Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why has no nation brought the War Crminals to the World Court

My theory:

The reasons no nation or national leader has acted against the war criminals at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Because the bloody foolish oaf, who blunders breaking cities and bones across the planet:
a. still has money falling out of his ill-guarded pockets
b. still undeniably is a supporter of the economic & political status quo (which they all benefit from)
c. regardless of the TIN-EAR on Global Warming, and the shaky investment situation
d. the money, and arms trade, secret & open technology deals
e. historic patterns of allegiances

Together all out weigh in reale' political terms, any high moral stand ... with humane values like habeas,
or human rights at ebb tide, no one is rushing for the crown of human rights defender.

The British stance is easy to understand, they just gutted their own HISTORIC HABEAS IDEALS. And they stand equally to profit on the NO-BID Iraqi Oil Deal, but the French silence is harder to understand at least at first since they have in the recent past had more apparent distance than the Brits from our GRAND PLAN for Middle East Occupation...

But since the French Right is now back in power and Sarkosy seems ready to renew cozy relations...
There is no interest in any stand other than benefiting from the mutuality of economic interest.
France is a big arms, nuclear technology and avionics retailer also. Selling Bombs, and Bombers is a BIG BLOODY BUSINESS.


Lets not kid ourselves, the number of incidents in human history when MORALITY trumped vested economic,
and military interests are not numerous. There must be pressure to turn the major powers (either economic or military) away from their profitable albeit bloody and morally bankrupt path.

Who can we count on, to bring these charges at the Hague? Who is free of economic ties to the US?
The list of potential saviors are few. But I think we must find that savior of America in ourselves.
America is our country, the United States, once held the moral high ground, as the Undisputed Leader
in the fight for HUMAN RIGHTS. The remnants of this desire to extend humane values is left to those of us
who can afford to care, who can afford the luxury of spending time, energy and resources on this noble march
toward Liberty.

I believe that these days, during the reign of would be-monarch and dark prince W, will in the future be understood as a retrograde period when our government was put in hands that turned to the dark ages, for answers. An age when wealth (today's royalty) entitles a very small minority to live a life of supreme indifference to the commonwealth.

In fact current social darwinian thinking, makes the middle or working class, an economically disadvantaged, under-educated, "healthcare-free" debt class. Now our government by the wealth-laden ruling class, can dispense with the simplest of humane rights. Now, the work of two hundred years to create a humane and participatory government, with constraints on capital, humane working standards and a society prepared to invest in its youth, its education and library system, and its health challenged, as well as its elderly has metamorphosed into a Corporate-Indentured deaf-to-public interests, Evil Force that can afford WAR, but not education, afford to invest in Bombs, not Libraries, and networks of secret prisons and mercenary armies but not a medical plan for the debt class.

Its is not true that America cannot afford, quality schools, or quality medical care, or libraries or colleges for its citizens, but can build walls in Bhagdad & Palestine. American priorities are in the thrall of those who fail to comprehend a simple humane agenda.

If those priorities are to change - it must be by participation, not by allowing the LOGIC of CYNICISM grafted onto American Participatory Democracy. The only beneficiaries are those who now with their blood drenched hands on it controls, steer toward yet another war. We must participate with a sure knowledge that if we leave the few remaining levers of power behind in disgust. We will have co-signed the pact with the occupiers and their cohort the corporate vampires.

And I say, patriots are made of stronger stuff.

solidarity & peace

rick spisak

Friday, June 27, 2008

An Environmental Govenor, or just another crafty GREEK?

State and SFWMD to pay $1.7 billion for U.S. Sugar land and assets

Who would have guessed, a Florida Republican noticed the Environment.
I'm sure the skeptics will be scratching and sniffing this one for a while.

The Seminoles, have already noticed that one impact will be the "postponement' of any restoration that might have been done, with the money, otherwise earmarked for treatment.

A number of very interesting questions have been raised? Got some?

1. Who negotiated this deal? (You don't even want to hear the RUMORS)

2. The price of $9,090 per acre is a pretty sweet deal for swamp land AND Big Sugar is AGAIN completely off the hook for restoration?

The deal reportedly ** was dreamed up when the state began making noises about finally enforcing pollution laws for the water used by Big Sugar.

3. Is the price appropriate, [$9,000 per acre] given the depression in real estate?

4. Is this buy out going to facilitate BIG SUGAR moving OFFSHORE, where they can continue
to mismanage the planet? If so, what a charmingly (expensive) bon voyage gift from the taxpayers.

5. If this means the repair of the Everglades, is to be delayed? Shouldn't the full environmental community have some input into the plans? Or maybe an impact study is in order?

6. If they BIG SUGAR were to really fined as they deserve and ultimately be driven bankrupt by the pending pollution suits, wouldn't the state have collected the land anyway?

7. While many "greens" are thrilled to see the river of grass no longer misused, shouldn't some of that windfall to BIG SUGAR go toward mitigating the horrendous impact they have had for years on the River of Grass that nourishes the water supply for the Coastal Southern Florida Cities?

What are your thoughts, is this another gift from those crafty Greeks - OOPS I mean, Republicans??? Could Cassandra be right again?*

* see Trojan Horse, Ulysses's plan to enter the walls of Troy!
([,0,692062.story] )

Monday, June 16, 2008

Republican Energy Policies - from secret to bankrupt

It was the current Petroleum Picked President who chose to lead with a "SECRET" energy policy. This SECRET ENERGY POLICY allowed no public input into the SECRET Meetings BIG Oil's Vice President held, once they stole office.

You may remember it was the President's Taxi Service, ENRON, who paralyzed California by stealing power from California, and then with the Federal Government's approval sold it back at inflated rates.

