Monday, June 28, 2010


A group assembled on the scorching sand of Stuart Beach Saturday representing a wide cross section of Martin County. The surf-riders group a responsible ecologically savvy group of surf enthusiasts invited their fellow Martin Countians to rendezvous in a show of support of the Ocean and it's sea life.

They were joined by fisherman and women, moms and dads, teenagers, and toddlers, babes in arms and babes in bikinis to show they would not stand idly by while despoilers casually destroyed their lives.

They came together professors and dropouts bikers and activists on this particular HOT STEAMY SATURDAY because of their concern for a seeming unstoppable ecological disaster that is performing it's slow motion march on everything precious about Florida.

No one moves to Florida for the schools, no one moved to Florida because of the high wage jobs.  No one moved to Florida because of the Universities. No one moves to Florida because of the state of the art mass transit system that allows people to live a small carbon footprint life.

They move to Florida despite these omissions. They come here despite the remarkable lack of southern civility which combined with the insipid insularity of a small Jersey hamlet and seasoned well with the greasy ignorance of backwoods Alabama, all of which together make Florida so special.

No they generally move to Florida so they could be near the beauty of the sea and the beach and the sky. Whether they actually go to the beach, and enjoyed the modest amenities that the state offers. It has been enough for most Floridians to know that they were near the beach, even if they only visited when the relatives came south.

BUT BIG OIL, Haliburton, TRANSOCEANIC and Bee Pee, conspired with "di$count-priced" legislator$ and Bargain-Ba$ement NON-REGULATOR$ TO STEAL IT ALL AWAY. Not just from the good people of the bayou, or the people huddled early in the mist in their shrimp boats, but also from the retiree in Marco Island. And equally from the Philly transplant and the hard-bitten cracker sitting silent in the marina in the keys

They plotted and schemed to take it away - to take it all away from every body, whether they actually went to the beach or eked out a living on the sand ridge along the concrete lined coast.

Today... the day of HANDS ACROSS THE SAND - The Three Hundred gathered here in the 100 degree heat to say - WE CARE, despite the heat, despite the ignorance, despite the cavalier nature of most Floridians. Three hundred came that day to say - BIG OIL stay off our shore - Big Oil, we're watching. We do love our beach. She has not been abandoned to be the play thing of cheaply purchased legislators and coke whore regulators and policy pragmatists - who decided long ago that business as usual was just fine, sign here.

BUT ON THAT DAY in politically inert Martin County, on Stuart Beach 300 came together to say NO to BIG OIL, and YES to Hot Sand, and YES to the breath-taking beauty of the sea. YES to our home, our mother the bosom and nurturer of all life.

YES they said. YES to life and no to drillers with all the penny-poor answers to the Million Dollar Questions.

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