Saturday, August 18, 2007


by RW Spisak Jr.

Well, the press seems to have picked up another attack meme, which requires no thought investment
needs no expiation, and is an unanswerable attack

ROVE PLAYBOOK 101 - Attack their strength then they have no where else to go.
That's the way the attack thesis goes.

Here's the MEME (Close-Up) :
A presidential candidate, a senator, is too wealthy
to really really know anything about the poor.

Wait just a minute, like the new, 9 out of 10 doctors agree. This may actually contain more swamp gas than anything else. We may need to pause and think, before we press the remote of our attention span.

LET'S JUST TAKE A FULL MINUTE, and consider the import of such slander as
"he's too rich to understand the problems of the poor."

Consider these 6 points after you hear the Marketing Slogan "HAIR CUT" and laugh.

1. Have you looked at his ideas - Do they accurately describe what we all see in front of our eyes?

2. Have you looked at his suggestions, do they make sense.

3. Who else is championing the cause of the WORKING POOR and the UN-Insured.?

4. Since the current LIMBO BAR of CASH is $20 Million for a "presidential" campaign*
How many guys, fishing off the pier, or ladies from the laundromat you figure can
scare up 20 Million for a presidential glory run?

5. Since the presidency is a millionaire club now, if one of them remembers where he grew up
and has a plan to help the working poor? Shouldn't we listen to the someone who CARES?

6. Which of the other millionaires running for office have created a program to address the working poor
universal healthcare and access to higher education ?

Unless you remain in behind your walled estates, and private enclave, you can see the poor. Maybe you work among us.Maybe you are also counting on a paycheck next week. Maybe you know people to whom the phrase working paycheck to paycheck, doesn't quite color it in. Last time you saw someone pan-handling or sleeping in a cardboard house, did you want to do anything about it?

Senator Edwards does.

I heard, once even Karl Rove noticed them, but only to invite them to a "booze and broads" pizza party at his opponents campaign headquarters, on a crucial campaign night.


The Federal Election Campaign Act Amendments of 1974 provides for a number of considerations which have a significant bearing on the conduct of fundraising efforts for 1976. Three major considerations are as follows:
1. No more than $1,000 may be legally contributed by an individual to the President's campaign from January 1, 1975 until the conclusion of the Republican National Convention. An additional $1,000 may be given by the afore-mentioned donor upon the adjournment of the Convention.

2. No more than $10 million may be spent by the President's campaign committee for his primary campaign (including all campaign-related Convention expenses) and no more than $20 million may be spent on the general election..)