Sunday, October 18, 2009

Notes from Dem. Convention

Notes from Dem. Convention for People Power Hour Interview
by RW Spisak

It was a hot time for all the delegates in Orlando but nobody had a hotter time than the Pseudo Senator The SEMI-DEMI Nelson - who was dinged, dogged, darned, button-holed, berated and boinked by PUBLIC -OPTION Advocates

The opening ceremonies were interrupted when Nelson was greeted with 5 minutes of HEALTH CARE NOW! Health Care Now! Health Care Now!

Regarding the News about the Presidents Nobel prize - I heard a range of opinions, from “a nice hopeful gesture by our European friends more hope than fact based”

Another delegate said – “he’s the right man at the right time for the troubles of this world”

There was an actual debate between two candidates for Florida Attorney General -
both well qualified & regarded (Aronberg and Gelber] partisan signage greeted a good size Sunday audience.

Aronberg was focused and addressed specific agenda items in the Attorney General’s office

Regarding the Jobless Economy - this was characterized by one delegate as a BANKERS RECOVERY

Another delegate offered that he was impressed by Gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink and Senatorial candidate Kendrick Meek - who had a large contingent of Supporters trailing wherever he went.

Another delegate, George Mauer of Monroe County described the Baucus’ and Finance Committees' - In$urance Indu$try Profit Protect Bill. Just passed from committee as the biggest boondogle since the TARP Money was bundled STAT over a weekend –
BILLION$ and No Que$tion$ to WALL $TREET, under the previous PRE-CHANGE administration.

Offering taxpayers nothing but a $3,000 penalty as OUR REWARD for organizing for healthcare reform that was replaced in the darkness of the Senates heart, by a CARE PACKAGE for the In$urance & Pharmaceutical$ Industrie$

Regarding the famous FABU-LOST Floridian Ab$entee $enator Nel$on the $EMI-DEMI crat – where’s the leadership - Nelson has said recently all our hopes should be pinned on republican Sen. Snow... He’s seen leadership before, and he knows where to find her?

Mitchell Stewart gave a speech on achieving health care for Americans , which received mixed reactions from delegates. Everyone of whom, characterized it as carefully crafted . How carefully Stewart, chose his words. How articulate. He is reported to have said, "We'’re working to achieve RADICAL REFORM, - then he paused and said... I should really say, we want SIGNIFICANT REFORM.

solidarity & peace

RW Spisak
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