Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh, and about my vote.... Begging won't work about some policy implementation!

Its not about bowing and scraping to the office, or blind obedient support, if we are to ever get PEACE, HUMAN RIGHTS, Fair Credit Rights, Honest Environmental Policy, Forward Looking Energy Policy and Gender Pay Equity we must hold THIS or ANY ADMINISTRATION, RESPONSIBLE for advocating, and implementing our policies. LIPSERVICE IS OF NO VALUE!

I gave up blind obedience about 12 centuries ago, so don't ask and I won't tell. If the progressives are ever again (since FDR) to get progressive policies implemented, we must keep up the pressure. Call it inexcusable. CALL ME RETARDED, CALL ME BACKWARD CALL ME A HALLUCINATING FOOL. CALL ME NAIVE call me a professional leftist!

I care not a whit, what the Obama-aparatchiks call me, because as far as I'm concerned, support for this betraying administration is "OFF-THE-TABLE" until I see, a PEACE POLICY not just a WAR-GROWTH POLICY. Until I see a policies implemented that reflect progressive values and the kind of attention that Breitbart's latest press-parlay received.

We must stop bombing Afghanistan, stop bombing Iraq, Pakistan, close Guantanamo, End Torture, stop interfering with governments in South America. We need more than lip-service on Environmental and Energy Policy. End the coverup of the long term poisoning of the GULF.

Dance with them that brung ya, Obamanauts! 

Oops that's why you protected BP and the Wall $treet Bank$ter$.
What was I thinking.  - 

Call me names, but implement progressive policies, or forget about my VOTE!

solidarity & peace

Rick Spisak
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