Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Yes, Some of us, still oppose the occupation of Afghanistan

Yes, Some of us, still oppose the occupation of Afghanistan.

The CIA funded and trained both the Mujahadeen and the Taliban, just like we trained our former friends Osama & Sadam. We liked them, we supported them, and we paid them, when they were pulling our sled against the Russians in Afghanistan.

And if you knew a little history - you'd know that we worked to destabilize the elected government that the Soviets came in to prop up in Afghanistan.

So the Peace Community is largely still opposed to the occupation of Afghanistan because it does nothing for the Afghanis and only serves International Oil interests. Karzai was with Shell before he was hand - picked for the current slot.

Watch the Moving PIPELINES kiddies it's the distraction game all over again.

And, in case you are actually interested, which I doubt - ask a peace activist why we're not in the streets right now, the answer is two fold -

There is a big International Peace action coming up... and We've got such a better president now, than the War Criminal and Privateer who tortured un charged victims, and enriched his WAR-Biz Buddies.

Yes, we do oppose the Surge in Afghanistan... Nice of You to Ask!

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