Monday, May 31, 2010

No pictures, may be no spill right?

Maybe we're not authorized to view the NON-Damage, the NON-Spill has NOT-Spewed across the gulf coast.

Any sickness experienced by the few cleanup workers, the lonely few required when there isn't a presidential photo-op should just (excuse the expression "SUCK IT UP")

And when they turn away boats and planes the FAA and the Coast Guard aren't colluding in the cover up. After all there are no pictures of the NON cover up, so what's the problem.

And when after the Louisianans and the Mississippians and the Alabamans and the Floridians are assured that there is no damage to the fish and the wildlife because of course, we've seen none.

If they later die exotic deaths, we can rest assured that the Justice Department will file an Amicus brief as a friend of BP and the FAA will say we denied nobody access and the Coast Guard will point to the White House, who will point to the Coast Guard - so everything's all right.

And when the remaining coral reefs die, BP can just explain since there never was any leak, cause it was so little, they couldn't even measure it. It must've been that way, because its so tricky to measure fluid flow. Cause why would Oil Companies have an incentive to know how much oil comes out?

Don't swallow that BS about its "too complicated" to solve cause it's a mile down - we steer missiles in Afghanistan from Nevada, and Martian Rovers from Pasadena, so a robot 1 mile down is No Big Deal

solidarity & peace

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Drawing the Oily line in the SAND!

We were warned during the '67 war, that as long as we are limited to oil reserves in the middle east, our foreign policy and our economy will be "hostage" [the word "hostage" specifically chosen] to the fools, madmen dictators, and would be warlords of the near east.
Some of the those bloody oil soaked hands American leaders (both political and economic) have been holding, kissing, and fondling in between placing dangerous weapons in their hands.

We randomly it seems, armed and charmed this one and that one, with no eye beyond the short term interest. Well haven't those bloody chickens come home to roost.

With friends like the Saudis (sometimes), Iranians (sometimes), Iraqis (sometimes), Syrians (sometimes), Israelis (sometimes), the Taliban (sometimes), the Pakistanis (sometimes) and any of the others you might name. Who needs frenemies?

Now we're cozying up to the former Russian Islamic states for strategic benefits... Who won't we crawl in bed with for that stinking dirty product?

Maybe with the same money, maybe we could actually make these newer alternative energy sources viable?

You know maybe there is an alternative to killing and maiming millions more over the next century or so.... or maybe that's thinking outside the box of the LOBBYISTS WHO DRAFT OUR WEAK ENERGY POLICY.

Maybe the black tar sands of Florida's Newly Oil Rich beaches
may have drawn the line ... you know ... in the sand!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Like doing surgery 5,000 ft up?

What kind of fools do they think we are?

When the oil company "three stooges of pollution" finished pointing at each other the story they left on our doorstep was, after all “Stopping that leak is like doing surgery at 5,000 feet."

Ah excuse me, a few Americans that actually know about science. I mean some Americans do things much more difficult than surgery at 5,000 feet.

Example 1 - Nanotech Scientists have built little tiny little nano-sculptures using ATOMS for building blocks - Look Ma no hands there TEX!

details: ( for example, in a gold cluster with seven atoms. In a charged state, the atoms arrange themselves differently than when they are uncharged. This was discovered by scientists at the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society in Berlin, the Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences in Canada and by scientists working with the FELIX free electron laser at the FOM Institute in Rijnhuizen in the Netherlands.)

Example 2 - We use technicians in Nevada to remotely control unmanned predator missiles attacking Afghanis. Even an Oil Industry Exec knows the distance between the pollution in the Gulf of Mexico and the pollution in the Gulf of Oman

details: (There, in the Nevada desert, Anderson is training to become a "commuter combat pilot" — one of an increasing number of Air Force pilots who have hopped out of the cockpit but are still flying combat missions over Iraq and Afghanistan.)

Example 3 - JPL scientists have driven Remote controlled joy-rides on Mars. You know, Mars the planet! That's a little further than 5280 feet down. (Where it seems you CAN video!)

details: (On Mars, NASA's robot rover Spirit is spinning its wheels on the soft shoulder of planetary exploration, up to its axles in silt millions of miles away from tense engineers who are struggling to extricate it by remote control.At NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., mission planners are testing ways to drive it free of the Martian sand trap in a last-ditch effort to save a $300 million robot that, after puttering across alien terrain for five years, may have rolled its last few feet.)

So as the Congresswoman from Santa Barbara put it – The Oil Industry has been banking record profits for decades. You have researched how to drill in deep water. Why haven't you researched how to drill SAFELY?

Don't imagine you’re going to get away with ... "It's like doing surgery from a mile up." Tell that to the NANO Scientist, the Afghanistan Drone Pilots in Nevada and the Martian Rover Drivers in the JPL Labs.

We're not buying that CRUDE!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

IM your aim is off.

"...these are facts that liberals like yourself either ignore or condone.Obama has been good friends with the cowardly terrorist William Ayers for years.Ayers held meet ..."

Same propaganda again and again. Too bad you're not as cool-headed as your name might imply.

One again we get the same old rehash of the extreme-rights' slanders. Do your call your self a Christian? You seem to be unaware of the famous parable "He who is without sin, cast the first stone." Hands and heart clean IM?

Regarding Mr. Ayers, he did, in his youth harbor radical ideas, and he has paid his debt to society. He moved on to contribute to a better society as a respected educator. How do you contribute IM, have you recovered from your own youthful discretions?

Do you contribute, not just to hate and fear, but do you contribute as much to the education of today's youth?

RE The Minister who occaisionally preached at his church. Were you the victim of a Jim Crow society, and despite that, go to war to defend it, as did the Reverend, whom you desparage.

Some of us, fall short of Nelson Mandela's level of forgiveness - African Americans and Hispanic Americans even Native Americans still face serious life crippling discrimination every day. Might that make some of those folks a tad bitter at those who oppress them?

IM, if you are forty or fifty years of age, you lived through legal discrimination as did Rev. Wright. Not everyone can turn the other cheek all the days of their lives. I think your familiar with that terrain, IM.

And finally regarding the dreaded Homosexual Agenda... Humans have exhibited the same wide range of sexual behavior, for better than 50,000 years, and while I've heard wild charges about teaching homosexuality before, it never ceases to amaze me that despite the volume of these charges, there is never any data to back it up.

When you throw charges of socialism around, again and again, and again because, President Obama suggests that we might improve medical access for all Americans. You are aiming again at the wrong target. Object instead to the cavalier attitude of Insurance Company Executives or Pharmaceutical Companie's greed. If they weren't so greedy, as a society we wouldn't need to expand our medical rights.

If Wall $treet hadn't decided to plunder your houses value and your pension plan, maybe we wouldn't need to have more regulations. But as usual, IM your aim is off.