Saturday, September 16, 2006

Across the Desert

by RW Spisak

I'd like to ask you to join me for a few minutes on a walk, across a desert to the citadel where humanity’s future lives. It is defended by our colleagues; The Electronic Freedom Foundation, the Bill of Right Coalition, People for the American Way, Move-On, UUs and a few others.

We few march across a perilous, dangerous and hostile desert. Beset on every side, by well-armed and well financed enemies. A Right Wing establishment of think tanks and opinion-meisters, financed by right-wing corporate and media interests with friends in very high places.

I don't need to remind you, of a major right-wing religious figure who blamed us, the ACLU for the disaster of Katrina in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. In a world where the leader of millions of Catholics reaches back to the fourteen century when the Holy Roman Catholic Empire confronted the Muslim Empire for a quote, to insult todays faithful Muslims.

Nor need I remind you of the out-going governor of this state, who when faced with a successful citizen initiative on class size, confided to his cronies, nearly off-mike, that he had a devious plan to circumvent the people's will. In the same state which contracted a right-wing computer company to purge legitimate voters from the state rolls, who might otherwise have the temerity to vote while black. In a state where a “would-be” senator, expresses her belief, that “the separation of church and state is a lie”. And the where the states, largest school district, continues it’s legal battle to ban a book for kindergarteners, for not being sufficiently politically correct.

In a nation whose protectors of the public airwaves the FCC, pounce on nudity and documentary language as reprehensible, while winking at violence and burying reports on the truly damaging effect of the consolidation of corporate media voices.

In a nation where the commander in chief only yesterday issued a challenge “that unless he can dispense with the Bill of Rights and rule outside and above the rule of law”, he will be unable to defend the country against it’s enemies. Not only denying habeus corpus, but access to attorneys, and for some the special secret prison, without charges, without and beyond the rule of any law but whim. A government that has turned so completely away from civilized values, taking this great experiment in democracy to a place where justice is sought from the dunking chair and amidst the tortuous screams of the dungeon. He proclaimed these changes indispensable. And our constitution too readily dispensable.

I ask you this faced with these dangers what is our course?

If Leonidas of Sparta on his way to Thermopylae was asked to stop his march and instead give a reckoning of expenditures on weapons and sandals over the last five years in triplicate... Where would Xerxes have been stopped.

If on his way to Gettysburg, Grant was ordered to give a complete inventory of his weapons, horses, and heart, and only then, could he continue on to his appointment with Lee, would they still meet at Appomattox?

While we could stop and do an inventory of the hearts and minds, and investigate the optimum trajectory of our desires, on our way to support the beleaguered defenders, where Liberty's future huddles nearly friendless.

I say... March on, our leaders are fallible men and women, yes, but the danger is stark, March on defend humanity against those who call for a return to the dark ages. March on, my friends, for Liberty's sake for humanity's sake. For the sake of civilization.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Liberals use all their tools to attack God and the family"

"Liberals use all their tools to attack God and the family"

Mr. Babuji

Let's think just for a second, about the "work" of the liberals
through history. If you are a student of "Judeo-Christian" thought,
you are doubtless aware that the Bible was thought to be strictly
for the elite, the rich and the nobles.

It was a "LIBERAL" opinion, that the Bible should be available
to everyone. You may also be aware that it was a "LIBERAL" idea
to translate the Bible into language other than the "original"
Latin. It was eventually even translated into the modern language
of English, several different times, with a "LIBERAL" range of
interpretations and metaphors.

It was a "LIBERAL" idea that suggested that mere human beings
could govern themselves. It was a "LIBERAL" idea that we could
live without KINGS and nobles. This "LIBERAL" idea allowed for
the founding of a country where people who had suffered under
"CONSERVATIVE" religious wars in Europe could live as an
alternative in this "LIBERAL" country where people would be
free to practice, or not, the religion of their choice.

I have been a progressive and "Liberal" my entire adult life -
I have never heard a "Liberal" denounce prayer, or suggest that
those who worship, and fear god, are destroying this country.

I have however read the teachings of Jesus, which urge those who
attempt to follow his teaching, "should not, judge others harshly,
lest their intolerance fall upon themselves."

