Monday, November 01, 2010

The Choice between two ANTI-CHOICE Candidates and a Sinker

RE: Florida's District 16 

Ostensibly an "instant" democrat appears just in time to run for office.

Jim Horn (D*) is anti-choice. 

Rep. Tom Rooney (R) is anti-choice.
[* Horn proposes an all republican agenda]

We Florida Dems - have to do better next time. 

My god this is 2010?
Any bets Horn wants prayer in school, and limitations on BIRTH CONTROL?

In addition to Term Limits and an end to Obama-care which he calls unconstitutional. 

bad choices part II

RE SINKS REQUEST for an Email Endorsement...

Jim (Sink's Campaign Manager)

I'll be frank with you. I tried to tape a short interview with Ms. Sink, I was told she didn't need the help of progressive bloggers.  And for gods' sake put that video camera away. I hoped to share her talk with local dems who couldn't attend. [NO THEY DIDN'T WANT THAT.]

There will come a time in the state of Florida when the Democratic party listens to voices broader than the narrow moderate/conservative voices that have mesmerized it for so long.

And has offered us bland even silly but always moderate always prepared to be as colorful as cardboard, or the states' native concrete.

Progressive have the ear of many Floridians, Floridians who care about our waters, our land, the rate of development. The poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico, the quality of our schools, and our jobs.

Jim, I'm not giving my votes nor my voice and pen to Scott, he's already stolen enough.  Until the democratic party of Florida begins to listen to voices beyond the bland of Meek and Sink. I'll be supporting more progressive candidates like Michael Arth. Whom the party deemed unworthy of even a single debate.

That Jim is not very democratic.

Richard W. Spisak Jr.
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