Friday, June 27, 2008

An Environmental Govenor, or just another crafty GREEK?

State and SFWMD to pay $1.7 billion for U.S. Sugar land and assets

Who would have guessed, a Florida Republican noticed the Environment.
I'm sure the skeptics will be scratching and sniffing this one for a while.

The Seminoles, have already noticed that one impact will be the "postponement' of any restoration that might have been done, with the money, otherwise earmarked for treatment.

A number of very interesting questions have been raised? Got some?

1. Who negotiated this deal? (You don't even want to hear the RUMORS)

2. The price of $9,090 per acre is a pretty sweet deal for swamp land AND Big Sugar is AGAIN completely off the hook for restoration?

The deal reportedly ** was dreamed up when the state began making noises about finally enforcing pollution laws for the water used by Big Sugar.

3. Is the price appropriate, [$9,000 per acre] given the depression in real estate?

4. Is this buy out going to facilitate BIG SUGAR moving OFFSHORE, where they can continue
to mismanage the planet? If so, what a charmingly (expensive) bon voyage gift from the taxpayers.

5. If this means the repair of the Everglades, is to be delayed? Shouldn't the full environmental community have some input into the plans? Or maybe an impact study is in order?

6. If they BIG SUGAR were to really fined as they deserve and ultimately be driven bankrupt by the pending pollution suits, wouldn't the state have collected the land anyway?

7. While many "greens" are thrilled to see the river of grass no longer misused, shouldn't some of that windfall to BIG SUGAR go toward mitigating the horrendous impact they have had for years on the River of Grass that nourishes the water supply for the Coastal Southern Florida Cities?

What are your thoughts, is this another gift from those crafty Greeks - OOPS I mean, Republicans??? Could Cassandra be right again?*

* see Trojan Horse, Ulysses's plan to enter the walls of Troy!
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