Sunday, September 25, 2011


Memo to OBAMA KoolAid Crewe

So guess who's a "warrior for the middle class" now, that it's campaign time?
The friend of Wall Street, the protector of the Cheney gang, that Credit Company enabler  the  O-man himself! - How do we know - He told us so, standing at the foot of one of this great nation's crumbling infrastructure. Grandstanding at the base of a bridge from one ANTI-Worker Republican "McConnel" district to another RULING CLASS WARRIOR Republican Boehner's district. Ask the UNION BUSTER Govenor's how much grief they took, from when President Community Organizer stood in the snow in February with all those Union Activists. [OOPS - He wasn't there]

Responding to another ANTI-PROGRESSIVE ATTACK by another Obamanaut

I think you over simplify tremendously when you right the left, the vocal left, the "professional" and amateur left, the honorable and religious left, hate OBAMA. We dislike capitulation in the face of opposition. We disagree with policies that promise healthcare for all, and then before the negotiations begin a strategy that gives up first principles, that grovels before big pharma. That refuses to prosecute WALL STREET and Bankers but indicts more whistle blowers than any other administration. We disapprove of policies that put a Bradley Manning in solitary for a year before even beginning the hearings, but gives International War Criminals and torturers like BUSH, CHENEY, RUMSFELD, YOO and others a big friendly smile and wave.

You suggest what all of us that worked to elect the Chameleon President who ran as a progressive and only later revealed his presidential model "Ronnie Rayguns" hate the president. Hate him?  that most of us, worked hard for, and voted for and cried in celebration of his election! You are mistaken, my friend mistaken. We don't hate him, we just disagree with his administrations policies. 

When the REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS in lockstep tore up contracts with Unions... where was the Community Activist President... like his predecessor... He was AWOL! - That's not HATE, that's disappointment, maybe the moderates... will pound the pavement for him, or maybe all those lobbyists whose calls he takes... Maybe they'll walk the precincts.
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