Thursday, April 28, 2011


Nicole Sandler DARED 
She dared to ask the Peace Officer to treat her like a citizen not like a serf.
She dared to ask why she was "in custody"?

Let's step back a minute, in case you haven't heard. A progressive journalist was detained, cuffed, held in a police car, incarcerated and then in her solitary cell... MACED.

FOR DARING TO OBJECT when propaganda was inserted where PUBLIC DISCUSSION 
was advertised. The excuse used,  besides the "SANITIZED" one-way fun house mirror of a MEDIA EVENT held by West's handlers was that SHE WAS A TRESPASSER who was warned.

The ODD THING THOUGH... is that she was leaving the event when the "illegal detaining" commenced. It was only when she asked the officer to cease manhandling her (as she was leaving) She asked why she was being detained. Locked in a police car and prevented from leaving.

Now its an entirely different matter as to why after being placed in a solitary cell. Some officer, in the public employ USED MACE to subdue?, a woman already locked away in solitary confinement.

I'm sure that this careless application of chemical warfare will be amply analyzed by a sharp lawyer in some future court of justice. Cause for my money, the officer could have been in fear of nothing, and just employed the MACE for the amusement of Dick Cheney, and Judge Yoo... cause that was the closest thing they had to offer in the way of a stress position.

Your Tax Dollars at Work?

Monday, April 25, 2011

I remember Rachel Carson too

Several years ago, the pollution in the St. Lucie Estuary was so polluted the County government issued a warning that the WATER shouldn't even be "TOUCHED" - This didn't stop the local fisherman from continuing to FISH IN IT. I heard boat captains say, sure just don't touch the water.

I tracked down the senior water chemist for Fish and Wildlife, I got him to go on record. He said, he wouldn't recommend eating any fish fresh or salt especially the game fish. Except the dolphin (mahi mahi) since the for some unknown reason, do not BIO-ACCUMULATE mercury.

Yet Floridians merrily proceed, eating fish and swimming in polluted waters. That industry believes is HEALTHY for their PROFITS. They just make sure to drink bottled water.

When I moved to central Florida I attended a development meeting. I heard planners offer their professional opinion, that growth could continue unabated. I asked how did they reconcile unlimited growth of septic tanks with no WATER SYSTEMS and NO SEWAGE TREATMENT SYSTEMS. They said, it was easy they had not been asked to include WATER SYSTEM or SEWAGE TREATMENT  in their growth calculations and as far as family wells and SEPTIC TANKS - that was not part of their study either. So... NO PROBLEM.

And when cities think that DUMPING INCREASING AMOUNTS OF UNTREATED SEWAGE into the Ocean is a viable solution, what would you expect to find in the Ocean offshore? A recent report stated that 70% of Turtles in the St Lucie Estuary have eye lesions.  The dolphins health is even worse. Canary in a Coalmine people - Canary in a Coalmine! We can't afford the pollution.

solidarity & peace

Friday, April 15, 2011

A CALL TO MY "sILVER sPOON" CongreXman Rooney

A CALL TO MY "sILVER sPOON" CongreXman Rooney
I called Rooney's office to "suggest" that he oppose the Ryan Budget approach.

They replied that he thought it (THE RYAN PLAN) was a good first step. 

I said, "so he supports TAX CUT$ for the RICHEST AMONG US! 
But funding cuts for working people? " They said, adjustments may need to be made. It's just a first STEP... (it's off the cliff for US!)

I said, "Does the good Congressman expect to rely on Medicare in his GOLDEN YEAR$
or does he have a flush CONGRE$$IONAL Benefit package? 

The young drone explained that, she and the Congressman have the same insurance as me? 
I replied, I don't think so, cause if you and the Congre$$man have the same insurance as me,
then you wouldn't have any insurance. Cause I can't afford it.

I have a pre-existing condition called... LIFE?

She repeated, he thinks this (The Ryan giveaway to the RICH) is a good first step. 

I gave her my name and asked her to please tell the Congressman that every INDEPENDENT VOTER I KNOW OPPOSES THIS MEASURE. 

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Capitulation First-ers Salute HISTORIC Victory

We are sustained. We  live to Capitulate again! So crow enthusiastic White House mice. People nearly expected us to stand up - or even, you know, have our own position? 

We just can't wait to follow any trend the Tea Party Wing of the Republicans require. And if they want to attack Unions, or Teachers, or Librarians, we don't know'm.

Hell even Sleepy the VP - you don't like em, we'll deep six'm.
It's under the bus for the lot of em.

We twisted NPR's arm to Hire ANN COULTER! Nobody gives us credit for anything!

Just please, pretty please,  don't ask us to stand up for anything. Reid's our guy, he'll say anything.

If they want someone fired... NO PROBLEM If they want Karl Rove up on Mt. Rushmore?
Hey JUST ASK. Whatever they want, gut PUBLIC BROADCAST, defund the EPA?
$end radioactive watche$ to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, DONE & DONE.

GIVE, HANDOFF, DONATE ... new drilling options to BP in the GULF!  Did you hear, that TransOcean just got a PRIZE FOR $AFETY???
Oh, well yes, they did award themselves that and GREAT$ BIG$ BONUSE$
for safety last year.  
Imagine what their 2009 was like. Just don't say bad things about us. 
We're thinking of awarding them an Environmental Medal for MOST IMPROVED MAJOR POLLUTER!  We'll be giving MASSEY ENERGY an OSHA Award, for not killing as many as unprotected miners as they might have. We have a track record with these things.  

UTERUS! - I gotta NOBEL PEACE PRIZE - ya gotta laugh!