Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Where else are you going to go?" No not me!

I will not support GOP-lite. I will not support a candidate or a party that will use "progressive" talking points as a means to insure that a corporatist wolf, can  be elected with a real mandate to establish universal single payer, restore the rule of law, and put an end to lawless oligarchy and plutocracy in the land of Jefferson, Adams and Franklin.

A constitutional scholar who only looks forward when it comes to bankers and oil men but remembers to persecute (not prosecute) whistleblowers is not a democrat to my taste. Who stands not on the UNION PICKET LINE as he promised but on the green with CAPTAINS OF GOLD-PLATED SACHS on the lawns of the RULING CAST. 

Mistake me not for some inattentive would be LIBERTARIAN, interested only in Ron Pauls words about War and failing to studies his incomplete understanding of the purpose that was so poetically described by "a more perfect union". Lulled into somnambulism, with independence rhetoric in a world where we are connected to the abandoned baby and the tossed away factory worker.

I neither count myself among the jaded who suggest that the hysterical bloodlust of another BUSHITE MEGLOMANIACAL THEOCRAT would serve the country right [having long ago shed it's moral compass in a headlong rush to a new imperium ] or scare it straight back to "little" d democracy. And I all to well appreciate that the possible damage to the nation and its infrastructure both humane and natural might well see the light of both liberty and science extinguished in a new dark ages by any of the several faux theocrats proffered by the GRAND OLD PARTY at present.

I answer to a higher authority than fear, I serve posterity and the light and life of my true brothers and sisters the life artists some refer to as hippies or free spirits or bohemians. Progressives have been assaulted and betrayed enough by the corporatists currently hiding under the rubric of the Democratic Party. I would sooner spit in my grandchild's eye than offer my sacred ballot to such sinister life denying toadies as habit the White House at present.  Wink at torturers, smile at mercenaries and prosecute wars on the innocent with mercenaries uncounted.  I fear not their insults and their armies the tools of spying, police and security apparatus concern me not. When these tools of fools meet honesty they shrink apologetically and TRUTH STAYS UNSULLIED.

Don't tell me the damage to the house of Democracy was damaged by those who opposed the poisoning of the Gulf. Who stood stalwart against the lies of PIPELINES, the victimization of returned and damaged soldiers. My vote does not belong to the purveyors of Corporatist Lies.
Progressives did not destroy Obama's good name, the GHOULS OF GOLDMAN SACHS and their enablers at CITIBANK and Haliburton, at BP and EXXON merely tore the lambskin off the wolf.

LOOK OBAMA's Got No CLOTHES On!   - The Truth is HANGIN OUT!
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