Friday, April 20, 2007

RE: Tom Delay's Appearance on Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose's audience might not be quite as GULLIBLE as the average CAGE WRESTLING FAN who graces FAUX NUDES with (his/her) presence.

Since Charlie is both a gentleman as well as a COMMERCIALLY SUCCESSFUL talking head, he does have to genuflect toward the Alternate Reality Construct that these guys live in, and I suspect, that Ye Olde Pesticide Peddler, "the hammer" only agreed to join Chuck, if certain areas of conversation, like say GERRYMANDERING TEXAS and manipulating Homeland Security to chase Texas Dems for that famous Quorum that wasn't ... were (my guess) Not to be Discussed.

Did they discuss the Hypocrisy Hounds who were savaging their own sacred vows while drilling away at President Clinton peccadillos? I suspect not. hmmm, Newt, Henry "Jeckel-Jackel" Hyde, and the high-moral arbiter Bill "the gambler" Bennett, they're safe for now. Maybe they can hire Rev. (hurricane explainer) Roberts to prey for them.

Did they discuss Big Tobacco check$ drifting around the $enate Floor, during the grace
period when the Repulsicans gasp, controlled both Houses?

I admit I have a jaundiced palate but - I sure would have liked to craft some questions, for that tete a' tete.

RE Sanity, Always Remember:

I just wonder, if Rummy's back to his old tricks and filling his time, trading Missile parts with Iran, I mean, they are terrorists and all? There is common ground

solidarity & peace
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