Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Intellectual Dishonesty

I heard the return to the dark ages last night, sitting in a full house, in the auditorium of a local high school. "POOF" once there was science, "POOF", now there was TRUE BELIEF, "POOF" Now and then you heard references to science and even scientists. Then, "POOF" - then we were led away, away from science that has taken us, from the darkened nave of the medieval church, to today's world of computers, and space travel and the technology of today, to face the inscrutable face of the INTELLIGENT DESIGNER's first cause JE-HO-VAH.

The problem with TRUE BELIEF is that it suffers no test, requires no confirming data appropriate to scientific inquiry. In fact denies any appeal to mere facts. Ah, the appeal of antique certainty and the refuge of unquestioned simplicity in a complex world.

If you listened, which is more than the churchmen did, for Galileo, Newton and Copernicus, you could hear actual scientists mentioned. You heard again and again how well traveled, and literate our presenter was, and you also heard a refrain that especially grated on my ear. "We all have the same information" He said it again and again. Which was and is patently false. The scientific literate, and the scientific illiterate, demonstrably do not have the same information.

Our presenter would seem to quote his favorite scientists. Men, with it was reported scientific credentials who he said agreed with him. Again and again he turned to the covers of pop-science magazines to further his argument. That must be science. It's in print!

The difference, which our presenter never did mention, although he clung to his scraps, his well gnawed bits of the tattered cloak of pseudo-science, to mask his appeal to anti-intellectualism, the difference is that his conclusions, come not from rigorous scientific inquiry, but they arise in complete contradiction of science, from no verifiable facts but instead, arise full born and with prophetic certitude.

These religious views, which are inferred arise spontaneous, fully formed and unassailable, from his own mystical vision, and his personal interpretation of selected religious tracts and ULTIMATELY the unquestionable source of all INTELLIGENT DESIGN REVELATION
(personal and direct) DIVINE INTERVENTION.

While he dismissed evolution, because as he explained it, evolution was dependent on a "POOF" moment. He never contrasted that "POOF" moment with the GRANDEST POOF of all, "THE GREAT POOF" of the almighty. "POOF" there is The Universe. And "POOF" GOD, made the original boy-Adam, in the image of euro - centric man.
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