Friday, March 16, 2012

Are we not Spartacus, Are we not Bradley Manning?

When whistleblowers in this or any country who uncover MISDEEDS are treated as Mr Manning has been treated, by our government (which is us) We must say NO!

The president, a "constitutional scholar" and "Nobel Peace Prize Winner" offered an opinion that his (Bradley Manning's)  treatment was fair, and then without benefit of a trial, suggested that he was guilty - We still have the right to a trial. We must oppose, we must stand in solidarity in opposition to torture in opposition to illegal warfare. 

And while technically you have a point, we are not the starving sleeping in the streets, we are not the homeless, who have been criminalized, we are not the people of compassion who tried to feed them and are also criminalized. 

But, if we don't stand with them. If we fail to understand the power of SOLIDARITY. Then leftist, rightist, republican or democrat alike we will all be subject to totalitarian excess. If we refuse to oppose government misdeeds if we ignore the end of HABEAS CORPUS, then we are all in jeopardy.

The black holes, the torture, the waterboarding, the censorship, the crippling immorality - If we do not stand together and oppose Mr. Mannings treatment, then we are assisting the slide into a New Dark Ages. And woe indeed is anyone who then dares to oppose the REGIME, the OPPRESSION, the EXCESSES. 

And if that's not crystal clear to you, then, I've wasted every letter I've typed and every thought I tried to express. Why were they all Spartacus? These slaves? 
Why why aren't you?
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