Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Code Pink and the Tea Party are not equivalent

to Jon Stewart

I can understand that Progressive Activists are regarded as OUT OF STEP, with the "WHATEVER", and "Its' All Good Crowd." Peace Activists have adopted street theatre tactics, simply to get the IMPACT in a World where HOURS OF PRO-WAR PROPAGANDA is Business as Usual.

Jon, we're Sick & Tired of MUSCLEBOUND WARMONGERS. We're fed up with Media Gatekeepers who's idea of the spectrum of American Opinion, runs from the Corporate Democrats, representing Main Street to the Eric Prince Secret Storm Troopers who bring weapons to hear the President speak.

Peace Activists and Tree Huggers are accustomed to being sneered at by the sophisticates who think that activism is "showing too much enthusiasm".

Jon, you get your laughs and you take your check, and you leave to others concern about the poisoning of the Gulf, and the dying dolphins. And the quaint fisher folk, soon to die out all along the Gulf Coast.

Jon, I laughed along when you lampooned the Know-Nothings of the RightFlank, but Guantanamo, BP, Wall Street, Assassinating Americans and spying on Americans is more than a punchline.

HAHAHAH - Jon - Code Pink, Gulf Impact, and Green Peace aren't the Moral Equivalent of the TEA PARTY- Sanity is not destroying the seas, the air and funny brown people in another land.  Sarah Palin and Medea Benjamin are not two sides of one coin!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh, and about my vote.... Begging won't work about some policy implementation!

Its not about bowing and scraping to the office, or blind obedient support, if we are to ever get PEACE, HUMAN RIGHTS, Fair Credit Rights, Honest Environmental Policy, Forward Looking Energy Policy and Gender Pay Equity we must hold THIS or ANY ADMINISTRATION, RESPONSIBLE for advocating, and implementing our policies. LIPSERVICE IS OF NO VALUE!

I gave up blind obedience about 12 centuries ago, so don't ask and I won't tell. If the progressives are ever again (since FDR) to get progressive policies implemented, we must keep up the pressure. Call it inexcusable. CALL ME RETARDED, CALL ME BACKWARD CALL ME A HALLUCINATING FOOL. CALL ME NAIVE call me a professional leftist!

I care not a whit, what the Obama-aparatchiks call me, because as far as I'm concerned, support for this betraying administration is "OFF-THE-TABLE" until I see, a PEACE POLICY not just a WAR-GROWTH POLICY. Until I see a policies implemented that reflect progressive values and the kind of attention that Breitbart's latest press-parlay received.

We must stop bombing Afghanistan, stop bombing Iraq, Pakistan, close Guantanamo, End Torture, stop interfering with governments in South America. We need more than lip-service on Environmental and Energy Policy. End the coverup of the long term poisoning of the GULF.

Dance with them that brung ya, Obamanauts! 

Oops that's why you protected BP and the Wall $treet Bank$ter$.
What was I thinking.  - 

Call me names, but implement progressive policies, or forget about my VOTE!

solidarity & peace

Rick Spisak

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Editorial Response for More Millenialist Musings

"A freedom man understands our national existence of free men is contingent on faith in the word of God, and reformation is needed to bring us back to that word."

My thoughtful response:

I thank "providence" that the END Timers are "still" with us, like locusts they return,  crawling up from their home in the dirt to buzz a bit and then disappear only to return after a little sleep.

In my short 1/2 century I have heard at least 4 different dates of the end of the world. No-RUSH I'll wait.

Yet the historically illiterate are with us, yet. They will deny that the DE-REGULATORS we've "enjoyed" since Ronnie's wife's astrologer ran things, had an impact on the BIG-FUN ECONOMY we're enjoying now.

De-regulated AGRI-BIZ provides us with pre-poisoned food. International Pharma provides us with prescriptions that provide all sorts of extra benefits like chemical solvents and miscellaneous particles.

When we fired the union TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS and decided we could dispense with other health and safety inspectors and rules... We all began to reap the benefits of REPUBLICAN GOVERNANCE.

TAX CUTS for the Rich, Bonuses for Corporation, tax credits if you send good paying jobs overseas and the only place they like job growth is in the WAR PROFITEERING SECTORS.

Obama's made his share of mistakes, no argument but nothing like what 8 years of Nancy's Astrologer and four years of Poppy Bush and if you insist, we won't mention "W" they guy who attacked Iraq in response to a Saudi nationals attack.

Even if the Iraqi's passed on the opportunity to pay blood money to their attackers. Even if it wasn't over in a week, even if he [the unamed "W"]  decided not to include the $3 Trillion in WAR MONEY in his budget, and if that isn't more of the typical REPUBLICAN FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY - I'll drink the bad water and crappy food KBR overcharges us for.

Say what you will, Obama did make an honest man of the EVER-WAR BUDGET, now if he'd get around to making an honest man of Wall Street- Tell him I'm back.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Another INSULT for the BASE - Thank you sir, may I have another

"In-Excusable" I think that's my personal favorite. It really is a huge improvement over " F'ing Retards", and "whining" progressives. I'll just offer a couple colloquial rejoinders.

If anyone should know "inexcusable" it's you Mr. President. I will give you credit, you have delivered on one promise. ...
more war. More war in Afpak*. More war in Yemen. More War in Africa. More general mayhem.

Maybe Mr. Woodward will eventually be engaged to inform the "glass half empty types" where else he's sent the boys and girls from XE. You know the kids who work for that hero, Eric "I'm moving to where they appreciate a good torturer", Prince.

But since the Commander in Chief has pointed out that our fickle lack of support is so, inexcusable. Inexcusable is a funny word, Mr. President,
it cuts two ways.

Inexcusable like demanding the Kingly Power to summarily execute any Americans based on evidence known only to you, and unaddressable in the courts of law?

Inexcusable like, fresh demands to wiretap and monitor, any remaining crumbs of privacy on the Internet, the communication system build from "the people's taxpayer funded" research & development.

Inexcusable, like passing out lies like lollipops for the numerous outrages committed on the Gulf and it's inhabitants and neighbors.... but as you say, Mr President.... Our failure to support your policies is in a word - inexcusable. Well you should know.

* AFPAK a common name used to describe the battle theatre, extending across Afghanistan, through the western mountains of Pakistan. [There is no functioning border between these countries anyway.]

solidarity & peace
A Sky & Reef Hugger