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PNN- Guarding the Hen House

PNN - For 1/15/17
Morality of Boycotts  - (The Inaugural / Israel?)

Boycotts and strikes part of a limited toolset to confront and confound the economically powerful:
Every boycott has some collateral damage, like every strike, which is why it is a powerful tool used selectively. 

BP's egregious behavior in the Gulf of Mexico. Was it the callous behavior of a clerk? Of a secretary? of each poor gas station sales staff - 

Certainly the unsafe conditions that killed platform workers ordered by higher ups to cut corners, which endangered their own lives. They were not to blame for BP's misdeeds. They were victimized, and forced by decisions by a higher ups that cost them their very lives.

But the tools at the disposal of the consumer, of the green advocate are few. 

Another example:  a miner who dares go on strike for safer conditions. 
Does his family suffer? YES! 

Would he feel terrible if a fellow miner, whose family cannot afford to strike, dies in an unsafe condition which (might have benefited from his striking brothers presence?) 
Yes unlike the mine owner, he feels that danger to his fellows as an additional burden. 

But the striking worker, the boycotting consumer has a limited set of tools to confront the robber baron, the arrogant petroleum executive. 

Or in the case the LL BEAN exec who uses their economic strength against the interests of the majority of Americans who are deeply wounded by REPUBLICAN ECONOMICS. 

You mentioned that I used words, that much you got right. When you pretend that my point about life and death is unrelated that is simply inaccurate.  
When you again mention that workers pay a price, it leads me to suggest you might read my earlier response a little closer, because you not have grasped its complexity. 
As to irrelevant comments, I articulated quite carefully the purpose of both boycotts and strikes. You might want to read some history to better understand the purposes and impacts of boycotts and strikes. 

And yes, I did ask you about the massive Empathy deficit on display in republican discourse but far more important in REPUBLICAN POLICY!  

  1. Bernie's Drug Price Amendment 
The democrats must have no leadership they couldn't hold together DEMs 13 defected to protect Americans from soaring drug prices. 

Everyone was talking about the 6 FIGURE Bribes - I mean "support" from Big Pharma for these Betrayers. I propose - Lets start a NEW PROGRESSIVE  bidding war to RE-Purchase the affections of the so called PROGRESSIVE CAUCUS?

Just call it what it is, sold votes, bribes paid, plain and simple. 
They said they were protecting us, from the drug companies that sell the same drugs in Canada!  Let's see hands who thinks that's the real answer?

3 Thank goodness the Florida Democratic Party has safely passed to the highest bidder. Next time the republican promises to brings the real checkbook and bid for the sky - Senior Democratic Party Officials  were heard, licking their lips

4 To lead the transition of the Environmental Protection Agency, President-elect Donald Trump settled on notorious climate change denier Myron Ebell. The decision rattled climate activists—see Julia Lurie's interview with Bill McKibben and David Roberts and Brad Plumer on Vox. But it isn't just greenhouse gas emissions that are likely to get a free ride under an Ebell-influenced EPA. Farm chemicals, too, would likely flow unabated if Ebell's agenda comes to dominate Trump's EPA.

Ebell directs the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. The group runs a  website,, that exists to downplay the health and ecological impacts of chemicals.
If the incoming EPA takes its cues from Ebell's group, the agency's coming decisions on some widely used farm chemicals won't be hard to predict. - Hey "everything's a chemical man, and if humans made it- it's got an organic source ?"

5 AT-LAST AT-LAST - The Humble Bunble Bee - gets its day in the setting sun
  bumble bee's placed on the FEDERAL endangered species list - 
  republicants VOW to redouble efforts!

6 potential CIA director Mike Pompeo wants to track your Facebook
The Senate intelligence committee asked potential CIA director Mike Pompeo what limits he'd have for mass surveillance.

If your Facebook profile is public, it'll be an open invitation for the CIA.
The Central Intelligence Agency is obligated to follow up on information that's on a public website, including on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, Mike Pompeo, Trump's pick for the next CIA boss, said during his confirmation hearing Thursday.

