Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Drawing the Oily line in the SAND!

We were warned during the '67 war, that as long as we are limited to oil reserves in the middle east, our foreign policy and our economy will be "hostage" [the word "hostage" specifically chosen] to the fools, madmen dictators, and would be warlords of the near east.
Some of the those bloody oil soaked hands American leaders (both political and economic) have been holding, kissing, and fondling in between placing dangerous weapons in their hands.

We randomly it seems, armed and charmed this one and that one, with no eye beyond the short term interest. Well haven't those bloody chickens come home to roost.

With friends like the Saudis (sometimes), Iranians (sometimes), Iraqis (sometimes), Syrians (sometimes), Israelis (sometimes), the Taliban (sometimes), the Pakistanis (sometimes) and any of the others you might name. Who needs frenemies?

Now we're cozying up to the former Russian Islamic states for strategic benefits... Who won't we crawl in bed with for that stinking dirty product?

Maybe with the same money, maybe we could actually make these newer alternative energy sources viable?

You know maybe there is an alternative to killing and maiming millions more over the next century or so.... or maybe that's thinking outside the box of the LOBBYISTS WHO DRAFT OUR WEAK ENERGY POLICY.

Maybe the black tar sands of Florida's Newly Oil Rich beaches
may have drawn the line ... you know ... in the sand!
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