Monday, November 30, 2009

Mr. President - about that new direction

... in Afghani-Pakistan

We elected you because we felt as a community organizer you would bring fresh perspective on "rebuilding and RETHINKING" our middle eastern policies. Turning away from mercenaries and black sites and chasing a thousand Taliban with 50,000 more young women and men.

You said Iraq was a mistake and the problem was Afghanistan and Pakistan. We do not believe the road to improved lives for Afghanistani women and children is paved by bombs and the blood of American soldiers. Pakistan also needs help - they don't need more war profiteers and more munitions. Are you preparing us for extending BUSH/CHENEY policies?

We don't need more war, we need jobs and help - to keep our homes and educate our children. That's where we need your attention and where we need you to place American resources.

Be the leader we know you have been, do not be the war-profiteer's errand boy.
All that blood and destruction will win you no allies.
And it will betray those who supported you!

RW Spisak Jr.
Miami for Peace

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let me try to explain this one last time

Abortions are undertaken reluctantly, by women and families for a range of reasons.

I would guess since this topic is of so much interest to you; you have adopted many unwanted children from facilities for abused and neglected children.

And I would guess you are an active supporter of sexual education funding and outreach
because you want to prevent any needless pain and suffering among the unborn.

And I suppose you are anti-war, and opposed to capital punishment since only god should take a life.

But then again, you might be one more of those who oppose abortion, and birth control information, who also oppose nutrition and funding for headstart and after-school programs because you want to wave a moral flag of superiority but once they're born - it's not your problem?

I had at one point hoped you had some passing acquaintance with the teachings of Jesus
who time and time again urged his followers not to judge others... Twould seem not.


Who is healed when a child who cannot be welcomed into this world? Whether abortion is due for health, family necessity or simply because not every fertillzation need be born - And if your argument is that every act of love or lust must be by a throw of the dice and your religious principles, be brought full term to birth - I say this Mr. Fulton: Your religious values, as important as they are to you - are not the same as the laws of this country's government.

This country was founded on the principle that we can both live our lives by our own religious principles. You need not live your life according to my god's precepts - [if I have any] And I and this society, need not live by yours.

Maybe you're aware of the separation of church and state, maybe your not. The Supreme Court and freedom loving Americans are aware. CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW... look it up, if your unfamiliar.

RW Spisak

Sunday, November 15, 2009

"We CHOSE, to go NAKED.*"

Say Yes, to a Robust Public Option

We must dismantle the deadly practice of health care rationing by the private insurance companies answerable to no one. Dollars should not determine whether children and families should suffer and die when treatment options are available. I have worked as a technical and creative professional for over 20 years. The majority of small businesses who have employed me and other technical professionals like me, offer no insurance. My wife and I both suffer from conditions that stem from a life joyously and fully led.

The Medical Insurance industry uses the term "pre-existing conditions" to deny coverage or services, or simply refuse to honor contractual obligations. When last my wife and I priced even a minimum medical catastrophic coverage, the monthly fees were nearly double a mortgage obtained during the real estate bubble. Three mortgages are not in our budget - so as the gentlemen from the Health Insurance Lobbying Wing of the House would have it -
"We CHOSE, to go NAKED.*"