Friday, April 20, 2007

RE: Tom Delay's Appearance on Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose's audience might not be quite as GULLIBLE as the average CAGE WRESTLING FAN who graces FAUX NUDES with (his/her) presence.

Since Charlie is both a gentleman as well as a COMMERCIALLY SUCCESSFUL talking head, he does have to genuflect toward the Alternate Reality Construct that these guys live in, and I suspect, that Ye Olde Pesticide Peddler, "the hammer" only agreed to join Chuck, if certain areas of conversation, like say GERRYMANDERING TEXAS and manipulating Homeland Security to chase Texas Dems for that famous Quorum that wasn't ... were (my guess) Not to be Discussed.

Did they discuss the Hypocrisy Hounds who were savaging their own sacred vows while drilling away at President Clinton peccadillos? I suspect not. hmmm, Newt, Henry "Jeckel-Jackel" Hyde, and the high-moral arbiter Bill "the gambler" Bennett, they're safe for now. Maybe they can hire Rev. (hurricane explainer) Roberts to prey for them.

Did they discuss Big Tobacco check$ drifting around the $enate Floor, during the grace
period when the Repulsicans gasp, controlled both Houses?

I admit I have a jaundiced palate but - I sure would have liked to craft some questions, for that tete a' tete.

RE Sanity, Always Remember:

I just wonder, if Rummy's back to his old tricks and filling his time, trading Missile parts with Iran, I mean, they are terrorists and all? There is common ground

solidarity & peace

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Not futile now, not futile EVER

Unfortunately we can expect little help from any "BIG MEDIA".

And with all the political heat, that PBS has been sustaining they have had to cover their right flank constantly.

But - given the POWER/MONEY/RE$OURCE$ and INK (electronic and otherwise) of the Repulsican War Machine - and the slow growth of vertebrae on the other side of the aisle in Congress

Our primary resource is the honest integrity and human morality of those of us, who;
a. Have some appreciation of the slow growth of Liberty ( civilization )
b. Have some appreciation of Justice and Fair Play
c. Have some personal integrity and honor
d. Live for more, that the race for Consumer Goods

We must continue to stand for Humanity's sake, for the Future - in the face of this Perfect Storm of Inhumanity-Money and Infamy. And speak loud, clear, and calm for civilization.

It is no more futile, than it has ever been for any human, from Socrates, to Galileo, to Joan of Arc to our founders. Even in the Dark Ages, even in the Cold War, even now.

And men like Dr. King, G.B. Shaw, and women like Rosa Parks, and Margaret Sanger will stand and oppose the cruel and the fearful.

Was it futile to tell King George, that the colonies could stand against the greatest empire since Caesar? It is not futile now to oppose the Administration, the NY Times, The Washington Post, the LA Times, CBS, NBC, CNN, and all their lies, stupidity and cupidity... and stand with the FUTURE.

In Liberty, Common Humanity and Solidarity

Rick Spisak

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Response to Letter to the Editor calling for a Change in Treason laws

Well, thats some darn interesting reasoning.

Blame the liberals. Well, I agree, we should blame the LIBERALS for starting this country, after all, those who were CONSERVATIVES supported, let's see, that would be King George, ahh the good old days, everything old is new again.

Let's see what else can we blame the Liberals for, oh yeah I remember, that old LIBERAL Ben Franklin who with his LIBERAL thinking proposed that Libraries and Public Schools, should be free and accessible to everyone.

Imagine the arguments against that LIBERAL agenda. OK what else? LIBERALS should be blamed for the END of the 7-day work week, and that MAD LIBERAL idea, the end of Child Labor.
We all remember how that social program destroyed American Business, as the conservatives explained.

Then the thoughtless, probably treasonous LIBERAL idea, to put an end (officially at least) to Slavery and that impossible LIBERAL scheme to grant Women the Right to VOTE. All good conservatives understood that would be the end of the republic.

I find it a horrific indictment of our educational system, that so many thoughtless individuals can grow to adulthood, and yet equate a difference of political opinion, not with the great American capacity for free speech and public input into the political dialog, that makes our great country. And worse, they fail so miserably to comprehend, that all the founders of this country supported, insisted on, even demanded DISSENT, as a crucial component of an informed and participatory democracy.

Treason???, ask brother Thom Jefferson, who said, unless we have the right to revise and improve our government by revolution, we are not living in a functioning vital democracy.

Don't forget to vote!

Rick Spisak