Sunday, September 17, 2017

PNN - Irma's Backside

PNN - Irma's Backside

BUT FIRST a Word from Our Resident, President Poet:

   I do not like him on twitter
   I wouldn't trust him to carry cat litter
   I wouldn't trust him to take out trash
   he's been a fool with Danna Bash
   He's silly, foolish and acts all RASH
   I've seen him speak and all those he bashed
   I've seen him insult MEN & WOMEN
   Is he a CHUMP? I think its GIVEN
   He insults friends and foes alike
   then wonders why he is not liked?
   He demanded MEXICO BUILD A WALL
   then demanded tax payers fund it after all.

   Trust him with the NEW-CLEAR Code
   My GAWD I'd rather KISS A TOAD
   See him in charge of GREAT VAST ARMIES
   I've seen what he's done with just a TWEET

   I DO NOT LIKE HIM when he wears a SHEET!
   I DO NOT LIKE HIM in the Oval Office
   I DO NOT CARE when he says can't TOP THIS!
   All his audiences he says are large
   BIGGER EVEN than his EGO
   WILD CARD PREZ his friends are saying

   So Trump can take his adolescent humor
   an gold plated angst (its not a rumor)
   I just wish he'd GO and haunt the DUMA

 PNN - so recently on Hiatus, due to the threat of Irma to Florida,
            Returns with stories of the good will of the Progressive Community
            from the windswept islands in the Caribbean to the hills of Appalachia.

We bring, guests from the south, guests from Irma's wrath, and rescuers who came and helped.
Those that fled and those that came to rescue. Stories from the road and stories gathered from under tarps and terrifying skies.

Brook Hines, [Senior Political Commentator] & Kartik Krishnaiyer, [Publisher of Florida Squeeze]
will discuss their experiences with Irma and her wilding windswept ways. Tales of survivors, and damages, and losses. There amidst the broken branches and scattered detritis of lives the many very marvelous humane victories.

We also have the great good fortune to bring you Frank Day and Panhandle progressives, tell their tales, These wonderful friends and colleagues from Florida's panhandle who worked to send supplies not only to the survivors and victims of Harvey - but they have sent supplies and help to Irma victims as well.

TUNE IN  - 7pm Eastern / 6pm Central / 4 pm Pacific