Saturday, August 27, 2011

They serve at our pleasure

Activism and Courage

Every time I have joined fellow activists, on a corner, a rally, or when I stood to ask a question of some, "public servant" every time, I have been told, by some passing fellow citizen, THANK YOU, you are also standing for me. They look earnestly at my face and say, you are asking for me too, you make me braver, because you stood and asked the question I dare not ask.

I have stood against this war, and that war. I have opposed the brutalization of that group and those rights. And each time some fellow citizen, shook my hand and thanked me, for my courage. I see these acts as civic responsibility

I remember in my civics class, my history class, I was taught that this is my country, government employees are my employees, whether the county commissioner, or the Congresswoman, or the General, they work for you and me. These are "public servants" and they take orders from voters, and at a public hearing they seek our help, our input. If we dare to absent the public square, then we leave them to do the bidding, of those who do show up. 

And if they only hear from corporate interests, how could we be surprised, if that's whose interests they serve.
GET UP STAND UP - Stand up for your rights!

solidarity & peace

Sunday, August 21, 2011



Just a few quick thoughts. I know of no-progressive, NO former Obama enthusiast
who views the White House leadership, with it's Geitners, It's Summers, its Rahm Emanuels, it's Eric Holders or the new chief of staff - GE's Job-Out Sourcer extrodinaire. Or anyone of the other WALL STREET OLIGARCHs who've been placed in key spots in the Administration as the sole problem facing this country.

To pretend even for a moment, that ANYONE on the left blames OBAMA more than either the standard corporatists of the Grand Ol Party, or the Religio-Fascists of the Republican Party or the latest phenom the KOCH-funded ASTRO-turfers of the KNOW-NOTHING Branch of the Idiocracy (t-party) is just foolishness and the same sort of BLAME the progressive first-ers that we expect from anyone carrying water for the SELL-OUT Obama Administration.

What I have heard was while there is nothing wrong with consensus building, and there is nothing wrong with bridge building its just that this administration has dragged it's agenda backwards to it's own two yard line and then... then began accommodating from there!

NO Bully-pulpit from the guy who said, let's close Guantanamo, no Bully-pulpit from the guy who pledged an end to BUSH ERA spying and grilling whistle-blowers, no agenda for even middle of the road democratic principles. The use of the word ENTITLEMENTS by corporatists and war-industry oligarchs in limousines would be laughable except, "OUR" team leader seems not only to agree but to see galloping-concessions as leadership.

Don't pretend that an alert agenda oriented voter is betraying "our" side. Yes he promised more war in Afghanistan, and anyone expecting less was fooling themselves. Don't kid yourself, and don't bully the progressives with the NONSENSE, that by reminding President Obama about the agenda he said he was bringing and it's ABSOLUTE ABSENCE we betray him.

It's his actions, his appointments, his ACTUAL AGENDA... as the betrayal. YES the Tea Party and the Republicans are the enemy of working people everywhere. That's not news. And if your surprised, that's your problem. But let me say this once more.

THE ABSENCE of the AGENDA that he and his team, told us was the PLAN - yes, we notice and WE WILL CONTINUE TO SAY SO.

To pretend that President Obama's betrayal of women, the poor, the elderly, the environment has made CONSERVATIVE OLIGARCHS UPSET. Is simply wrong. Equating our criticism with betrayal of democrats, is just blind defeatism itself.

SEE YOU ON THE PROTEST LINE CARL, unlike the guy who said, he'd march with UNIONS when they were threatened. You figure he didn't heard about Wisconsin?

solidarity & peace

Thursday, August 18, 2011

RE WHO-WHAT-WHY Story on the Fable of the Bin Ladin Raid

Russell and team, thanks for picking apart some of the loose threads of this EPIC myth making exercise. Surely an exemplary exercise is PSYOPS. Containing nothing whatsoever of truth, and wrapping the tale up neatly with the "typical Muslim at Sea Burial and the timely and convenience coincidence of the elimination of so many who might have been in a position to tell-tales out of school, is just so, how's the saying go, just one more interesting "coincidence".

Are we to take seriously the report that the operation was UNPLUGGED, in an age where "intelligent" live-fire combat technology is the norm, that a mission of this sort, would have gone "OLD-SCHOOL" and low tech (except for laser sites) Why would such "real-time" technology be abandoned, especially when we are treated to "eye-candy" administration photos of all the leading lights, perched around a monitor, tracking the realtime action. Or were the poor dears, left hanging for twenty-five minutes, gee theres a version for everyone. A regular "limited hangout" enterprise.

Has Hollywood, really got it so far off the mark, from West Wing to pick one... they went dark? Since they undoubtedly had man tracking technology and they haven't shown us anything of the raid events. [While it's no doubt being coded for some future XBOX Christmas Software and needless to say, the full Star-Spangled Hollywood treatment]. Maybe not Matt Damon though.

