Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pres. Obama is the best available democratic president,

Gentlemen and Women, I ask this of those of you who have commented or noticed these appalling breaches of Constitutional Governance.

[Specifically, Director Hayden noted that plaintiffs' claims were based on allegations that Jeppesen assisted the CIA in conducting clandestine intelligence activities abroad, which the CIA could neither confirm nor deny. Director Hayden explained that confirmation of these allegations "would reveal the intelligence sources and methods by which the CIA conducts clandestine intelligence activities," while denial "would tend to confirm similar allegations in other cases in which the CIA could not deny such allegations." ...
In order to answer the complaint, Jeppesen would be required either to admit or to deny the existence of a secret relationship with the CIA - information that, as Director Hayden's declaration makes clear, is a state secret.] www.scienceblogs.com/dispatches/2010/09/state_secrets_privilege_case_-.php

"Since as the gentleman observed all too correctly" Pres. Obama is the best available democratic president, and he is evidently content to grease the wheels of the security state, both by his clear failure to conduct the necessary judicial investigations into the probable criminal behavior of his predecessors and his enthusiastic endorsement of the continuation of the abuses of the SSP process. We cannot turn to a spineless and compromised Legislative body, nor can we turn to an independent Judiciary that has been transmuted into as partisan a body as free of neutrality as a Palin family member. 

I ask you, since the only suggestion from the contributors so far is "KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN". Friends it may be Padilla and Alwiri (sp) this week - what will your answer be to your grandchildren when they ask - where were you when Corporate Royalism and the Unitary (*Imperial*) Executive was revealed? Count on the press - NO, Judiciary - NO, Congress, when Leahey, Durbin, Finegold and even Kucinich are silent. Friends, that leaves it up to those of us, who are not fair-weather Consitutionalists.

Arguing among ourselves is an inadequate response. Lech Walensa didn't say, well too bad we must face down the POLISH TYRANTS and the SOVIET TYRANTS... they stood and said ...solidarity

Rick Spisak