Friday, February 13, 2009

Senator Martinez says - the Guv don't get it!

Senator Martinez

You commented that the stimulus plan does not address Florida's housing economy. Should we expect that your the next speech will outline your plan?

I know I was surprised since you expressed such dis-satisfaction with current bi-partisan approach why we haven't heard any suggestions from you to assist in the Floridian Housing Economy.

You say this is a concern, sir, when should we expect your suggestions?

Obviously you have a SECRET PLAN, to solve the Housing Trouble...

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? ... The RAPTURE ? Things aren't serious enough yet for you to weigh in with anything more than a "NYET?"

Senator, Where's you better plan to address the complex issue of the over-building, hyper-investment driven, massive unemployment destroying "FLORIDA'S housing economy"

Senator, it's only an economy, if money is exchanging hands rather than simply passively evaporating value ... surrounded by the unemployed homeless???

Senator, can we get some hint? of your better plan? Or are you just sniffing some of that Partisan Pixie Dust???

Friday, February 06, 2009

George Bush, protected us ?

George Bush, protected us from the Constitution. George Bush, Dick Cheney and lil Donny Rumsfeld protected us from International Law.

George Bush protected us, from Donny's pal Sadam. He even kept the kiddies spell bound in their seats, holding his book"My Pet Goat" upside down while the guy he'd been warned repeatedly about allegedly sent some planes into some buildings.

George Bush protected us, if you're a WAR PROFITEER. George Bush and Dick Cheney protected you, if your an Energy Oligopoly with incredible obscene Oil Profits!. George Bush and Dick Cheney protected you if you are among those who profited by milking every penny of value our of the housing and credit market and then reaped a whirlwind of UNCHECKED WINDFALL TAX PAYER DOLLARS.

George Bush and Dick Cheney protected you if you are a Mining Company or are interested in clear cutting forests or are a major polluter. If you clear cut mountain tops, you've been very very well protected.

If you are anyone else? You are a member of the newly impoverished former middle class. Your job has been downsized and your life style has been outsourced and your future is a life time of debt-burdened penitence.

And, need I mention that the USURIOUS CREDIT CARD RATES, will insure that your children's children will be paying for the debt that George Bush left stinking on the futures door step. So if George Bush protected you - you probably don't work for a living. Congratulations.