"If someone is out there on their Facebook, talking about an attack or plotting an attack against America, I think you would find the director of the CIA grossly negligent if they didn't pursue that information," Pompeo said.

During the hearing, lawmakers hit the Republican congressman from Kansas on privacy issues. In 2015, Pompeo pushed to give mass surveillance tools back to the National Security Agency through the "Liberty Through Strength Act II." The NSA's mass data surveillance program had been defanged after whistleblower Edward Snowden's revelations.

Sen. Ron Wyden, Democrat from Oregon, was concerned with Pompeo's drive to make mass surveillance more powerful through that bill, which went so far as to propose collecting financial and "lifestyle" information in a "comprehensive, searchable database." Wyden wanted to know what limits Pompeo's rejected bill would have had.

"You would be in favor of a new law collecting all of this data about the personal lives of our people," Wyden asked at the hearing.

Pompeo, who has called for Snowden's death, said the US needed to collect publicly available information to "keep Americans safe." (RIGHT AFTER A KIND OF A TRIAL)

The Orlando nightclub gunman posted a cryptic warning on his Facebook page before committing his murders last June. A student at Ohio State in November reportedly did the sameon Facebook before carrying out a knife attack on campus.

Pompeo said public social media profiles such as those on Facebook could be useful in the CIA's counterterrorism efforts. He promised the Senate intelligence committee that the CIA wouldn't unlawfully spy on US citizens, reminding the lawmakers that he's voted for legislation protecting privacy.

He stressed that he was specifically talking about information available to the public, including Facebook posts. Facebook declined comment. The social network already scans people's posts and chats for any criminal activity, according to a 2012 interview.
The committee also challenged Pompeo on his social media history. After Pompeo said he's "never believed that WikiLeaks is a credible source of information," Sen. Angus King, an Independent from Maine, asked, "Well, how do you explain your Twitter?"
The senator brought up a tweet from July 24, 2016, in which Pompeo posted a WikiLeaks story as "proof that the fix was in from" President Barack Obama.

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Frosting on the Cake of State

Frosting on the Cake of State
RW Spisak

It is a matter of "faith" among many in the working class, that if you give the keys to political office to a rich man, since he's already rich. He will concentrate on handling the people's work since graft and corruption aren't going to be "his" first concern ( Carly Fiorini I know you're out there). 

But what this homey faith fails to grasp unlike the rich guy in office (who grasps a lot) what it fails to consider, is that the guy got RICH, in the first place, by grasping eight cents of every dime that walked by (if not eleven cents). 

So here we have "elected" (debatable) a rich guy The Drumpft, the Anti-FDR, whose "New Deal" deals you out. And what craziness rises first, among the first (of many we imagine) Constitutional Crises yet to arise? (Before I must add, he even gets his gold-plated fingers on the wheel of State) is the EMOLUMENTS CLAUSE. 

Not the Claus we were hoping to have in mind this December to remember. The Emoluments Clause, the clause dealing with self dealing, the warning of financial enrichment while serving the public. Yet we find ourselves collectively considering not just corruption, but the installation of a crime family. 

It's the seldom needed clause of our Constitutional Compact that deals with using those infidels (non-believers) who would take Public Service Office and make it about personal enrichment. Boy, Oh Boy, there's some frosting on the Cake of State!

So here we have the rich guy, not exactly on the verge of economic collapse ( hey you seen his tax bill, I dunno). Ready to lead... we know not where. 

Not even in office yet, and they gotta read him the riot act, that you can't use "public service" to enrich yourself FURTHER! It is my opinion, that if the people get ANY PUBLIC SERVICE OUTTA THIS GUY- I'll dine on Jelly Donuts in the Public Square. 

But John, Jane, Juan and Juanita are staring into their thin soup on this one. Please pass me another general, for this next job, if we can tear him away from the golf course and the secretary pool. Get me another billionaire for that post, if his secretary can lend him car fare. And please, find me one who hates the PROJECT and can be counted on, to count it down. With Grover NorTWIST, as his TAXING GUIDE guide and Duterte (of the Philippines as his moral guide) he IS  READY to have the servants drag his poisonous platinum piston out onto the Washington Mall to show us exactly what he means by AIMING TO PLEASE and Being Number One ... with a bullet. 

