Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I call on the Great Good Heart of America

I call on the great good heart of America. The heart that made common cause with native Americans in this great land that has become refuge to so many. The great heart that had seen hundreds of bloody years of despair, theological wars, and priestly abuses and turning from those hatefilled days together they founded a nation that turned toward a better future. Turned from a mix of religion and statecraft, that had poisoned the soils of Europe and the East for tens of centuries, and embarked on an experiment to build a land that trusted men and women to govern themselves guided by laws not by priests or royal blood.

A nation of equals, where men and eventually, men and women of all races and all creeds would be treated equally under law. I call on that spirit of America that turned away from the crimes and excesses of the past, whether horrid slavery, or grinding child labor or twin evils of penury and usury. Battles not yet wholly won.

Aiming our new nation and our faces toward humanity, law and the future, turning away from chains, slavery and torture. A long slow climb. A climb with fits and starts and setbacks.We who live in a world of moral clarity, not confused by expediency and confounded by nightmares of a horrendous enemy whose very existence, lures us away from the values that have made this country great.

When we fought the great states of Germany and Japanese in World War two, and later when the whole world was threatened by world powers like the Thermonuclear Armed Soviet and Chinese communist nations holding huge slave armies with stockpiles of awful unthinkable weapons. The exact kind of weapons that only hirelings and paid informers suggested Sadam Hussein held. Then even then, we did not reach back with blood dripping from our hands to the barbarous past. For the fire and the tong.

Are we to turn away from civilization and humane values when faced with a few thousand stateless fanatics? Do we dare grant such unimaginable world changing power, to these few, and scrap the great dream of this marvel of the civilizing centuries? Because a few thousand died on a morning in new York?

How many thousand died, in Pearl Harbor, how many when Atlanta burned? How many in Srebrenica ? in Dafur? How great were the stakes when we faced a nation-breaking civil war?

When we stood against the massive power of the axis powers, or when General Lee's army threatened Washington, or even when the British sacked and burned the White House, we could weather those but now... thats it? game over? Time Now? for barbarism again?

NO! I say No! It is not time for barbarism. It is time to turn from liars, and schemers and war profiteers.If the US Congress contemplated and brought charges of impeachment for the crime of lying about a personal liaison, what is the scale of the crimes of these bloody war criminals who lied about national security threats? Who led young ill-prepared Americans into a needless war? Who engineered and profited from the deaths of those tens of thousands? Men who led this great country into toppling a former client dictator with a campaign they described as SHOCK AND AWE.

It is with SHOCK AND AWE that we American people face these crimes. It is in the good American Heart, to shrink in revulsion and turn from such as these war criminals. These bloody oil merchants who ill used our soldiers and mislead our army. Whose orders were to secure the oil ministry and leave the discarded and abandoned weapons unguarded, only to be used later to kill again and again in roadside improvised weapons.

The kind of International War criminals who seek again and again to justify torture, and ghost prisoners, lying, secrecy and holding prisoners outside any protections of law. Who claim royal unassailable powers for themselves unrestrained and uncontrollable by congress or the courts.

I call upon the great good heart of America and I ask you how much damage must this cabal reek on this land, on these fine people, and armed with the fearsome power of the greatest republic on the planet how much longer can we leave these bloody hands and these lying hearts at the controls.

I fear for America and I fear for this world, these men who spurn law, who defy and subvert elections, manipulate and manufacture their own brand of TRUTH(c) and while lying and spying and destroy each ally and friend our country has made in nearly 300 years.

Clinton was impeached for a lie. How can these merchants of death and war profiteers, and bloody torturers not be driven from these sweet shores. Send them to the Hague and purify this great land of their lies.

R.W. Spisak
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