Monday, May 30, 2011

Arrests while questioning? Arrests while dancing? Arrests while Tree-Sittting

Privatization - and the GOP (Just a means to stifle dissent)

Nicole Sandler arrested for asking a question at a public meeting. Rachel K arrested for protecting trees in a "private" pine forest. (Imagine standing up for those that provide us with oxygen!)

Governor Scott has a Village Square purged of democrats, and independents making his budget signing safe for Tea Party sensibilities!

It seems that more and more repulsicans are using this same tactic - restricting speech by "PRIVATIZATION".  They hold (what should be) a public meeting at a privately owned facility so they can restrict attendance. NO DEMS - NO INDIEs just TRUE BELIEVERS!

YOU CANNOT PRIVATIZE THE ELECTORATE - public servants are elected by the whole electorate - they are the employees of the whole electorate.
They must answer to the whole electorate whether they want to or not. They are not just the employees of the lobbyists - despite their voting records.

I say there is a crying (dancing) need for some prayerful motion
and lets see them arrest prayer-dancing, or first nation dancers.

Sufi dancing comes to mind. Or "prayer wall" style bobbing motion or 
 Sacred dance... in the Tibetian or Indian style or maybe "Christians" Dancing 
while talking in tongues. Or were they just dancing while PROGRESSIVE

solidarity & peace

Video Below

Monday, May 09, 2011

Can we just ask - "What world are they steering us to?"

My guess is Gary, 
If they deigned to answer you at all, they would say, it'll be rainbows and unicorns and moonbeams... 


Actually they would lie and say it'll be great, cause when all those TAX BREAK$ for the top 1%'s trickle down, off of their gold and platinum encrusted loafers... 

then they'll hire you 
and pay you all the thick raise$ they've withheld merely 'cause their taxes under a double-BUSHLOAD and a camp follower like Crist, dragging along -  Just didn't leave em enough spare BONUS CASH, to drop a dime in your plastic bucket.

solidarity & peace