Sunday, May 02, 2010

IM your aim is off.

"...these are facts that liberals like yourself either ignore or condone.Obama has been good friends with the cowardly terrorist William Ayers for years.Ayers held meet ..."

Same propaganda again and again. Too bad you're not as cool-headed as your name might imply.

One again we get the same old rehash of the extreme-rights' slanders. Do your call your self a Christian? You seem to be unaware of the famous parable "He who is without sin, cast the first stone." Hands and heart clean IM?

Regarding Mr. Ayers, he did, in his youth harbor radical ideas, and he has paid his debt to society. He moved on to contribute to a better society as a respected educator. How do you contribute IM, have you recovered from your own youthful discretions?

Do you contribute, not just to hate and fear, but do you contribute as much to the education of today's youth?

RE The Minister who occaisionally preached at his church. Were you the victim of a Jim Crow society, and despite that, go to war to defend it, as did the Reverend, whom you desparage.

Some of us, fall short of Nelson Mandela's level of forgiveness - African Americans and Hispanic Americans even Native Americans still face serious life crippling discrimination every day. Might that make some of those folks a tad bitter at those who oppress them?

IM, if you are forty or fifty years of age, you lived through legal discrimination as did Rev. Wright. Not everyone can turn the other cheek all the days of their lives. I think your familiar with that terrain, IM.

And finally regarding the dreaded Homosexual Agenda... Humans have exhibited the same wide range of sexual behavior, for better than 50,000 years, and while I've heard wild charges about teaching homosexuality before, it never ceases to amaze me that despite the volume of these charges, there is never any data to back it up.

When you throw charges of socialism around, again and again, and again because, President Obama suggests that we might improve medical access for all Americans. You are aiming again at the wrong target. Object instead to the cavalier attitude of Insurance Company Executives or Pharmaceutical Companie's greed. If they weren't so greedy, as a society we wouldn't need to expand our medical rights.

If Wall $treet hadn't decided to plunder your houses value and your pension plan, maybe we wouldn't need to have more regulations. But as usual, IM your aim is off.
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