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(How did it Happen?)

A well and carefully cultivated political ignorance.
Solid media performances as Les Moonves of CBS said, he's great for us, regardless of how it works out for the country. 

A special naïveté that equated "a different" leader with a "better" leader.
A disgust among many, a near universal dissatisfaction with a completely coopted political system that they mistook for deadlocked when it was simply a system slowly shaking off the final restraints holding back corporate governance that serves the one percent openly.
The question that remains is, will those of us aware of what has transpired find adequate footing to reclaim the noble experiment in self-government and equality.

Or will it be instead, too difficult, our allies too divided. And finally once and for all will the Bill of Rights slip completely from our grasp. 

Will the children of tomorrow be trained only as serfs and servants. And literacy recede further while access to healthcare becomes a memory and a special "condition" granted only to the blood royal.

And like the peasant said to the collector of the dead - We're not Dead Yet!

A TRUMPIAN PRAYER... cribbed from the draft of the Inaugural

GOD Please protect and care 
for the very richest amongst us,  of course you needn't waste time on mere piker millionaires, I mean really what's the point. 

Even simple billionaires, you shouldn't waste your valuable time. Don't bother. So it's settled, we're clear, just the really really biggest and the filthiest rich among the multi-billionaires are seriously worth your time, or effort. 

So we the great messy stinking masses of the working poor, forgive you! 

We absolve you and free you from wasting any of your time (albeit infinite) of any cares at all for the poor, I mean really. 
Who would?

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and an Interview with Margaret Flowers

We have invited a fine thoughtful group of Progressive Activists and Journalists to come together to talk about the challenges ahead.  (LISTEN)

Some of our topics:

We'll chat TRUMP Choices
Pipes leaking and Yet to be installed
Treaties Lost and Found

Democratic "Anti-Leadership"
Swamp Drainage + the persistent gardens of Goldman Sachs

Flag Burning and other Distractions
European Conserva-TILT
Israeli Peace Plans "heating up"

CHINA's TIP ' of the Hat
Native American Massacres - Ancient and Modern
Redneck of the Week

Schumer & Pelosi a new BROOM SWEEPS under the RUG
Uteri and other Noble Causes

Preparing for the first TRUMPEAN VOLLIES -
Betting pool for the first Journalist Law Suit / Arrest

Has America's Free Speech Zone been merely Shrunk or Electrified? 
Should we expect a Smaller but far more posh Inaugural

And we will talk with Margaret Flowers TPP and Human Rights Activist as she heads west to Standing Rock

TUNE IN LIVE: Sundays 7pm (Eastern) 4pm (Pacific)   (LISTEN)


1. Principles of Academic Freedom in the face of Tyranny
I will not aid in the registering, rounding-up, or internment of students and colleagues on the basis of their religious beliefs.
I will not aid in the marginalization, exclusion, or deportation of my undocumented students and colleagues.
I will, as my capacities allow, discourage and defend against the bullying and harassment of vulnerable students and colleagues targeted for important aspects of their identity (such as race, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc.).
I will not aid government or law enforcement in activities which violate the U.S. Constitution or other U.S. law.
I will not aid in government surveillance.
I will not inform. As a teacher and researcher, I will not be bought or intimidated.
I will present the state of research in my field accurately, whether or not it is what the government wants to hear.
I will challenge others when they lie.
I will not be shy about my commitment to academic values: truth, objectivity, free inquiry, and rational debate.
I will challenge others when they engage in behavior contrary to these values. As an administrator, I will defend my students, faculty, and non-academic staff.
I will not allow the expulsion, firing, disciplining, harassment, or marginalization of individuals targeted for being members of disfavoured groups or for expressing dangerous opinions.
I will speak up for academic freedom.
I will insist on the autonomy of my institution.
I will stand with my colleagues at other institutions, and defend their rights and freedoms.
I will be fair and unbiased in the classroom, in grading, and in all my dealings with all my students, including those who disagree with me politically.