Richard W. Spisak Jr.

Discourse about the place of Political Cartoons on an Environmental Listerve

Political Cartoons on an Environmental Forum

(Pam to Rick)

This is really inappropriate for the forum.


(Rick to Pam)

I thought that many in the environmental movement, would be
quite concerned with the "Environmental Stewardship" of the Bush Administration.

Afterall, it is true that concrete and chainsaws are part
of the natural process, heck even pesticides, and petroleum
executives are part of the great chain of life.

I just hoped to share some political insights with my collegues
on the greenside.

also see:

I hope if you find these cartoonscapes, utterly offensive you
can find your delete button. If your keyboard has already been
clearcut, through the "Healthy Forests Initiative",
you might find it under a "Clean Air Act" smog bank.

solidarity & peace

(Pam to Rick)


I don't find them utterly offensive. I find some of it quite
funny. I just don't think that the forum is the right place
to forward this stuff. The club is supposed to be non-partisan.
The slant of your messages are not.

These messages are more appropriate between friends not for
general consumption. In other parts of the country on various
club listservs your privileges to use the forum would be removed.


(Rick to Pam)

If, god willing one of the other parties does finally get in power
and has the power to make the kind of hideous, murderous and
repulsive mistakes as the current junta...
I will, I have and do... lance them with my fascist piercing
purple pen (mouse)

deep meaningful bow to brother woody (guthrie) that is;

And I'm sure, if I rub enough republican sierra clubbers wrong -
I'm sure my posting rights will be terminated. I do not fear.
My heart is my censor.

I appreciate your comments and thank goodness I may still
yet wield my mouse in defense of the defenseless, and in
favor of true conservation...
like the teddy roosevelt kind.

Who was a steward of our natural world... albeit,
one not without some imperial dreams of his own.

You seem a thoughtful person, and I hope my modest rejoinder
was heard in the spirit (giggles) it was offered and -
since you do admit - at least one made you smile

That's what I take to the bank... the smog bank, because -
I write to catalyze people toward thinking and laughing,
about tremendously serious matters

long may the republic wave


(Pam to Rick)


It might be your intent to catalyze people but I think
the danger is that you will more likely alienate people
before they get your underlying message.

We need all the help we can get to raise people's consciousness
and be able to make positive changes. If you turn them off
before you give them the message what have you accomplished?


(Rick to Pam)

Pam, thanks again for writing.

And while I long to please, and coax a gentle guffax, so as to
move my good colleagues into action. I think time is short and
action must be taken.

I have been a passionate crusader for the environment since the
early sixties, when my family was given a copy and we each read
Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring", blessings on her name.

"Silent Spring" alerted a few to the tragic consequences of
apathy and trust of big gov't & big coroporation and the casual
poisoning of the environment.

I have stood for women's rights, african american rights,
hispanic rights, a women's right to choose, and in opposition
to many STUPID wars, (albeit REAL MONEY MAKERS) and in opposition to the trashing of the only planet
we can afford to mess up... (can we???)

But while I would like to pen thoughtful dispassionate
paragraphs and pages to move the sleeping masses... (
and I do, I can send you some of my essays), I understand that
a cartoon's POKE in the FRONTAL LOBES & Werniche's Area,
does not require expensive minutes of time, it requires
mere seconds.

And since "my fellow americans" all too often choose distraction
over thoughtful discourse, I must draw pungent (hopefully humourous)
or at least thought provoking
cartoons. - They require virtually no TIME CONSUMING minutes,
only seconds to achieve communication - that some will find these
heavy handed or unbalanced; I ask them to SEEK OUT
- FOX NEWS... if they want "fair and balanced"

Will I lose some audiences, am I preaching to the choir?
Well if they get up off their collective
(and often delightful asses) and VOTE?

Well then I leave them to the equitable voting machinations
of ESS & DIEBOLD with the likes of "Katherine Harris" to
count their votes.


solidarity & peace

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Peace Activists with a Blindspot

tyranny is tyranny is tyranny

while to a certain extent, the "enemy of my enemy is my friend"
thinking, drives a great deal of "real politik" posturing. But...

