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PNN - Its a lot to LAKE

PNN Welcomes Sarah Heard County Commissioner / Paula Albright INDIVISIBLE Actisit and more to an Awesome Amazing Show

We welcome Martin County Commissioner Sarah Heard.  The fighting  County Commissioner who has opposed not all DEVELOPMENT but careless unhealthy thoughtless OVER-DEVELOPMENT. Listen to the GOOD SENSE OFFERED by this honest and TRUE CIVIL SERVANT! - (HINT SHE NEEDS OUR SUPPORT!!!)

Welcome heroic and powerful activist Paula Albright who is one of the powerful activist leaders of Indivisible Martin and an active voice in the LOCAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY - She arrives to give us an update on the GROUND LEVEL ACTIVISTS, who are opposing TRUMPTACIOUS POLICIES on UN-HEALTHCARE, ANTI-IMMIGRATION and ANTI-Environmental Actions by this current MIS-Administration.


Vulgar Volgans Volumizer

These “titilating tidbits” (the Carter page fisa request) is small potato pancakes in my opinion. It belies the universality and ubiquitous nature of surveillance.
While it stands a spicy “tidbit” apart from the holistic mosaic of spy-vs-spy in the vast gushing stream of corruption when a small time (between bankruptcies) New York crime family (the fambly CRUMP) who must’ve  had already been on everyone’s monitoring  ( us / European / Kremlin / Chinese) list simply from funneling and laundering Russian Oligarchs looted funds.
 If you can imagine for a second who was listening in as they try to suddenly up the ante and enter the BIG GAME (geo/political)  to imagine that any corporate entity “riding high” on Russian funds, wouldn’t already be on everyone’s radar ???  It is to laugh!
 That’s major league naive to the 10,000th power.
And when you picture young Jared (his dad already in prison) and the brain trust of the  “Donald spawn” entering negotiations to create a “secret back-channel” to the Kremlin by visiting the Russian embassy? WOW - a scenario to make Mel Brooks proud!
EVERY junior grade spy from Poland to Polynesia was aware and rolling tape. And alarms were going off everywhere.
Do you think any less, in the more formal us/UK/Kremlin/tel Aviv/Beijing clandestine services ???

C’mon the pros must’ve been rolling on the floor to think Little Donnie Jr is going to OUTWIT the kids from Langley much less the kids working for any odd Nigerian Princeling - goat cheese!!  goat cheese!!
Now we’re getting notified that there was a FISA for Carter Page - I’m shocked???
 WHO COULD IMAGINE? Jeevus H - Ivanna’s poodles probably got an FBI FILE!

And while Manaforts spent the past decade strolling in an out of the eastern block, babysitting petty tyrants giving them a taste of “Reagan grade corruption”- GEEZ do you think he’s monitored???
Give me a break! Let the Vulgar Volgan Boatmen Sing!


Sent from an Unsecured Comm Device

Maria tells All
Immigration Hearing Testimony pits Jeff Seesesh against 18 month old Honduran waif in Chicago Courtroom Showdown: (Reuters:)
Argentinian Deaf Squads Testimony reeks HAVOC in Chicago Immigration Hearing to Lasting and Devastating Effect On Trumptacious Immigration Policy
Little Maria Graciela Otega Lucilianitante led the court, step by step through her cases exploration of the forces engaged in union suppression and ecological devastation throughout Central and South America.

No one expected the 18 month old to have such a detailed grasp of the legal niceties much less the onerous and cumbersome processes involved in subpoenas served across the Hemisphere yet little Maria Graciela Otega Lucilianitante kept them guessing.

While the child was still a little disoriented after her 8,000-mile flight from Bangalore to Karachi and then the overflight of the poles of Milwaukee and Minneapolis she was, despite being jet-lagged, capable of giving detailed and erudite testimony on behalf of her case last week in court.
Where she single-handedly masterminded and personally delivered her complex legal arguments outlining and refuting point by point the fallacies of the entire ATTORNEY GENERAL Jeffie Beauregard Seesesh, theory of IMMIGRATION LAW AND ITS ONEROUS AND DESPICABLE MISTREATMENT of ASYLUM SEEKERS.

The Seesesh legal team was forced to respond in the landmark hearings in Chicago Superior Court. Little Maria outlined in excruciating detail the historic impact of the sociological and economic forces that drove her parents and many other similarly situated villagers to seek asylum in the not so WELCOMING ARMS OF THE TRUMPTACEOUS PERIOD OF USA’s Immigration Policy.

The child called Witness after Witness from Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua to Ollie North (late of the Russian backed N.R.A) then after a recess for her nap and ZUMBA workout, later that same week, SHE ARRANGED for the court to receive testimony of several senior managers in United Fruit Company which she had flown in from Geneva and Paraguay, who then under OAF, Testified detailing the extensive links between US Anti-Union Activity and the Contra Assassination Squads used, to suppress indigenous people throughout Latin America.
But the real headlines in her case (WSJ/NYT) came with Henry Kissinger’s intriguing Testimony on the close “school ties” of the Reagan Administration to the Argentinian Deaf Squads.


Sent from an Unsecured Comm Device
RW Spisak

FROM Brooks Presentation

unfiltered = plain spoken
tired of his schtick = enthusiastically welcoming him back
bombastic = well spoken unafraid to mince words
firebrand = a man of convictions

Jewish = a religious man

he's mean = not a go along get along wishy-washy democrat
represented whistleblowers = understand a principled stand
brazenly attacked republicans = opposed republican blocking of the Obama healthcare plan
took Ben Bernanke to task for pro-wall street policies
sometimes has insulted Republicans - unafraid to speak his mind
VOTED - a most effective member of Congress
if the hood fits = plain spoken
not a moderate in defense of democratic values



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