Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why do we protest - comments to FDL article

Why do we protest - Why did Time Magazine honor the Protestor? Whither Occupy?

All good points, and I’m in full agreement. I would like to add an important intangible that can also spring from the smallest protest. Despite the dangers of acting against the tide especially a BLOOD TIDE.
I was among the earliest protestors against both “Desert Storm ™”, and then the second even more disastrous “Shock and Awe ™” full invasion, or Act II of the MIC’s occupations in South Central Asia.
Standing with a few hearty souls along side the rush hour traffic, on US Highway 1 south of urban Miami, in a very conservative section of town we few stood nearly alone. The few furtive signs of solidarity signalled sometime from only one occupant sprinkled among the majority of Thumbs Down and Middle Finger up signal, or our favorite the “finger drawn across the throat” that we saw quite often.
These surreptitious signs of solidarity convinced us, that many of those who were morally with us, needed a public acknowledgement to comfortably express their opinion. They needed the comfort, the “space” for confirmation of their honest belief, that the war, no matter the Cheerleaders, was bloody murder at its technological peak of efficiency.
SHOCK and AWE … that we dared oppose the status quo.
See you on the Corner opposing the IRAN vendetta
solidarity & peace

Monday, December 19, 2011

Jebby resurfaces... the stench remains the same.

Like a burp of ill-smelling undigested fast food, Jebby places his "stink-foot" back in the public discourse. [Surprised? Not this writer]

I will quote excerpts from his WSJ OpEd:

Jebby: "Have we lost faith in the free-market system of entrepreneurial capitalism? Are we no longer willing to place our trust in the creative chaos unleashed by millions of people pursuing their own best economic interests?"
Translation: In defense against another attack by socialists, our profit-seeking free-market cannibals must learn to step over the staving poor, littering the streets.  
JB - "The right to rise does not require a libertarian utopia to exist."
Translation: A robber baron great-grand-daddy will do.
JB "Rather, it requires fewer, simpler and more outcome-oriented rules." 
Translation: Outcome oriented rules - Rules that allow, river to be poisoned, air to flow freely with dangerous particulates.
JB - Rules for which an honest cost-benefit analysis is done before their imposition. Rules that sunset so they can be eliminated or adjusted as conditions change. Rules that have disputes resolved faster and less expensively through arbitration than litigation."
Translation: Rules that don't encumber THE JOB CREATORS, or if they do... not for very long.
JBIn Washington, D.C., rules are going in the opposite direction. They are exploding in reach and complexity. They are created under a cloud of uncertainty, and years after their passage nobody really knows how they will work. …
Translation: Some rules haven't yet been completely gutted. Not that consumers face any uncertainty.
JB - In short, we must choose between the straight line promised by the statists and the jagged line of economic freedom. The straight line of gradual and controlled growth is what the statists promise but can never deliver. The jagged line offers no guarantees but has a powerful record of delivering the most prosperity and the most opportunity to the most people. We cannot possibly know in advance what freedom promises for 312 million individuals. But unless we are willing to explore the jagged line of freedom, we will be stuck with the straight line. And the straight line, it turns out, is a flat line.
Translation: Statists a new pejorative. If we seek to tame the excesses of our Corporate Overlords... we are now STATISTS  - newer than socialists and it reeks of Fully Market Tested Curses. Instead Jebby offers us, the JAGGED DANGEROUS RAZOR SHARP EDGE OF CORPORATE POWER Run-Amuck. Aww, the poor were just savaged by the JAGGED EDGE of the FREE MARKET. It's nobody's fault.... poor dears poisoned by Industrial Runoff - too bad... they were just destroyed by the Jagged Vicious Edge of FREEDOM.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

OCCUPY your conscience.

"The group's underlying motivation seems to be rooted in a fundamental concept that if you make a bad decision somebody else will pay for it. ... it's really OK; the taxpayer will simply foot the bill."

Odd that as you try to address the OCCUPY MOVEMENT you state the BANKSTERS position.

They (The Banksters) made bad choices, prioritized "LIAR LOANS" profited on both sides of the deal, which had nothing to do with the American Dream of home ownership, and everything to do with GREED, and gaming the system. 

They paid themselves exorbitant salaries and then when the gush of money ebbed - Got the taxpayers to "bail them out!" And yet refused to help the very taxpayers that bailed them out. They just wave from their Billion Dollar Bonus Parks.

So who's "entitlements" are you defending. When Banksters and Wall Street Traitors (or is that TRADERS?) benefit when they bet against America's Interests? When the tax incentives favor the offshoring of good paying American Jobs - who benefits there? Why do you defend those business men and women who hide their schemes and business practice behind page after page of "fine print"?

When OCCUPY insist that the robbers of Millions and Billions, get the same justice that the villains who steal hundreds and you complain? I got to say, which side are you on?

When OCCUPIERS suggest that medical care, and education should be available to all Americans and you complain 

- Is it your position that your grandmother should die, if she can't afford the thousands of dollars a month that private health insurance costs? 

Which side are you on?   {The Spirit of OCCUPY} asked this question before, and I think I know how you would answer.

OCCUPY your conscience.