Thoughtful people must carefully examine positions, and should
understand the nuance of espousing positions in complex multilateral,
multinational, or transnational conflicts.

I suspect that since (Peace Activists) many find the Israeli treatment
of their neighbors, with walls and gates and humiliation regrettable
they are far too quick to assume that any opposition to Israel is constructive
and should be supported.

That I'm afraid, is an ill considered and unsophisticated position.

Likewise many, who are concerned about the mistreatment of Palestinians,
maybe too forgiving of lawless attacks on Israelis. As many who are concerned
about the cultural and political stability of Israel are often quick to
excuse Israeli excesses.

True PEACE ACTIVISTS are concerned about all violence and all brutality
against... "humanity" and cannot honestly be blind, when even "monsters" are mistreated.
Whether soldiers of tyranny A or tyranny B...

Finally whether a prisoner is tortured by the Egyptians for Egyptian politician purposes, by the Egyptians for American purposes, by American soldiers for American purposes or by Iraqis for any purpose, you are still the victim of torture.

Oh, if only the moneies going toward arming the region, were going to developing the farming, infrastructure and water resources rather than EXPLOSIONS and Bullets there might be far more wealth for the people of that region to share.

solidarity & peace

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Intellectual Dishonesty

I heard the return to the dark ages last night, sitting in a full house, in the auditorium of a local high school. "POOF" once there was science, "POOF", now there was TRUE BELIEF, "POOF" Now and then you heard references to science and even scientists. Then, "POOF" - then we were led away, away from science that has taken us, from the darkened nave of the medieval church, to today's world of computers, and space travel and the technology of today, to face the inscrutable face of the INTELLIGENT DESIGNER's first cause JE-HO-VAH.

The problem with TRUE BELIEF is that it suffers no test, requires no confirming data appropriate to scientific inquiry. In fact denies any appeal to mere facts. Ah, the appeal of antique certainty and the refuge of unquestioned simplicity in a complex world.

If you listened, which is more than the churchmen did, for Galileo, Newton and Copernicus, you could hear actual scientists mentioned. You heard again and again how well traveled, and literate our presenter was, and you also heard a refrain that especially grated on my ear. "We all have the same information" He said it again and again. Which was and is patently false. The scientific literate, and the scientific illiterate, demonstrably do not have the same information.

Our presenter would seem to quote his favorite scientists. Men, with it was reported scientific credentials who he said agreed with him. Again and again he turned to the covers of pop-science magazines to further his argument. That must be science. It's in print!

The difference, which our presenter never did mention, although he clung to his scraps, his well gnawed bits of the tattered cloak of pseudo-science, to mask his appeal to anti-intellectualism, the difference is that his conclusions, come not from rigorous scientific inquiry, but they arise in complete contradiction of science, from no verifiable facts but instead, arise full born and with prophetic certitude.

These religious views, which are inferred arise spontaneous, fully formed and unassailable, from his own mystical vision, and his personal interpretation of selected religious tracts and ULTIMATELY the unquestionable source of all INTELLIGENT DESIGN REVELATION
(personal and direct) DIVINE INTERVENTION.

While he dismissed evolution, because as he explained it, evolution was dependent on a "POOF" moment. He never contrasted that "POOF" moment with the GRANDEST POOF of all, "THE GREAT POOF" of the almighty. "POOF" there is The Universe. And "POOF" GOD, made the original boy-Adam, in the image of euro - centric man.

Pity poor “set upon” Christendom

Pity poor “set upon” Christendom
A historic essay by RW Spisak Jr.

While secular humanists and liberals at the dawn of the millennium, attempted to uphold the constitutional guarantees supporting freedom of religion, many Christian advocates of the time, misunderstood the concept of freedom of religion, confusing it with freedom to suppress other religions. While they might have understood the position of the Secular Humanists that in protecting all religions this would allow them to continue to practice their cunning and baroque rituals. They instead demanded a religious oriented civic government.

