Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Senator Nelson asked "Would it disrupt?"

Sen. Bill Nelson (Fla.) asked Rockefeller if he could respond to a charge that "his proposal would disrupt the market."

Yes, $enator Nelson, the NON-STOP greed fest would be disrupted. 

Yes $enator Nelson- the bloody feasting on the wallets and the entrails will be ... "DISRUPTED!"

Disruption would occur to a system where well gowned gem bedecked and mink-trimmed executives, would chuckle as they waltz passed dying patients, locked outside the hospital doors. Delay could teach them a new step!

Yes, $enator we hope to disrupt a FREE MARKET PROCESS that snickers at families who can't afford mortgages they sure can't afford health insurance that costs even more than mortgages - they call it "going naked" - like it was a fashion choice - We DO hope to DISRUPT THAT.

$enator Nelson we also hope to disupt your CUSHY HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY TOO since you have clearly aligned yourself with the forces of GREED AND MALICE? Let's see, how dare we even consider any disruption of an INDUSTRY that bankrupts thousands of Americans every day?

DISRUPT? $enator, the greed heads who relished slavery are with you - the Goons that ran poorhouses and child-labor factories are solid behind you. Just like the Insurance Executives who drafted the finance committee legislation, and bankroll ghoul$ like you and $enator Baucus.

They're with you on the GOOD $HIP GREED but that little trip will be disrupted too - enjoy your $ENATORIAL LIFE$TYLE as you lie through your teeth to working Floridians.

You and Baucus, may just find the MARKET for health Insurance $HILLS DISRUPTED TOO!

You and Baucus and Lieberman can hang a shingle out together. You can either represent Floridans, or you will find your "$enatorial Market" disrupted too!
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