Friday, March 20, 2009

Signs of Intelligent Life Fleetingly Glimpsed in Florida Legislature

(Florida Republican Leadership promises investigation)

Florida Sen. Dan Webster, Republican, of Winter Garden proposed a Bill, that had it been passed, would have REQUIRED doctors to perform an ultrasound whenever a woman requests an abortion. The bill would also have REQUIRED the doctor present and explain the results, unless she affirmatively REFUSES and then SIGNS a document attesting to her REFUSAL.

Part of the overall Conservative holistic agenda to reduce government interference in businesses which could then freely focus on the reproductive tracts of Female Floridians, who might not be aware, of the actual meaning of pregnancy. Poor Dears!

Senator Dan Webster, the bills thoughtful sponsor opined, ''If good medical practice dictates screening, what does no screening mean?'' Webster asked. ``Fill in the blank. It's bad medical practice.'' One of the bill's opponents saw it quite differently. Sen. Nan Rich, a Weston Democrat was reported to have said, ``This is an anguishing, heart-wrenching decision for women. And I would suggest that they do not take it lightly. And I would suggest that they do not need the state to tell them what information they need.'' Sen. Alex Diaz de la Portilla, a Miami Republican offered this pithy rejoinder...``God forbid.''...
[Ed. If not the Florida Legislature]

Florida Law, already careful to protects the frivolous females of our brave Peninsular State by insisting Ultrasound be performed on any silly woman requesting an abortion in the second and third Trimester. God, must have been blinking, when this proud measure fell in a heartless tie vote.

Richard W. Spisak Jr.
Progressive Democrat

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jon Stewart attacks Wall Street

I have been a political activist and organizer since the days when we opposed American Apartheidt and the War on the People of Viet Nam.

I am a regular viewer of the
Daily Show, I get more news from Mr. Stewart's Program, and despite my regular viewership of Washington Week in Review, Face the Nation, and This Week, The Matthews Show and assiduous listening to NPR's quality news. Often watching the Daily Show, I find myself shaking my head hearing more straight facts from Stewart's "Comedy Show", than in much of the canned press release, pre-chewed propaganda laced spam on the "official" mainstream news programming. It's been years since I have been able to sit through more than a few minutes of the evening news shows of the networks.

But the saddest comment I can report, I heard on a
Diane Rheim show's Friday journalist panel, when a writer for one of the main stream news outlets tried to explain why there's better reporting on the Daily Show - "Well they can do news Stories that the New York Times or the Washington Post or the LA Times cannot manage. The Daily Show has resources.... [sad isn't it]

There was a silence among the panelists after the comment, because it was both brutally honest, and obviously wrong. Yet that unchallenged silly explanation offered a comment that went to the heart of the issue. The Daily Shows advantage is not one of tangible resources... but a resource of INTESTINAL FORTITUDE and Integrity, a capacity to speak plainly about the Emperor's Non-Existent Wardrobe.

Jon's team, hasn't yet drunk the Koolaid of Official BIG-TIME journalism, they are not insiders, and as a mere "Comedy" News Show - they can plainly speak the truth and in the stark light of bitter BLACK IRONY and amid the gasps from the BIG News Desks they are simply a refreshing breeze of candor for a TRUTH hungry American Ear.

Thanks Jon & Thanks to you and your researchers - the Cramer/CNBC/SEC roast we watched had more truth than CNN can summon in a decade of 24/7 broadcasting.

RW Spisak

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Yes, Some of us, still oppose the occupation of Afghanistan

Yes, Some of us, still oppose the occupation of Afghanistan.

The CIA funded and trained both the Mujahadeen and the Taliban, just like we trained our former friends Osama & Sadam. We liked them, we supported them, and we paid them, when they were pulling our sled against the Russians in Afghanistan.

And if you knew a little history - you'd know that we worked to destabilize the elected government that the Soviets came in to prop up in Afghanistan.

So the Peace Community is largely still opposed to the occupation of Afghanistan because it does nothing for the Afghanis and only serves International Oil interests. Karzai was with Shell before he was hand - picked for the current slot.

Watch the Moving PIPELINES kiddies it's the distraction game all over again.

And, in case you are actually interested, which I doubt - ask a peace activist why we're not in the streets right now, the answer is two fold -

There is a big International Peace action coming up... and We've got such a better president now, than the War Criminal and Privateer who tortured un charged victims, and enriched his WAR-Biz Buddies.

Yes, we do oppose the Surge in Afghanistan... Nice of You to Ask!

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