The Secular Humanists would have guaranteed their right to freely practice their curious folk ways, with its morbid statuary, it’s elaborate costumes and ritual sacrifices, free from fear or coercion. They were largely unable to grasp the fact that had their rights been thus protected, they would retain the ability to continue to practice free of governmental interference.

While we are today accustomed to Houses of Science and Planetariums, and Cosmology Exhibits on every corner, very few remember these were once “Christer-Castles” called "churches", (how quaint that lost word sounds on the tongue) only to become today’s modern busy Wiccan-ariums, Houses of Chemistry and Cosmology Viewing Centers. Since more and more of their former temples and churches were transformed into Houses of Science, Yoga temples,
and Covens, the actual number of practicing “Christers” has shrunken to a point where only a few states actually have statistically significant percentages. Out numbered now by Humanists and Reformed Fundamentalist Evolutionaries, their last hurrah, during the turn of the century when scores of “Christers” or Christians as they called themselves then, tried to force civil society to adopt their curious religious tenets as a "higher morality" just as those in the near east had turned to Sharia law, (religious dogma) as an antidote to modernity’s challenges.

Yet once mandatory church attendance laws were enacted, it was just a matter of time before the Second Enlightenments’ great scientific awakening became the fashion. Fossil parties
and Home Physics gatherings were held across the land and Home Do-it-yourself “Genetic Kits” allowed Mom and Dad and the kids, to practice simple geneto-experiments on themselves and their friends. It was at that point, as folks who might have joined their neighbors last week
in a witch hunt or a spontaneous yet mandatory baptism-riot, now were using home genetic kits to change hair color and IQ of their friends and neighbors.

The freedoms that the Secular Humanists sought to maintain for these ancient folk ways, have allowed these practices to continue (although not flourish) along side today’s modern Houses of Science and Cosmology Halls, as a “quaint” backward glance at a nearly forgotten primitive past. Back at the turn of the millennium, they seemed not to understand that when the humanists attempted to protect their right to practice any old superstitious rite, no matter how antiquarian. The laws they insisted on enacting, have given us the Genet-o Chant and the Patriotic Recitation of the Fossil Record, beloved today by every school child.

I call on the Great Good Heart of America

I call on the great good heart of America. The heart that made common cause with native Americans in this great land that has become refuge to so many. The great heart that had seen hundreds of bloody years of despair, theological wars, and priestly abuses and turning from those hatefilled days together they founded a nation that turned toward a better future. Turned from a mix of religion and statecraft, that had poisoned the soils of Europe and the East for tens of centuries, and embarked on an experiment to build a land that trusted men and women to govern themselves guided by laws not by priests or royal blood.

A nation of equals, where men and eventually, men and women of all races and all creeds would be treated equally under law. I call on that spirit of America that turned away from the crimes and excesses of the past, whether horrid slavery, or grinding child labor or twin evils of penury and usury. Battles not yet wholly won.

Aiming our new nation and our faces toward humanity, law and the future, turning away from chains, slavery and torture. A long slow climb. A climb with fits and starts and setbacks.We who live in a world of moral clarity, not confused by expediency and confounded by nightmares of a horrendous enemy whose very existence, lures us away from the values that have made this country great.

When we fought the great states of Germany and Japanese in World War two, and later when the whole world was threatened by world powers like the Thermonuclear Armed Soviet and Chinese communist nations holding huge slave armies with stockpiles of awful unthinkable weapons. The exact kind of weapons that only hirelings and paid informers suggested Sadam Hussein held. Then even then, we did not reach back with blood dripping from our hands to the barbarous past. For the fire and the tong.

Are we to turn away from civilization and humane values when faced with a few thousand stateless fanatics? Do we dare grant such unimaginable world changing power, to these few, and scrap the great dream of this marvel of the civilizing centuries? Because a few thousand died on a morning in new York?

How many thousand died, in Pearl Harbor, how many when Atlanta burned? How many in Srebrenica ? in Dafur? How great were the stakes when we faced a nation-breaking civil war?

When we stood against the massive power of the axis powers, or when General Lee's army threatened Washington, or even when the British sacked and burned the White House, we could weather those but now... thats it? game over? Time Now? for barbarism again?

