Sunday, September 04, 2011

RESPONDING TO ONE MORE.... don't pick on Obama

While I remain "excited" by the republican (oops) T-Party Operatives, who lead the charge against the middle class. I must explain.

I think you over simplify tremendously when you suggest that the left, the vocal left, the "professional" and amateur left, or even the well meaning but honorable or even the religious left, hate OBAMA. It's not about hate, or like or love or even disappointment. 

We or I if you will dislike capitulation at the first hint of opposition. Or surrender as an opening gambit. We disagree with the kind of politics that promises healthcare for all, and then before the negotiations begin a strategy that gives up first principles, and then follows out with a groveling give away to big pharma. Where an administration refuses to prosecute WALL STREET or Bankers but indicts more whistle blowers than any other administration. We disapprove of policies that put a Bradley Manning in solitary for a year before even beginning the hearings, but gives International War Criminals and torturers like BUSH, CHENEY, RUMSFELD, YOO and others a big friendly smile and wave.

Hate of a president that most of us, worked hard for, and voted for and cried in celebration of his election you are mistaken. We disagree with his and his administrations policies. When the REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS in lockstep tore up contracts with Unions... where was the Community Activist President... like his predecessor... He was AWOL! - That's not HATE, that's disappointment, maybe the moderates... will pound the pavement for him, or maybe all those lobbyists whose calls he takes... Maybe they'll walk the precincts.
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