Saturday, August 27, 2011

They serve at our pleasure

Activism and Courage

Every time I have joined fellow activists, on a corner, a rally, or when I stood to ask a question of some, "public servant" every time, I have been told, by some passing fellow citizen, THANK YOU, you are also standing for me. They look earnestly at my face and say, you are asking for me too, you make me braver, because you stood and asked the question I dare not ask.

I have stood against this war, and that war. I have opposed the brutalization of that group and those rights. And each time some fellow citizen, shook my hand and thanked me, for my courage. I see these acts as civic responsibility

I remember in my civics class, my history class, I was taught that this is my country, government employees are my employees, whether the county commissioner, or the Congresswoman, or the General, they work for you and me. These are "public servants" and they take orders from voters, and at a public hearing they seek our help, our input. If we dare to absent the public square, then we leave them to do the bidding, of those who do show up. 

And if they only hear from corporate interests, how could we be surprised, if that's whose interests they serve.
GET UP STAND UP - Stand up for your rights!

solidarity & peace
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