NO! I say No! It is not time for barbarism. It is time to turn from liars, and schemers and war profiteers.If the US Congress contemplated and brought charges of impeachment for the crime of lying about a personal liaison, what is the scale of the crimes of these bloody war criminals who lied about national security threats? Who led young ill-prepared Americans into a needless war? Who engineered and profited from the deaths of those tens of thousands? Men who led this great country into toppling a former client dictator with a campaign they described as SHOCK AND AWE.

It is with SHOCK AND AWE that we American people face these crimes. It is in the good American Heart, to shrink in revulsion and turn from such as these war criminals. These bloody oil merchants who ill used our soldiers and mislead our army. Whose orders were to secure the oil ministry and leave the discarded and abandoned weapons unguarded, only to be used later to kill again and again in roadside improvised weapons.

The kind of International War criminals who seek again and again to justify torture, and ghost prisoners, lying, secrecy and holding prisoners outside any protections of law. Who claim royal unassailable powers for themselves unrestrained and uncontrollable by congress or the courts.

I call upon the great good heart of America and I ask you how much damage must this cabal reek on this land, on these fine people, and armed with the fearsome power of the greatest republic on the planet how much longer can we leave these bloody hands and these lying hearts at the controls.

I fear for America and I fear for this world, these men who spurn law, who defy and subvert elections, manipulate and manufacture their own brand of TRUTH(c) and while lying and spying and destroy each ally and friend our country has made in nearly 300 years.

Clinton was impeached for a lie. How can these merchants of death and war profiteers, and bloody torturers not be driven from these sweet shores. Send them to the Hague and purify this great land of their lies.

R.W. Spisak


Brother Dean
I believe I can address you thus familiarly, because from all I have heard you say, you understand humanity as one family.

I ask you, as leader of the democratic party, if the house rose and impeached former president Clinton, how could any democrat who voted that bill of impeachment, not support charges against the current white house resident. I would call him, by a more honorable title, had he won that fairly.

IMPEACH - For lying about weapons of mass destruction,

IMPEACH - for lying about the nigerian uranium sale which he knew to be false,

IMPEACH -for leading an unprepared, undermanned and ill-equipped invasion
against a nation whose dictator was odious, but no true threat, to this great country.

IMPEACH - for subverting the BILL of RIGHTS with spying on our financial and electronic communications, suspending habeus corpus and violating International Laws of War.


This man again and again reminds America, that he is, in his words a "war president".
I ask, if we are to hold foot soldiers responsible for acting criminally outside the rules of war,
how can we not impeach this " commander" who would redefine torture as a legitimate tool
of the world's leading democracy, and yet hypocritically condemning the barbarous acts of others.

This man whose regime speaks so easily against attacks on civilized values, but wages war, with tactics his press agents label "shock and awe". Ask the uncounted Iraqi civilian dead about the victory , of shock and awe.

Why is not every democrat calling for impeachment?

Why are they not demanding from republicans, those few with remaining shreds of integrity still tenuously clinging. Join US! - in in the call for IMPEACHMENT NOW?

Remember those who so decried our former presidents equivocation, and tremulous puzzling over "what is, is". When this, so called "commander-in-chief" looked for new innovative definitions of "WHAT TORTURE IS", hardly can these be called comparable crimes.

So if you wish to regain, the moral authority the true democrats need to defeat this cabal of war criminals. Call for a bill of impeachment now. And again, and again until the Senate confirms the judgement. And until Bush and Cheney are deposed and sent to the Hague to answer for their murderous and inhumane policies.

The impeachment of a democrat who fought for people, who sought health care for all Americans, will forever shame you and all democrats; if you do not seize the moment and bring democrats together and any republican who understands honor. And IMPEACH these war criminals.

Who cared more about the Petroleum Ministry of Bhagdad, that the lives of young Americans on Ill-armored patrol duty.

NO right for a prisoner to know the charges under which they are held, IMPEACH, Held incommunicado, held indefinitely without charge - I SAY IMPEACH!

