Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The ABCs of the Florida Legislature Funding of Education

I apologize the title was meant to be used on "FOOL's Day"

But given the Educational Policies of the Florida Republican Legislature
everyday is FOOLS DAY!

A - Is for Absolutely no way, will the Florida Republican Legislature
cut ANY corporate welfare. Regardless of what educational or medical care program must be cut. Tuitions are up, and scholarship funding is down, as are resources for every county,
school, teacher and pupil. Luckily due to another year of funding cuts fewer students can count, or read for that matter. A fact of life in Florida, govenors may proclaim their education credentials and commitment. Just remember in Florida, Absolutely no way, will the Florida Republican Legislature cut any Corporate Welfare. Somebody has to pay all those lobbyists!

B - is for Budget... But wasn't the newly elected governor committed to helping educate Florida's children? But you might add, he was elected on a promise of improving the long dismal trajectory of Florida's educational performance 49th out of 50 in the nation, a leader! But you might say, I remember once upon a not too distant time Floridians irrelevantly signaled the importance of Education with a referendum on reducing class-size. But you must "B" forgetting that the former governor "B"ush was prepared. He had "a nafarious plan" to thrwart the public's will. B-ut says our new republican governor, as much as he'd like to help Florida students have a future, or an education. We can't afford both, REPUBLICAN CORPORATE WELFARE, and an education for Florida's children. You have to draw the soup-line somewhere.

C - Church, you might ask, how does the Florida Republican Legislature begin to mix Church with Education? Well, like Florida's educational policy we need to go backwards, like to the "B"word in Florida politics "B"-ush. Why Church, how Church? When the courts ruled the Bush Voucher program, unconstitutional. Church-man Bush had a solution, get the amendment changed by his main-man the sword swallower* Marco Rubio. [See Constitutional Proposals 0020 and 0040.]
So Bush reaches from beyond the political grave to give the "right" Florida Churches, Florida taxpayers money. Better them, than Florida students, cause they don't count. Or at least thanks to the miserly funding of Florida Schools, they can't. And since we can't afford to teach them to read either, they will never realize how ill-informed they are.