Monday, March 19, 2012

Government so small, you can forcibly insert it into a woman's...

Considering, that most of us, learn compassion, at the feet of our mothers, I can only conclude that the "small government" zealots, were outside tearing wings off flies, while the rest of us learned how to play nice with others.

That these legislators, who loudly proclaim, they want a less invasive government somehow fail to see the hypocrisy, of getting government off our backs and shrinking government down so they can insert it between a woman's legs and even inside her reproductive choices.

 They cannot stop abortions, they can't physically beat women, so they resort to placing economic barriers and delays and the judgement of politicians ahead of the judgement of citizens, who just happen to be women.

What utter lack of respect, for women, for mothers, for sisters and indeed for their own precious daughters. These are not "would-be protectors" these are bullies, who make rules that do not apply to themselves.

Where is the "fair play"? Hold your religion, and cherish it, live it, teach it's values to your children. BUT FREEDOM of RELIGION also means, don't attempt to enforce your religious rules on others who do not believe as you do.

Government so small, you can forcibly insert it into a woman's vagina? That is not the right to freedom of religion. That is simply wrong.

solidarity & peace

Friday, March 16, 2012

Are we not Spartacus, Are we not Bradley Manning?

When whistleblowers in this or any country who uncover MISDEEDS are treated as Mr Manning has been treated, by our government (which is us) We must say NO!

The president, a "constitutional scholar" and "Nobel Peace Prize Winner" offered an opinion that his (Bradley Manning's)  treatment was fair, and then without benefit of a trial, suggested that he was guilty - We still have the right to a trial. We must oppose, we must stand in solidarity in opposition to torture in opposition to illegal warfare. 

And while technically you have a point, we are not the starving sleeping in the streets, we are not the homeless, who have been criminalized, we are not the people of compassion who tried to feed them and are also criminalized. 

But, if we don't stand with them. If we fail to understand the power of SOLIDARITY. Then leftist, rightist, republican or democrat alike we will all be subject to totalitarian excess. If we refuse to oppose government misdeeds if we ignore the end of HABEAS CORPUS, then we are all in jeopardy.

The black holes, the torture, the waterboarding, the censorship, the crippling immorality - If we do not stand together and oppose Mr. Mannings treatment, then we are assisting the slide into a New Dark Ages. And woe indeed is anyone who then dares to oppose the REGIME, the OPPRESSION, the EXCESSES. 

And if that's not crystal clear to you, then, I've wasted every letter I've typed and every thought I tried to express. Why were they all Spartacus? These slaves? 
Why why aren't you?

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Sent to REP POSEY (R) Florida - when he asked me about Energy Policy!

Speculation is rampant, the price increases are padding the NON-TAXED bottom line of oil companies, who not only have reaped record profits for decades, with no commitment to either cleaning up the mess that they make and then dump on the poorest of the poor. But, incase you didn't notice, they  have despoiled the Gulf of Mexico and the coast of Alaska. BP by the way got away without cleaning up their act again and again. And in terms of cleaning up and making it right - AIN'T NOBODY HOME!

So when you asked about increasing their taxes - I thought that was a funny statement. I suppose - I should laugh, since the not only pay ZERO TAX, but also get a TAXPAYER FUNDED subsidy? You Like THAT?

How can you even talk about energy policy when you've done NOTHING as a "political leader" to further a nonpolluting source of renewable energy, here in what the TOURIST BROCHURES call the Sunshine State. When will we start putting the SUBSIDIES into renewable energy that we have wasted on petroleum and nuclear power for nearly half a century.

I'm puzzled, if your interested in Energy Policy, or International Security - HOW COULD YOU NOT be an advocate of a wiser energy strategy?

Curious where is your advocacy since we've known since the 1920s that the Oil Industry was just a fad and that eventually, as TE Lawrence warned our grandchildren would be fighting Arabs over control of their lands and resources.

SO besides holding hands with BIG OIL what is your policy for America for the next 50 years?

I am curious.