare Benefits might need some judicious trimming as well

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

RE Chair the House Intelligence Committee

Intelligence Committee Chairman,
Rep. Silvestre Reyes
(202) 225-7690

My Call

I called the Congressman's office and spoke with an aide. The rather disinterested clerk, had, god bless his pointed little head offered a defense, for the Chairman's comments on the Sunday chat shows when he floated a "trial balloon of immunity".

First he said, "Nothing's been decided as yet".

He tried to explain:
"Well if the president called, and explained that he needed the information, after all he's just asking for National Security. Then he closed with "I mean after all, wouldn't you - give him the keys to the Constitution???"

NO! I replied!

I kept reiterating in the face of his stone-walling, that the NEED for IMMUNITY only arose
due to the failure of the executive branches on a regular and consistent basis to comply with the FISA rules in particular, and the Constitution in general.

If the president's minions, refused to obey the law, and behaved illegally and conspired with others to break the law. It remains Congresses' responsibility to fulfill it's duty of Oversight, to re-introduce the Constitution. You know Checks and Balances?

Not to provide the Executive branch with dubious cover for illegal activity. Does the Congressman understand the system of CHECKS and BALANCES created by the founders?

"Yes", he reluctantly bristled.

I asked if he would he please pass along my concerns to the Congressman, he suggested he would. No Immunity I asked. No Immunity.

Intelligence Committee Chairman,
Rep. Silvestre Reyes
(202) 225-7690