Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Code Pink and the Tea Party are not equivalent

to Jon Stewart

I can understand that Progressive Activists are regarded as OUT OF STEP, with the "WHATEVER", and "Its' All Good Crowd." Peace Activists have adopted street theatre tactics, simply to get the IMPACT in a World where HOURS OF PRO-WAR PROPAGANDA is Business as Usual.

Jon, we're Sick & Tired of MUSCLEBOUND WARMONGERS. We're fed up with Media Gatekeepers who's idea of the spectrum of American Opinion, runs from the Corporate Democrats, representing Main Street to the Eric Prince Secret Storm Troopers who bring weapons to hear the President speak.

Peace Activists and Tree Huggers are accustomed to being sneered at by the sophisticates who think that activism is "showing too much enthusiasm".

Jon, you get your laughs and you take your check, and you leave to others concern about the poisoning of the Gulf, and the dying dolphins. And the quaint fisher folk, soon to die out all along the Gulf Coast.

Jon, I laughed along when you lampooned the Know-Nothings of the RightFlank, but Guantanamo, BP, Wall Street, Assassinating Americans and spying on Americans is more than a punchline.

HAHAHAH - Jon - Code Pink, Gulf Impact, and Green Peace aren't the Moral Equivalent of the TEA PARTY- Sanity is not destroying the seas, the air and funny brown people in another land.  Sarah Palin and Medea Benjamin are not two sides of one coin!
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