Sunday, July 15, 2018

PNN - Bastille Day Poets - FREE YOUR MIMES

PNN - Bastille Day Poets - Free Your Mimes
Produced, Directed and Edited by RW Spisak.

Liz Matson - Idaho / Linda Middleton - Hawaii
Manny Blacksher - Ala / Aria Ligi San Francisco
Robert Cole & Susie Reynolds - Brittany, France
Brook Hines - Orlando/ Rick Spisak Producer / Poet - Stuart

Tune in Live Sunday (7/15/18)

7pm East/6pm Central / 4pm Pacific

Poets share their perspective on Liberte and Human Rights



Saturday, July 14, 2018

I weep for the Children of the Terror Migration

I weep for the Children of the Terror Migration

And for our grandchildren and their children who will reap the awful fruits of 

To call these abuses a mockery of justice is insufficient, they remain a stain 
on every willing enabler of this American Injustice.
This remains an insult, a horrible grinding soul devouring disaster of Injustice. 
And our government our legal officials are inflicting this on babies, 
and on these lost and broken families. Calling these refugees, these babies “illegal” 
and applying a process of “zero tolerance” on these people with their 
pre-existing conditions of abuse is barbaric. 

WHICH, IT MUST BE STIPULATED arises solely and completely from American policies, 
American weapons and training, and American economic imperialism in Central 
and South America.

These tiny children standing alone in American courts of INJUSTICE are ONLY 
They represent the first fruit of this terror-migration.

Our children and grandchildren will harvest the fruit of these abuses 
for a century yet to come.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

To fall to bots on the social media battlefield 
and Social Media bots... Victorious?

Is this the future of the West’s once great Alliance?

Having failed to defeat the West on the battlefield in Berlin, in the Cold War, and in dozens of proxy wars. 
Then Russia watched their dragooned allies, from behind the rusted curtain flee merrily to NATO. 
And Europe’s economic embrace.

Are we now, to see the defeat of the western democracies via the checkbook
 and through corrupted electoral processes on the field of social media ? 

That and corrupted influence of the dyed blonde fool and his sycophants on the hill?

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Turning away from Universal Literacy?

Turning away from Universal Literacy?

It was the AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT and it’s proponents who urged that every life is sacred, 
every human worthy of literacy, capable of its own agency, worthy to participate intelligently in its 

Realizing that absent universal literacy there would be an underclass, an untouchable or “serf” peasant class 
who would continuously be put upon and victimized by an educated, empowered overclass.

I must remind the readers, this stood in full opposition to the arguments of class and monarchy, 
even the simple despotism that had crushed so many lives through the centuries. I can not argue 
that education and it’s flower literacy, especially SCIENTIFIC LITERACY- is wholly and enthusiastically 
embraced by all humanity. Looking at rates of literacy and recreational reading alone tells that sad tale.

But I would argue that dragging illiterates into an educational enrichment opportunity is a price well worth 
paying for a Society aiming at universal suffrage. A Society dependent on a bare minimum scientific literacy 
can make no claims of even simple humanity if they do not provide educational opportunities to every citizen, 
every human life. (Regardless of accidents of age, sex, race, place or conditions of birth).

Further I believe that a society turning away from universal suffrage and especially away from 
universal scientific and humane literacy will eventually find solid and compelling reasons to reduce, 
restrict and constrain literacy to a very narrow preselected class and that handful will embrace its authority 
and privilege and finally restore the monarchy and we will have returned to a new DARK AGES with its 
priest craft along with its ugly sisters ignorance and superstition. And it’s blood and brutality.

Advice to Would-be Media Influencers

Advice to Would-be Media Influencers

If you are asked to comment on the illustrious choice of the (former Bush Coup Enabler, former Ken Starr ghost writer, former Bush Administration Assistant to the Chief of Staff)
JUDGE. He who has been selected to Overturn... (that which shall go unmentioned.) [hint: starts with Roe V Wade]

Remember they (OUR GOVERNMENT, We?) are keeping track of all "media influencers" so your safest course (as a Media Influencer)  is to lavish hysterical unbridled praise on not just the judge, and it almost "goes without saying", on the Heroic and Olympian Judgment of the Golden Gift of the GOD-GIVEN Trumperium.

