Thursday, April 15, 2010

Worried about the RICH?

"How many rich do you think it would take to pay off the nation's debt even if you took it all?"- ASKS -SpeakSoftlyBut

Well how many of those rich people you ask?

Well since 2% of the people own 98% of the resources probably not too many.

And when a rich speculator like Warren Buffet can say, that his secretary pays more taxes than he does??? - You worried about him?
Do you really think that giving poor people access to medicare is the country's BIGGEST PROBLEM?

When Ronnie Rayguns was trading missile parts with the Iranians and when the Bushies were playing patty-cake with their BLOOD-for-Oil brethren - the Saudis - You need to learn a little history - REMEMBER WHO IT WAS THAT WAS RE-DISTRIBUTING WEALTH - it was the guy who invaded a couple countries with a WAR that was "OFF THE BOOKS" - HOW MANY RICH PEOPLE are you worried about? - You who pay more taxes than EXXON and the Mercenary Chief at XE - You're worried for them?

Want to be angry at someone be angry at the speculators that ate your houses' value.
Cause the real robbers buy and sell your congressmen and then they write the tax laws, that have earned you Warren Buffet's pity.