Tortured while in U.S. Custody, by a cancellation of basic humane geneva conventions, IMPEACH, Charge soldiers for food and care after near mortal wounds, IMPEACH.
Send young American soldiers to die unnecessarily unprepared, ill armored - this so called commander in thief, MUST BE IMPEACHED!

If democrats care about the honor of this great land. For god's sake, for your great grandchildren's sake, IMPEACH both of these men.


RE: "... antiwar crowd..."

There is so much misunderstanding in this letter, let’s start at the title; “Selfish Anti War Crowd”. Selfish is the type who couldn't be bothered to go to war for their country but are thrilled to send the children of the working class to war. SEE BUSHES RECORD,

It is not "selfish" to participate in changing the country's direction. It is selfish to profit from this war, that we were lied into, by those who knew better, when they proclaimed WMDs and bouquets awaited us.

When certain British subjects got tired of being ordered around and decided to "DO THEIR OWN THING" by starting this country They started a trend. We don't appreciate rulers who have special rules for themselves and their partners see ENRON / HALIBURTON.

About the ACLU, the American Civil Liberties isn't against anything; its' for the Constitution. It’s for, Civil Rights. It’s for Rush Limbaugh's rights, it's in favor of your Constitutional Rights. The ACLU passes out copies of the Bill of Rights. Like Johnny Appleseed, they are trying to start a forest of understanding. I know, I'm a member.

About religion in America, our founders understood history. They knew three hundred years of religious wars in Europe. They hoped to avoid it by creating a government that respected
all religions, yet claimed no affiliation. They wanted to prevent the use of civil government to punish religious beliefs.

After President Clinton we had a surplus, and after the 9/11 attack we were supported not by a coalition of the bribed, but by EVERY NATION. If stopping a bad policy is cutting? Then yes, let’s cutout bigotry and pointless wars. And let’s run from liars, who listen only to yes-men while ignoring the rising toxic water.

RW Spisak

A Report on Representative John Murtha's Appearance in Miami Saturday

A Report on Representative John Murtha's Appearance in Miami Saturday

The Question:
"What can an ordinary citizen do?"
was answered... at Florida International University's Biscayne Bay Campus.

Saturday, June 24th Rep. Carey & Kendrick Meek and Acting Provost Dr. Ronald Berkman
welcome featured speaker Rep. John Murtha of PA former chair and ranking member on the House Appropriations Committee and subcommittee on defense.

Starting an hour late due to powerful south Florida thunderstorms, a Townhall Meeting was held entitled: THE WAR ON IRAQ. The meeting started with a round of introductions. A welcoming speech by Acting Provost Dr. Berkman was followed with an introduction of Congressperson Kendrick Meeks.

Congressman Meeks then explained, that he received his call to service as a young man,
hearing from so many of his mothers supporters, how much she had accomplished.
The he introduced his mother, retired Congressperson Carrie Meeks. She made a few comments and introduced Congressman Murtha.

Rep Murtha and Meek agreed, that getting the word out, writing senators and representatives; ink and paper, voice, fax, and email is the best way for citizens to have a solid impact on policy. There is a way to actually make a difference and help end the bloodshed and get the WAR PROFITEERS off the back of the American taxpayers.

He said while public opinion may have been bouncing off the TIN EAR of this administration,
Congress listens closer. Make them HEAR YOU! - WRITE/CALL/FAX Congress.


Copies of a Congressman Murtha's House Resolution 73
[To: redeploy US Forces from Iraq] - were available.


This resolution urges that the American Troops be redeployed from Iraq and this international and regional problem be undertaken not by one nation standing alone, facing all the losses and all the costs. The IRAQ problem is not an "AMERICA ONLY" PROBLEM.

When asked what can be done to change the current war plan - Rep. Murtha said simply;
Tell somebody, tell everybody, tell your Representatives, the Senators, and the White House;
what you think about REDEPLOYMENT. The problem of IRAQ, the costs, the rebuilding,
the development of governmental and economic infrastructure should be internationalized.
These costs should not be the burden of the American people alone.