It is repugnant to the imagination that there was no presidential involvement in the decision as to whether this was a TAKE or KILL mission. Since "modern" justice has been thoroughly gutted [Just say 9/11] its not that far-fetched that it was a simple execution warrant, "nation of laws" notwithstanding. But can we really stomach no discussion at all nationally, about whether we try enemies like Nuremberg or just summarily cancel them like a listless sitcom, where ARE we headed.

One last thread was left loose though, WWW-Team what about this latest wrinkle so oft neglected - the story just a few days old, that Pakistan let the Chinese examine the downed chopper ? No discussion of the lost machines, and the evacuated guests or can we still say "detained compound occupants all left to the friendly hands of Pakistani security?

This warrants at least one more follow up

Thank you Russell, and Who, What Why!
Richard Spisak

Monday, August 15, 2011

TO PARTY... or toward a better CONTRACT

We find ourselves in the paradox, that while there "ARE" two franchised "parties - 
neither serve any interests beyond their lobbyist paymasters. We must find a path to 
enable our voices and our agenda. It is my profoundest hope. That those of us, who understand something of the energy paradigm of this universe. 

Can we with our sustained and focused energy enable these unmet needs and find a place, a voice and a path, toward that expression?  PDA/MoveON/Greens / Socialists all with a glorious variety of stripes were created in a time for a need, these were fractured. 

Todays needs, todays dangers mus summon a more serious response. I say this, with full understanding that some brothers and sisters are honorably committed to trying to reorient the glacial path of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. I honor them and respect their efforts One and All - I can only speak from my own true heart - Which knows this is not and cannot be the compass of where I must work. I see these terrible crimes against the Constitution and the terrible attacks on simple human rights as so extensive, so ingrained. The enabler of much of this who pretends that COMPROMISE is the HOW and the WHY of torture, of spying, of mercenaries, beyond poisoned rivers and seas, of MEGADEATH, of the destruction of cities, of schools, of millions of lives sacrificed so WAL STREET can live in an opulence that would have made an EMPEROR BLUSH. - 

I must work with all my energies to help us, break these walls, to end this murderous path. with it's casual massacre of millions.

Using ideas and energy and the truth of millions as the garden where I must join those who seek a renewal of the Social Contract with tomorrow's children.  Our steps stain the sand so briefly.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

PSSST.. we're going to do a Down Grade.. don't pass it along!

A corrupt "rating" agency that rode the bandwagon... without noticing that rating ALL THOSE "special instruments" were listed as AAA. They and all their pals rode that little pony all the way to BIG-BONUS VILLE .
Now we're supposed to take their partisan "concern" seriously? On top of that bad judgement, this same group of "NUMBER CRUNCHERS" got their math wrong. (JUST A COUPLE TRILLION $$ WRONG)
Let's see.. Does that make sense to you? If your company releases an assessment, sure to be poured over by an accountant or two, and you skip on checking the math. What, you left the numbers checking to the senior guy's summer intern?
Not realizing that they were going to be DUMPING on the leader of the free world? And not because of the state of America's actual finances... but because - REPROs and DEMOs can't play nice - we all get penalized.
And even that is just ICING ON THE CORRUPT CAKE... We learn that they leaked the info to insiders? What the incompetence and bad judgement isnot enough? Let's stir in some corruption too?
If the justice department walks passed this this without a sidelong glance. My friends let me whisper something in your ear, the game is rigged and WE THE PEOPLE are ill served, by an economic system, where your public servants and the watchdogs, are on a short leash held by the criminal conspiracy on Wall Street
Where is the political Will to enforce any law ON WALL STREET? Were Elliott Spitzer and Elizabeth Warren the only ones who noticed the criminality on Wall Street. Until these BIGGEST CRIMINALS are indicted all small timers who stole hundreds of thousands and hundreds should claim they are working for Wall Street.
We The People - Don't forget US!

Thursday, August 04, 2011


  • Stephen Malagodi the ever passionate Olbermann does ask a good question that I've wondered about from the start: How can this 'super congress' be constitutional? It is a separate body comprised of a few members of each chamber whose product must be approved without amendment. It is the reconciliation process working backwards...
    about an hour ago · 

  • Richard Spisak Other than Hyperbole - its nothing more than a conference committee and like Sen. Kyle (that great patriot opined) a thankless job, requiring a glutton for punishment - who will probably have to attend long meetings..... aw, poor dear, you'd of thought he was elected to serve the people. But then again, you may not have seen, his discounted price tag.
    a few seconds ago · 

    DOES THIS Sound Familiar?
    A privatized education, with a voucher for each child [instead of a teacher, a classroom and a public school.  [it may work for grandma too? ...and Healthcare too!]

    This way, different parents can choose where to spend, their VOUCHER - and buy merely paying "a supplemental fee"

    GET THEIR PRECIOUS, a school of CHOICE!!!

    Obviously, different payments will allow certain children to attend different quality schools. [of their choice!!!] 
    Producing vast and monumental inequalities between rich & poor children. Cause isn't that what GAWD INTENDED???

    solidarity & peace

    RIck Spisak
    News Director
    Progressive News