Friday, January 15, 2010

Axelrod taked Rove to task! on Ecomonic Comments

Trying to give the discredited, [yet to be indicted] "republican leadership" a lesson in fiscal responsibility, while a laudable and obviously well warranted goal, is a exercise in FUTILITY. They pretended the war was "OFF THE BOOKS".

These guys ran a multi-front war, contracting the largest mercenary force in human history, paid off WAR-PROFITEERS and never saw fit to prosecute any. With defense department leadership like DON "don't tell me anything I don't agree with" Rumsfeld, whose idea of warfare was the "THINGS HAPPEN???" And he had no way of even estimating what the war might cost. Rove's team told us the Iraq would cost us NOTHING! They actualy said, in case you forget, IRAQ would pay us to BLOW THEM UP, DEPOSE THEIR DICTATOR and OCCUPY their country!

I understand these scurrilous charges must be answered. But trying to get republicans to see beyond there internally verified [fact-free] reality is something - I hope they don't waste too much time on.

Besides, we don't negotiate with TERRORISTS - WHY are these guys - The BU$HCO War Syndicate -still not before the bar somewhere? I think there's probably a cell [in an undisclosed location] with an uncomfortable position with his name on it for sure!

I know, we can have Sister Sarah interview ROVE. [let's see he's TURD-BLOSSOM (right)] He can explain to her - whose pockets they put all that former federal surplus in???

Hey Rover Boy - Where did all the former surplus go?

solidarity & peace