Monday, May 31, 2010

No pictures, may be no spill right?

Maybe we're not authorized to view the NON-Damage, the NON-Spill has NOT-Spewed across the gulf coast.

Any sickness experienced by the few cleanup workers, the lonely few required when there isn't a presidential photo-op should just (excuse the expression "SUCK IT UP")

And when they turn away boats and planes the FAA and the Coast Guard aren't colluding in the cover up. After all there are no pictures of the NON cover up, so what's the problem.

And when after the Louisianans and the Mississippians and the Alabamans and the Floridians are assured that there is no damage to the fish and the wildlife because of course, we've seen none.

If they later die exotic deaths, we can rest assured that the Justice Department will file an Amicus brief as a friend of BP and the FAA will say we denied nobody access and the Coast Guard will point to the White House, who will point to the Coast Guard - so everything's all right.

And when the remaining coral reefs die, BP can just explain since there never was any leak, cause it was so little, they couldn't even measure it. It must've been that way, because its so tricky to measure fluid flow. Cause why would Oil Companies have an incentive to know how much oil comes out?

Don't swallow that BS about its "too complicated" to solve cause it's a mile down - we steer missiles in Afghanistan from Nevada, and Martian Rovers from Pasadena, so a robot 1 mile down is No Big Deal

solidarity & peace
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