But I must add, that every effort must be made to - in the most ecstatic and fulsome terms, recognize such a glowing, incandescent even Promethean choice, of this the finest example of sober nonpartisan judicial leadership. ( services to W's coup in Florida, notwithstanding) , but I would think (still allowed?) that sustained histrionic and noisy groveling, and rending of garments when accompanied by slavish praise for the FEDERALIST VETTING PROCEDURE - is undoubtedly required to achieve even a minimally adequate level of sycophancy necessary to pass the TRUMPERIUM "TRUE-BELIEVER" LITMUS TEST.

STOPPING IN ANYWAY SHORT of an abject groveling genuflection, I think it probably safe to say (looking over both shoulders) absent that, there will be no federal DC judgeship for you ... my fine friend.

( passed along from an unnamed source, secreted away, at an undisclosed location, and TOTALLY off the record )

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The New Good Neighbor Policy

The New Good Neighbor Policy

The corporations exist at the sufferance of civil society it was "assumed" in the past that the corner butcher 
or dry goods shop owner or car dealer who lived and prospered by the use of civic roads and infrastructure 
was compelled by native instinct to avoid shirking community norms and would not poison, or pollute 
or adulterate their products because the good city burghers would not tolerate such abuse from a 
fellow shopkeeper. (Now corporate entity) run by another villager to deal so imprudently with a neighbor 
and fellow villager.

As corporations or shop keepers got bigger so large so as to claim resources from many villagers, 
they have learned two diabolical skills - first playing fast and loose with international taxation loopholes 
(as in apple or microshaft or gargle)
"I'm not living here, for tax paying purposes" and because, playing tax bill "whack a mole" and chasing 
these international shopkeepers is a time consuming and expensive task.
(not to mention) How lobbyist cash "donations" is a strong disincentive for strict enforcement of shop keeper 

We can no longer afford to have these international scofflaws thrive and hide, who expect to be able 
to sell in this village, but claim to live "over there" (for tax responsibility purposes) While using all the 
infrastructure they need to do business (mail service, street lights, EMT, roads, bridges, power, police, 
all civil structures) in not just one but so many villages.

You say, These shopkeepers or corporations, or companies are people too? 

We need to say, an end to these tax responsibility scofflaws, they need to ante up in your town and mine. 
Also let me also add, when they poison our lakes, streams, rivers and air... no legal niceties should shield 
these bad shopkeepers and allow them to skirt a good neighbor's civic duty - 

You insist your four year old cleans up their mess - shouldn't these cross border shopkeepers should do less?

Bulwark of the Law

I interviewed a state attorney on this question (the 4th Amendment)  and asked "what is the constitutional basis 
for this behavior? 

Since we ostensibly have enshrined in the CONSTITUTION protection from UNREASONABLE SEARCHES 

He laughed and said "the war on drugs!" (He winked here, because he thought I liked his joke) I was thinking 
about all those people, who's lives were stolen)

I said "regardless, when was the Constitution modified? I never heard anything about it. 
Did it happen while America wasn't looking? When our back was turned?" In W's felicitous phrase, 
"you gotta catapult the propaganda".

He laughed again, well he said in candor, "the forces of law&disorder (tm) profit by it TREMENDOUSLY! "
I said, "yes I realize all those goods (stolen from citizens) enrich law enforcement" but I continued,
 "you are an officer of the court, sworn to (hold up) uphold, the law, you're not supposed to sway
 in the political wind. You represent the citizens' protection, you are our bulwark of the law!"
He laughed and said, "you see. it's never been successfully challenged that's why!"

Sessions wants to increase seizures 7/18/17