Sweeter than Honey
2. Time and again we have heard about the pesticide, glyphosate, making its way into our food chain, our medical treatments – children’s vaccines – and impacting on our life. Monsanto’s attempts to debunk WHO claims that the pesticide is indeed, a “probable carcinogen,” has generally, fallen on deaf ears.
However, irrespective if we believe the Agricultural giant’s claims or not, yet again, glyphosate has headed the discussions of eco-awareness, this time in the form of honey. Yes, that’s right, honey.
Over the last year, we here at the Anon media faction have highlighted the plight of bees and their necessity in the ecochain, for our livelihoods. Quite simply, without the bee to pollinate, we would very quickly discover the devastating impact on our food supply.
Now, public interest group Right to Know has declared that they have documents proving the FDA has discovered traces of glyphosate in samples of American honey. The Roundup herbicide, which is popular among farmers, particularly for GMO crops nowadays, is slowly leaching further into our food supplies.
One scientist, in a leaked document stated that it is more difficult to find honey that is not tainted with the carcinogenic glyphosate. “It is difficult to find blank honey that does not contain residue,” he says. “I collect about 10 samples of honey in the market and they all contain glyphosate.” He further states that organic mountain honey, though still contains the chemicals, contains the lowest traces.
And it isn’t surprising.
Not long ago, we reported on Colony Collapse Disorder – a dying off of up to 40 percent of bee colonies. The record number of deaths have, by some, been attributed to the use of pesticides, one of them being glyphosate.
Common sense from here, tells you that those bees which survive the pesticide spraying will naturally carry the chemicals with them as they harvest pollen. As with all things, a process such as this, where the bee and the flower are tainted, naturally, the taint will progress into the end product – in this case, the honey we consume.
The concerning angle to this story is the inability for the FDA to accept the risks posed.
In recent re-evaluations of glyphosate exposure and toxicity, [the Environmental Protection Agency] has confirmed that glyphosate is almost non-toxic to humans and animals. So, while the presence of glyphosate in honey is technically a violation, it is not a safety issue,” states Chris Sack, a scientist with the FDA in a leaked email. Further on he states, acknowledging glyphosate as a pesticide “most likely [be] introduced by the bees themselves.”

Alarming as this may be to honey lovers out there, at this stage, official health organizations see no reason to instigate concern. And they won’t. With the merger of Bayer-Monsanto, the chances of anyone scrutinizing the formidable company now, is highly unlikely.

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PNN - Ground Truth, Native News,
Water Blues, Trumps New Choose

JOIN US and these special guests:
Dezeray - On Standing Rock and Palestinian Rights
Jeannie Economos, of the FARMWORKERS ASSOCIATION and her colleague Antonio will discuss the effects of Agricultural Chemicals on Farm Workers and their families
Scott Smith Chief Scientist of  Water Defense will discuss the Phosphate Mine leak and FLINT Michigans' continuing poisonous waters.
Brook Hines Senior Political Commentator  will address the feints, foibles, and folderol of the INCOMING IDIOCRACY and their visible magnificent and mendacious minions.
Ms. Stapleton from Adelaide has unfortunately succumbed and is under the weather she'll join us in the weeks ahead!

We may have some good news in the near FUTURE - the Florida Media Labs maybe expanding our offerings in the coming weeks ahead!

Solidarity & Peace

Rick Spisak News Director PNN

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Grafting a Second Head onto the Body Politic

Where we are today.

Neither of the two highly energized constituencies is going to find itself comfortable being served or "politely ignored" regardless of which figurehead of the two party system is "selected".

The question becomes how to bind the wounds that these two quite opposite constituencies suffer into one working civic whole again.

