Thursday, March 15, 2012


Sent to REP POSEY (R) Florida - when he asked me about Energy Policy!

Speculation is rampant, the price increases are padding the NON-TAXED bottom line of oil companies, who not only have reaped record profits for decades, with no commitment to either cleaning up the mess that they make and then dump on the poorest of the poor. But, incase you didn't notice, they  have despoiled the Gulf of Mexico and the coast of Alaska. BP by the way got away without cleaning up their act again and again. And in terms of cleaning up and making it right - AIN'T NOBODY HOME!

So when you asked about increasing their taxes - I thought that was a funny statement. I suppose - I should laugh, since the not only pay ZERO TAX, but also get a TAXPAYER FUNDED subsidy? You Like THAT?

How can you even talk about energy policy when you've done NOTHING as a "political leader" to further a nonpolluting source of renewable energy, here in what the TOURIST BROCHURES call the Sunshine State. When will we start putting the SUBSIDIES into renewable energy that we have wasted on petroleum and nuclear power for nearly half a century.

I'm puzzled, if your interested in Energy Policy, or International Security - HOW COULD YOU NOT be an advocate of a wiser energy strategy?

Curious where is your advocacy since we've known since the 1920s that the Oil Industry was just a fad and that eventually, as TE Lawrence warned our grandchildren would be fighting Arabs over control of their lands and resources.

SO besides holding hands with BIG OIL what is your policy for America for the next 50 years?

I am curious.
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