You may not recall Oil's Vice President placed the blame. on Californians for these problems. It was not Californians that celebrated [and cashed the checks] when the lights went out in factories, nursing homes and medical facilities and rolling blackouts terrorized Californians.

It was the Energy Speculators at ENRON, you know the Oil President's best buddy... The "soon-to-be-convicted" Kenny Boy. The same sort of ENERGY SPECULATORS are benfitting now, as Americans begin to choose between food and gas, at the corner filch-o-rama.

Even now with the largest profits ever made in the world, bulging in BIG Oil's pockets - REPUBLICANS still refuse to even consider taxing these extraordinary profits to benefit the struggling debt-class. No they propose another "FAKE" plan.

Why is it that the Oil President and the Oil Vice President haven't noticed the cash bulging out of BIG OILS coffers? Why has there been no WORDS of WISDOM from Big-Oil's President demanding that prices be slashed, and finally once and for all a REAL INVESTMENT BE MADE in ALTERNATIVE ENERGY. Oh that's right he did notice he said, we're addicted. The guy with the Platinum Fuel Pump!

While the facts have shown again and again, drilling in Alaska is not the solution, maybe Big Oil's President might consider a REAL SOLUTION for the debt-class, not another fake $100 or $600 shell game. But a real solution to the OBSCENITY of RIDICULOUSLY HIGH ENERGY PRICES.
Meanwhile American Families, and American Farmers, are robbed by the President's favorite industry.

The results of BIG OIL's SECRET ENERGY PLAN are finally on the table for all to see - GAS over $4 per gallon. Americans don't want a fake rebate but a real alternative to oil and an end to the CORPORATE IRRESPONSIBILITY - But my guess is that that, may not be part of the OIL PRESIDENTS' SECRET ENERGY PLAN. You Think?

Monday, June 09, 2008

State House District 81 has strong Democratic Choice

RE: State House 81 race could be most competitive in Florida

We have a chance this year to replace a "MORE-OF-THE-SAME" republican with a "TOP NOTCH" democrat, Bill Ramos.

Bill has been part of the Treasure Coast community who really cares about our future, and is prepared to do something about it! He's spent a career, walking the walk, helping people understand financial and budgetary realities every day.

A man who has already served his community in a hundred ways, a man of sound fiscal judgment, and a TRUE FAMILY MAN. He and his wife have raised a fine family with children currently attending Martin County Public Schools. He's no stranger to the results of the past irresponsible policies of the republican run legislature.

His economic background, and his families' life in this community that he loves, gives him a no nonsense "BOOTS ON THE GROUND" approach to the challenges facing Florida.

We won't be hearing the kind of pandering and sloganeering we heard from Representative Harrel. I heard Ms. Harrell give a speech to a local professional organization, when she said, "THE TAX CUTS will have no impact on government services, police, fire or education." Even in a largely sympathetic audience there was more that a degree of skepticism. (All well founded it seems.)

Even when questioned closely, How she was asked, if you cut funding again and again, will it not have any impact on government services? She did know the standard republican mantra... CUT TAXES... CUT TAXES... Its the solution to everything.

Floridians do need some services from their government. Bill Ramos's experience helping people analyze their budgets, to understand what kind of homes they can afford, means one thing, he actually understands fiscal realities.

Lets give Bill Ramos, a chance to bring sound financial management, and dollars and sense good judgment, to that Tallahassee swamp of broken REPUBLICAN PROMISES.

Send Bill Ramos to Tallahassee - He understands what it's like to raise a family and work to make a living, here on the Treasure Coast - VOTE BILL RAMOS and send a man with sound financial judgment and family values to Tallahassee.

solidarity & peace

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The dance of the corporate candidates

We need to find every path to building a more humane country.

I believe that if the progressives dissolve in ideological purity street-fights, we hand this country back to the TORIES. They will retreat to their gated communities and complete the disintegration of the social contract leaving our grandchildren a dark poisonous world that makes the streets of BLADE RUNNER look positively cozy.

We have a remarkable opportunity given the dangerous and destructive power that has molded this country for the last eight years. Americans have had their consumer-bemused vision focused in turn on the mortgage crisis, the health care crisis, gasoline prices and the shipment overseas of not just blue collar jobs, but white color jobs as well. These job losses are engineered by companies who enjoy ENORMOUS TAX BENEFITS, while stealing jobs from Americans. More Americans than ever, have come to understand and SPOT the Emperors "NEW" Clothes.

We have the best chance since the factory fires at the turn of the last century to make some serious improvements in the social contract. Many Americans can finally see what progressives have been warning about, for decades! I think change is within reach! But not, if we allow the dance of the corporate candidates to distract us.

Some of us weren't distracted by the attempt to blame the economic refugees from South of the RIO GRANDE for America's loss of jobs and economic disaster glide-path. Some of us have noticed that CEO salaries are now 400 times the wages of their workers. But if we allow the BLACK/WOMAN argument to fragment progressive and democratic forces, we play right into the "TORY-ROVE" game plan. The monarchist and oligarchs who hate human rights, can still win!

They can't argue TORTURE, they can't argue FOREIGN POLICY brilliance, they can't argue economics, they can't ignore over 4 thousand dead Americans who died because of their lies, they can't argue medical access, they sure can't argue BETTER OFF, but if we dissolve in a divisive, bitter hate-fest, then Karl Rove's divide and conquer will have succeeded.

And woe is us, woe is the working-debt class, woe is the environment, woe is worker rights, woe is everything in America except - the arms merchants, the private prison industry, and the RULING CLASS. And the republicans will take that to the bank!

solidarity & peace

rick spisak