Friday, March 20, 2009

Signs of Intelligent Life Fleetingly Glimpsed in Florida Legislature

(Florida Republican Leadership promises investigation)

Florida Sen. Dan Webster, Republican, of Winter Garden proposed a Bill, that had it been passed, would have REQUIRED doctors to perform an ultrasound whenever a woman requests an abortion. The bill would also have REQUIRED the doctor present and explain the results, unless she affirmatively REFUSES and then SIGNS a document attesting to her REFUSAL.

Part of the overall Conservative holistic agenda to reduce government interference in businesses which could then freely focus on the reproductive tracts of Female Floridians, who might not be aware, of the actual meaning of pregnancy. Poor Dears!

Senator Dan Webster, the bills thoughtful sponsor opined, ''If good medical practice dictates screening, what does no screening mean?'' Webster asked. ``Fill in the blank. It's bad medical practice.'' One of the bill's opponents saw it quite differently. Sen. Nan Rich, a Weston Democrat was reported to have said, ``This is an anguishing, heart-wrenching decision for women. And I would suggest that they do not take it lightly. And I would suggest that they do not need the state to tell them what information they need.'' Sen. Alex Diaz de la Portilla, a Miami Republican offered this pithy rejoinder...``God forbid.''...
[Ed. If not the Florida Legislature]

Florida Law, already careful to protects the frivolous females of our brave Peninsular State by insisting Ultrasound be performed on any silly woman requesting an abortion in the second and third Trimester. God, must have been blinking, when this proud measure fell in a heartless tie vote.

Richard W. Spisak Jr.
Progressive Democrat
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