Wednesday, January 25, 2012

As talk, it was pretty - but you don't build a BRIDGE TO THE FUTURE WITH "Pretty"

Essay with 2 Rebuttals

As talk, it was pretty - but you don't build a BRIDGE TO THE FUTURE WITH "Pretty"

Equal under law, playing by the same rules?  A new cop on the wall street beat?
Maybe we should stop incentivizing OUTSOURCING OF JOBS?

A real Mortgage solution for Mortgage Holders, not just bankers not just a few dozen?
Serious Commitment to Education? A New Fairness in Tax policy?

Since we've seen pretty words before...

I will be waiting for more than the waving of the bloody summary-execution flag.

We dont need to balance a clean environment with full energy development?
Didn't work out so well for the Gulf Coast BP's BFF or those town with FIRE-WATER!

Like ol Ronnie Reagan used to say "Glasnost and Perestroika"... Trust but Verify
(He's one of the President's Role Models)


Your negativity is not appreciated & your sarcasm is uncalled for!  
Please remove my name & email from your list b/c I'm not impressed with your 'whine & cheesy talk' anout the eloquent challenge Preident Obama laid before the American people & the hope he engendered to a nation disrupted & bankrupted by GOP greed & glib talk like yours in this email!
Good Bye,
Dan X



It's not complaining, to ask if the speech was anything more than just rhetoric.
I don't believe that asking if his ACTIONS will follow his words, is too much. Maybe all you were looking for was an inspirational speech. 

I appreciate a good speech, but I know also know about a Nobel Peace Prize winner, who continues rendition and prosecutes justice with Drone Missiles. Who's prosecuted more whistle-blowers than even the Bush/Cheney team. Who declared that Bradley Manning [BTW detained by the Commander-in-Chief naked in solitary for 10 months] is guilty, without benefit of a trial. (He did say Manning was being treated completely fairly)

A President who has worked to reduce Habeas Rights, and Expand Indefinite Detention. Whose rhetoric on the Economic Crisis has been completely refuted by his actions. (How many occupy protesters have been jailed vs how many criminal banksters)

But nevermind, he at least quoted Elizabeth Warren's comment that no one gets here alone. But he does give a helluva speech. And he's certainly not CRAZY like any of his potential REPULSICAN OPPONENTS.

Support him if you wish, and I will be remain skeptical of any rhetorician who uses his verbiage to collect supporters, and then ignores his own allies needs and his own promises.

solidarity & peace

Monday, January 23, 2012

MIC CHECK as a tactic? It troubles my heart

Brothers and sisters, let me say this as a concerned colleague. I get the idea of "SPEAKING UP" and being part of the dialogue. But in my heart of hearts, I am concerned that when we speak up to disrupt a speech. We invite the same karma. We damage, dialogue, we "SPIKE" the give and take and prevent speech.

I do not condemn, I was not there. I only raise the question. IF WE DISRUPT do we not give others license to disrupt our speech?

I speak not in condemnation, but only from my honest heart. I want the right to give my speech, free and continuous, I will give my opponent, the respect of hearing their "pitch" as I demand the respect to give mine. By withdrawing that respect, do we not invite the same?

I know full well, they do not respect us, our values or our ideas.

I just think we should set the example of giving the respect that they do not give us, then giving our ideas. Speaking our minds.

I share these thoughts, not in condemnation, and not seeking the validation, of agreement, only to raise a question of tactics.

solidarity & peace

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Long Live Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the American Ghandi

How curious, how many "conservatives" (right-wing radicals) want to somehow reframe Dr. Kings' support of human dignity (which they opposed and undercut) every way they could, try now to corral the HUMANITARIAN Dr. King into their Mood Ring chant of the moment. Dr. King opposed exploitation.

Remembering Lincoln, as a republican while their standard bearers today, say, Black People need to "learn" about hard work, or ask for Paychecks not Welfare, [because they ignore that there are more unemployed white people on welfare than any other color] Or snort and complain that the todays' President is a Welfare president, when it has been their OUT SOURCING and TRICKLE DOWN VooDoo Economics that caused the loss of good American Jobs. Their corporate off-shoring via TAX POLICY and their gutting of regulations, so their Masters on WALL STREET and K Street who line their gucci loafers and gold trimmed pools with thousand dollar bills.

All that I can stand all that I can expect. The only thing that is over the top, is when some ignorant savage writes in to remember a mercenary assassin, like the refuse that was hired to martyr Dr. King. 

Dr. King uplifter of humanity, cannot be slain, cannot be murdered. cannot be silenced. He will live longer for humanity than any tired mercenary.

Long Live Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the American Ghandi

Sunday, January 15, 2012

On the Noble Dr. King

A Commentary on an Essay on Dr. King by Vicki Impoco
[Original Essay]

Dr. King brought a new level of moral authority to the struggle for human dignity, especially in the American civic arena. That he succeeded so dramatically despite the forces that continued to be arrayed against him, speaks to the efficacy and strength of the human spirit, undiminished and undefeated even in death.

What American voice, what American figure has currently a fiftieth the gravitas of that towering figure of Human Rights. His labors, for human dignity, equity in the workplace and opposition of senseless wars must continue. Join with those of us, who count ourselves as enriched by this gentle genius and Humanitarian. Occupy Human Rights!

Thank you Dr. King we are in your debt still and thank you Vicki

solidarity & peace

Richard W. Spisak Jr.