Now I will dispense with the naysayers quickly, especially those whose dream space is a civil war, with martial law and retraining camps or massive commercial gulags where Hispanic emigres or liberals or posse commitatis types are herded together by a vastly expanded Homeland security. If we turn our vast military strength inward our success will be terribly destructive and short lived.
An American Civil War II - would give all our enemies in the world - more than a free hand - it would plunge much of the world equally into chaos.
Think what China and Russia would do with a free hand in Asia, Africa and South America or worse Antarctica or even more ominously out in Space, the new high ground.


How do we graft a second head on the body politic which has grown comfortable with gridlock, and complacent in the face of so much need.

I will discuss 3 models.

The Shadow Government Model
The "India/Pakistan" or Vivisection Model
Hybrid/GMO model - the undiscovered country model.

Among the serious issues that must be faced is that we have for a variety of reasons seen our country evolve to a place where several seeming incompatible camps or constituencies are vying for power and social control. Decades of educational policy has encouraged a kind of social myopia which regards certain value  differences as incompatible with a "moral" civil life. And concomitant they would choose the route of legal sanctions to enforce observation of their particular lifestyle choices.

Let me point out a baker's dozen of these dilemmas.

1 Abortion / Anti Abortion
2 Sanctioned enforced civic prayer/ civic agnosticism
3 Racial separation/ Full participation
4 Cultural Diversity / Monoculture
5 Socialized Medicine / Medical Capitalism
6 Drug Control Policy / Legalize it!
7 Free Education / Corporatized Schools
8 Libraries / Sport Arenas for billionaires
9 Land Preservation / Universal Development
10 Organic Food Choices / GMO + Anything goes
11 Honor Treaties / Economic Genocide
12 Civic Parks / Amusement Parks
13 Wild lands / Zoos
14 Racial Profiling / Colorblind Law Enforcement
15 Quality Water Policy / Frack it
16 Investment in Infrastructure/ Capitol Driven Public Policy
17 Robust State Department/ Muscular Foreign Policy
18 Evolution vs Creationism

There are indisputably subtle variations and shades of grey among these but I hope to illustrate a few of the flash points where lifestyle and philosophical choices have ossified to a dangerous friction and either we begin actively work to "give each other the space" to Develop Communities of like-minded social mores or we see these now largely litigious (only occasionally bloody) battles become more destabilizing.

One might idealistically hope, that well and easily within the confines of the American experiment we might allow or at least acquiesce in "tolerance" for a wide range of cultural options.

Unfortunately the zealots among us, people who've come to believe that they, and their private arsenal are the "public enforcers" of their personal morality, seem all too ready to choose confrontation and are often armed with more than the color of law.

We see abortion clinics under attack, anti-cultural and racist attacks increasingly common and an almost daily diet of outrage with judicial and police excesses from coast to coast, that broadly violate a sense of fairness in what can still be cobbled together as a body politic. But civil justice, and even the rule of law frays as it loses the respect of the broader culture especially on so many simultaneous fronts. When the excesses and failures from the bench and behind the badge offend so many and are on HI DEF display on a screen near almost everyone it is civilization that bears the wounds.

And what compact of civilization can persist much less succeed, if trust in civil law has been destroyed?

End Part 1

Part II  - The Unusual Answers (Explored)

The Shadow Government Model

This is the easiest and least satisfying option. But it is the simplest, and least costly to implement.

This approach has many advantages. Among them, it could expand the opportunities for public discussions of serious issues that otherwise might have been ignored.
This approach can facilitate (whether formally or informally) a civic airing of grievances or at the very least, the discussion of perspectives that might otherwise not only be off the table, but too often literally invisible.

The fresh perspectives and insights available in an open public forum might also result in a wider range of solutions under consideration. It might very well profit us all opening up the discussion, not just for broader input, but from the added "Buy in" additional social cohesion will benefit us all.

This broader discussion might just enhance our options. And it might also serve as a pressure release valve that could go a long way to reducing the chance for uncivil behaviors. When the range of ideas under consideration are too narrow and participation is limited, the disenfranchised tend to object.

Recent situations might illustrate how we might have benefited from an opening up of the intellectual doors and throwing open the windows of wisdom.

