Thursday, October 22, 2009

MO - Bologna

Mo was known on the colorful Miami-Dade County Commission as the guy with a scheme. In fact a scheme a minute! - The stranger the better. Assassinated live on the telee by perenial rival madmad [death by dueling press-release] - Joltin Joe Corrollo.

The challenge when speaking to Mo was to somehow scrape him off his latest scheme to talk about the actual world - No matter who he was speaking to his one simple message was PANDER-PANDER-PANDER.

If he hopes to win Hispanic dems simply because of his heritage and thus cynically split the party - his misunderstanding of Florida's democratic party is even MORE GIGANTIC than his ego. Get out of his way folks - he's heading off a cliff at true Guinness Record speed. more

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Notes from Dem. Convention

Notes from Dem. Convention for People Power Hour Interview
by RW Spisak

It was a hot time for all the delegates in Orlando but nobody had a hotter time than the Pseudo Senator The SEMI-DEMI Nelson - who was dinged, dogged, darned, button-holed, berated and boinked by PUBLIC -OPTION Advocates

The opening ceremonies were interrupted when Nelson was greeted with 5 minutes of HEALTH CARE NOW! Health Care Now! Health Care Now!

Regarding the News about the Presidents Nobel prize - I heard a range of opinions, from “a nice hopeful gesture by our European friends more hope than fact based”

Another delegate said – “he’s the right man at the right time for the troubles of this world”

There was an actual debate between two candidates for Florida Attorney General -
both well qualified & regarded (Aronberg and Gelber] partisan signage greeted a good size Sunday audience.

Aronberg was focused and addressed specific agenda items in the Attorney General’s office

Regarding the Jobless Economy - this was characterized by one delegate as a BANKERS RECOVERY

Another delegate offered that he was impressed by Gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink and Senatorial candidate Kendrick Meek - who had a large contingent of Supporters trailing wherever he went.

Another delegate, George Mauer of Monroe County described the Baucus’ and Finance Committees' - In$urance Indu$try Profit Protect Bill. Just passed from committee as the biggest boondogle since the TARP Money was bundled STAT over a weekend –
BILLION$ and No Que$tion$ to WALL $TREET, under the previous PRE-CHANGE administration.

Offering taxpayers nothing but a $3,000 penalty as OUR REWARD for organizing for healthcare reform that was replaced in the darkness of the Senates heart, by a CARE PACKAGE for the In$urance & Pharmaceutical$ Industrie$

Regarding the famous FABU-LOST Floridian Ab$entee $enator Nel$on the $EMI-DEMI crat – where’s the leadership - Nelson has said recently all our hopes should be pinned on republican Sen. Snow... He’s seen leadership before, and he knows where to find her?

Mitchell Stewart gave a speech on achieving health care for Americans , which received mixed reactions from delegates. Everyone of whom, characterized it as carefully crafted . How carefully Stewart, chose his words. How articulate. He is reported to have said, "We'’re working to achieve RADICAL REFORM, - then he paused and said... I should really say, we want SIGNIFICANT REFORM.

solidarity & peace

RW Spisak

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Liberman rejects Health Care Reform... Who'd have guessed?

Joe opposes HC Reform?

Asked by radio host Don Imus today what aspects of the Senate Finance Committee’s health care bill he supported, Lieberman struck a negative tone, saying, “I’m concerned that there’s a danger that we’re trying to do too much”: 

"LIEBERMAN: I’ve been saying for a couple of months now that I’m concerned, that I’m concerned that there’s a danger that we’re trying to do too much here and the president is trying to do two good things. But doing them at once in the middle of a recession may be hard to pull off. ... IMUS: Do you support the Baucus bill? LIEBERMAN: Not, not, no. I mean, not the way it is now.

ORIG Alternet Story

Who could imagine, Ol Joe would be standing in the wings, ready to throw a wrench into our sweet perfection of a HEALTH CARE BILL [not].

Its just good to know that our favorite arsenic delinquent, whose only a dem, when he needs a harff-arsed disguise, but if you need a democrat... don't asked him. Tell us Harry [solid as a dry Reid] Senate Dem leader, this guy is rewarded with Democratic leadership WHY???

Joe [Benedict Arnold] Liberman - why don't you just slime your way over home to the republican muckhole where your teeny tiny heart flops.

We don't need you, and besides your repulsican stench distracts, such solid DEM-PUBLICANS like Harry Reid and Bill [what did I say] Nelson who brings his own special sauce of silent absentee advocacy to the good people of FLORIDA - whether we like it or not!
Oh, do pay attention dear voter, do pay attention!

solidarity & peace
Rick Spisak

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Senator Nelson asked "Would it disrupt?"

Sen. Bill Nelson (Fla.) asked Rockefeller if he could respond to a charge that "his proposal would disrupt the market."

Yes, $enator Nelson, the NON-STOP greed fest would be disrupted. 

Yes $enator Nelson- the bloody feasting on the wallets and the entrails will be ... "DISRUPTED!"

Disruption would occur to a system where well gowned gem bedecked and mink-trimmed executives, would chuckle as they waltz passed dying patients, locked outside the hospital doors. Delay could teach them a new step!

Yes, $enator we hope to disrupt a FREE MARKET PROCESS that snickers at families who can't afford mortgages they sure can't afford health insurance that costs even more than mortgages - they call it "going naked" - like it was a fashion choice - We DO hope to DISRUPT THAT.

$enator Nelson we also hope to disupt your CUSHY HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY TOO since you have clearly aligned yourself with the forces of GREED AND MALICE? Let's see, how dare we even consider any disruption of an INDUSTRY that bankrupts thousands of Americans every day?

DISRUPT? $enator, the greed heads who relished slavery are with you - the Goons that ran poorhouses and child-labor factories are solid behind you. Just like the Insurance Executives who drafted the finance committee legislation, and bankroll ghoul$ like you and $enator Baucus.

They're with you on the GOOD $HIP GREED but that little trip will be disrupted too - enjoy your $ENATORIAL LIFE$TYLE as you lie through your teeth to working Floridians.

You and Baucus, may just find the MARKET for health Insurance $HILLS DISRUPTED TOO!

You and Baucus and Lieberman can hang a shingle out together. You can either represent Floridans, or you will find your "$enatorial Market" disrupted too!