Sunday, August 07, 2011

PSSST.. we're going to do a Down Grade.. don't pass it along!

A corrupt "rating" agency that rode the bandwagon... without noticing that rating ALL THOSE "special instruments" were listed as AAA. They and all their pals rode that little pony all the way to BIG-BONUS VILLE .
Now we're supposed to take their partisan "concern" seriously? On top of that bad judgement, this same group of "NUMBER CRUNCHERS" got their math wrong. (JUST A COUPLE TRILLION $$ WRONG)
Let's see.. Does that make sense to you? If your company releases an assessment, sure to be poured over by an accountant or two, and you skip on checking the math. What, you left the numbers checking to the senior guy's summer intern?
Not realizing that they were going to be DUMPING on the leader of the free world? And not because of the state of America's actual finances... but because - REPROs and DEMOs can't play nice - we all get penalized.
And even that is just ICING ON THE CORRUPT CAKE... We learn that they leaked the info to insiders? What the incompetence and bad judgement isnot enough? Let's stir in some corruption too?
If the justice department walks passed this this without a sidelong glance. My friends let me whisper something in your ear, the game is rigged and WE THE PEOPLE are ill served, by an economic system, where your public servants and the watchdogs, are on a short leash held by the criminal conspiracy on Wall Street
Where is the political Will to enforce any law ON WALL STREET? Were Elliott Spitzer and Elizabeth Warren the only ones who noticed the criminality on Wall Street. Until these BIGGEST CRIMINALS are indicted all small timers who stole hundreds of thousands and hundreds should claim they are working for Wall Street.
We The People - Don't forget US!
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