The exclusion of (Senator Sanders / Dr. Jill Steins / Gov. Johnson) from all of the public debates, did not benefit the public, regardless of how it served the interests of the two major private parties.]

The only discussions before the public on GM Foods, or NUCLEAR POWER comes complete with the heavy thumbprint of commercial interests, little or no attempt made to present a balanced discussion of their inherent risks / problems, (most of which, remain largely unsolved) and almost never discussed in a public forum absent an immediate catastrophe, which overwhelms any cost benefit analysis, and tends to collapse under the weight of "what must be considered immediately. (See FUKUSHIMA / INDIAN POINT / Turkey Point)

The same thing might be said regarding treatment in the mainstream media, of incidents of racial friction, when for example discussions of Black Lives Matter are nearly always framed in a context of Civil Unrest, rather than HUMAN RIGHTS. There seems never to be a time or place for Dispassionate discussion.

The near invisibility of any serious public policy discussions of the issue of (Near Universal) PESTICIDE EXPOSURE or the broad ranging impacts of FRACKING BY-PRODUCTS and that is hardly an accident. Although it certainly serves narrow commercial interests.

Finally the dangerous lack of public discussion of the nearly (fifty year wars) that has not only made the near east a war zone and a terror and refuge wellspring. But has consumed decades of resources both human and pecuniary. Again this lack of debate serves certain narrow commercial interests with huge consequences not just for Americans but for citizens and resources across the globe.

When war (foreign) policy is obtained, not through debate, but is instead (dialed up) obtained via contrived agitprop engineered to obtain a certain public (acquiescence/buy in) there is no desire in the circles of power for a broader (less controllable) discussion.

Shock and Awe” and “War on Terror” are little more
than carefully market-tested slogans.
SEE: "War to end all Wars" in an earlier era.

All too often, our only glimpses of what our government is actually up to, comes not from official sources, but from "WHISTLE BLOWERS" who are silenced as soon as possible. What is usually within view is the fleetingly visible “ice above the waterline” stories like "BILLIONS UNACCOUNTED FOR IN PENTAGON", "PALETTES of CASH BRIBES for WARLORDS" delivered to... pick one PAKISTAN, LEBANON, SYRIA, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN.

When / Where did the FOREIGN POLICY public debate actually happen? Isn't this a prime responsibilities of our very well paid part time civil servants in Congress. If not during the election cycle THEN WHEN? Tough issue? Very Complex? We're ready, even thirsty for a debate that is somehow never scheduled. Americans ache, but definitely bleed for such an open debate. Hastert Rule, be damned.

I beg to differ with our former Attorney General,
"Due Process", does not in fact mean, we secretly "did a process".
Drones and BLACK SITES are not a real solution to the lack of debate on foreign policy.

Another question quite deserving of debate, which we await is this:

Why is there always money for WEAPONS SYSTEMS, (even unwanted dysfunctional expensive systems) but oddly no money for Flint MI Water System or any of the incompletely resolved Superfund Clean Up Sites, which continue to do further damage who have been "orphaned" with little explanation beyond boredom and lack of interest.

A “Shadow Defense Minister”, or a “SHADOW EPA CHIEF” not so beholden to the industry, might be able to raise questions in a public forum that otherwise in MAX BACCUS's apt phase, would be “OFF THE TABLE”.

While the old civic adage, BIPARTISANSHIP PAUSES (ends) at the Shore, has been woefully misplaced of late. It might very well be deserving of exhumation.

What part a “Shadow Secretary of State” might play, could be limited to raising issues not quite comforting to the FOREIGN POLICY ESTABLISHMENT an establishment that barely seems to listen to its own inhouse expertise much less allows for any out of the box thinking, or something far more robust like TESTIMONY before CONGRESS.

Alternatively Our "shadow” ministers or "secretaries" might hold their own hearings. They might "Write reports" or White papers and thereby stimulate discussion. This would insure discussions that might otherwise not happen, and just might encourage those outside the ring of actual civic power to raise questions and engage in debate. And no doubt it just might stimulate those in power to be more attentive" to a PUBLIC OUTCRY.