Some of the administration's missteps were discussed, such as, the shortchanging of the troops,
the lower troop counts, the lack of preparation, the missing body armor among others.
Congressman Murtha discussed the reasoning of Bush 1, explaining why he had chosen not to invade and conquer Iraq. He also explained that when the current President Bush asked for authorization to get international sanctions and complete the inspections, while promising diplomacy, he substituted WAR. What had been unanimous international support after 9-11 has become a situation where even our allies have said we are more dangerous than IRAN or North Korea.

He removed support for the Afghanistan invasion, only to redirect American resources
toward the unnecessary War on Iraq. The president dismissed the international inspectors,
turned away International support, only to reduce American foreign policy to a bullies' taunts and jeers. The fact is that the majority of the worlds' nations now view our government as more dangerous than Iran or N. Korea. We have created more terrorists, in Iraq than we have killed.

Retired Congressperson Carrie Meek lamented the fact that, since America has not been
supportive of the U.N., We have with our insults and slights blunted the effectiveness of the UN.
It is regularly attacked in Congress. Some in Congress have worked to avoid and postpone
paying our UN dues.

We spend over $8 billion borrowed dollars per month in Iraq.

Questions were taken from the audiences, and several were discussed.
Here are three of the questions asked:

1. We didn't abandon or ignore the Bill of Rights when we fought Russia or the Axis powers
during the cold war, nor World War II. Why when fighting a few thousand medieval fanatics
must we jettison The Bill of Rights, The Constitution and International Law?

2. How can the Presidents "War Party" continue to keep the costs of the Iraq War -
"OFF THE BOOKS"? Who is tallying the full costs the equipment, the veterans costs, the recruitment costs, and the cost in lives as well as taxes from the American people? And why no prosecutions of the Known War Profiteers?

3. What do we say to our Veterans and our POWs about Guantanamo, Abu Gharib, Bhaghram and RENDITION? The question of the recent arrests of terrorist suspects in Liberty City, was also raised. This very very televised bust followed closely by a series of Talk Show appearances by Administration Mouthpieces, sounded more than suspicious to many of those in attendance. Comments from the panel reflected doubts about misguided young men, with no weapons, no explosives and the only suspicious photos they had, had been taken with the help of a federal agents camera and vehicle.

Congressman Meek described his thoughts this way, as he reported a conversation with a Justice Department Official:

"I said, " if what we've heard, is all there is, then congratulations. You have taken dangerous men off the street, and I offer you, my congratulations, But if they are not who, we are told they are; then we all better be watchful, because they will be pulling some serious tricks between now and election time."

Shuddering looks were passed around.

One more quote from Congressman Murtha is illuminating, regarding a discussion
he had with George Tenant former director of the CIA, who lost a turf battle to the Rumsfeld-Cheney gang, but was presented with a medal of freedom, by the president for his "SLAM DUNK" at the CIA.

Congressman Murtha reports this exchange... He described sitting in George Tenant's office at the CIA and asking, "George what do you have on the president, that he gave you, the Medal of Freedom?"

Tenant's reply was to glance around at his office, and say, "let's step outside to talk."

RW Spisak

An Essay on Planned Parenthood

An Essay on Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has a simple goal to help people "PLAN" parenthood, by being informed about and having control of their own bodies and bodily processes.

Part of informing people about planning parenthood, is informing the ill educated about their own bodily processes. If people had the scientific information and understood, how human reproduction worked, this alone would give them significant control over reproduction.
The same people who oppose abortion also oppose scientific education about sexual biology, and often all birth control.

A knowledge of history, shows that the scientific study of the human body was opposed by contemporary church leaders. The mere study of the structures of the human body was considered by some an affront to religion. Some religious people still oppose dissemination of information about the human body.

Providing information about human biology is part of the work of Planned Parenthood, but it also exists as a bulwark in opposition to those who would limit birth control techniques. Some would limit not only birth control but any choices after impregnation.

Is any limitation on the processes of reproduction acceptable? Nature is certain, she has always provided a range of solutions to over-population. The question remains, how can we accommodate both human sexual behavior and the natural limitations of resource systems.

Ready access to birth control and sex education, acts as a deterrent to the less than ideal choice, of abortion.

RW Spisak Jr.